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userkp5743608 t1_j1kawxo wrote

I feel like I’ve seen this movie before.


phred_666 t1_j1ki00r wrote

I like the movie where they went to 4 straight Super Bowls and lost all 4 to NFC East teams.


lorgskyegon t1_j1ki8d3 wrote







360walkaway t1_j1l0zhg wrote

But it was the helicopter that threw field goal kick to the side!


TurdFurguss t1_j1lytns wrote

I haven’t heard this one in 30 years.


PJammas41 t1_j1qp5d6 wrote

Neither did anyone else on that documentary other than the 1 player to claim it. What I would’ve given to transport Justin Tucker for that kick


TheIndyCity t1_j1l9lfj wrote

Vikings vs Bills Super Bowl, it’s what we need. An unstoppable force meets an immovable object, someone has to win!


Chimpbot t1_j1m0o1u wrote

"Here we are on Day Eight of the Super Bowl, about to start overtime #147."


Vagadude t1_j1lg6qw wrote

I'm always curious if the sentiment by the 4th one was " We can't possible lose a 4th time" or "they'll probably fucking lose like the last 3 they went to"


phred_666 t1_j1lgvkf wrote

Not sure. They lost the first one by one point on a missed FG and the other 3 weren’t even close.


dornwolf t1_j1m54ed wrote

Theres a 30 for 30 about that and that’s pretty much what they have video of people saying


OHTHNAP t1_j1lkou6 wrote

At least you made it to the big show. We got Aaron Rodgers, all time leading NFC Champ game loser. Harry Houdini in the playoffs himself.


HammerTimeHTFU t1_j1lt5nj wrote

I mean, he also played incredible ball during their 2010 SB run. Absolutely torched the Falcons in the divisional round. Gotta give credit where it’s due.


-WizeGuy- t1_j1mc7a0 wrote

The four falls of Buffalo is a beautiful movie!


LordRobin------RM t1_j1nhjol wrote

I was attending grad school in Buffalo during the first of those Super Bowls, against the Giants. The campus was a ghost town. I think there were more Giants fans on campus than Bills fans.


dalnot t1_j1lxsx9 wrote

The one (1) situation in which I will tolerate the Cowboys winning the Super Bowl is if they beat the Bills because that would be the funniest shit ever


phred_666 t1_j1s045w wrote

My favorite team is whoever is playing the Cowboys.


mehwars t1_j1kku6c wrote

This time it has a happy ending 🤞


sampat6256 t1_j1ko5vj wrote

The happy ending is losing to an AFC East team?


mehwars t1_j1kqrfg wrote

The first of four straight Super Bowl wins!

But one would be a great start


emceelokey t1_j1kww0a wrote

Next year we'll see the same thing and have the same result.


Hi_Im_Ken_Adams t1_j1kxhuf wrote

It’s like “Groundhog Day”, but Bill Murray’s character keeps ending up dead or alone each time.


Micah_JD t1_j1kllxt wrote

It has been 3 years since Tom Brady left New England? Doesn't feel like that long ago.


spacepilot_3000 t1_j1l1y65 wrote

Man last year I learned that the Los Angeles Rams beat the fucking Bengals after many years of not following the NFL

I'd heard about Brady because that was big news but that headline threw me


aCROOKnotSHOOK t1_j1l76ia wrote

? What was surprising about it?


ItsAndyRu t1_j1l837e wrote

Presumably didn’t know Stafford got traded there or that Kupp had one of the most dominant WR seasons ever. Or that their No. 2 wideout Robert Woods went down for the season with a torn ACL and the Rams just turned around and signed OBJ. Or that the Bengals were even good with a sophomore Joe Burrow coming off his own season-ending knee injuries


aCROOKnotSHOOK t1_j1latpb wrote

True or maybe even way further back, like maybe they didn't realize that the Rams moved back to LA lol


Pennwisedom t1_j1lr64l wrote

Next you'll tell me the Houston Oilers aren't even a team anymore


Bradycolson1 t1_j1mj4uz wrote

Just woke up from a nap. How are the Minneapolis Lakers doing today?


evanvivevanviveiros t1_j1mreky wrote

Good news: they are still the Lakers

Bad News: that lake is now the Pacific Ocean


Teantis t1_j1lu8qd wrote

The Bengals being good was probably also surprising


evanvivevanviveiros t1_j1mr91k wrote

Assuming here but the Bengals were mediocre and LA didn’t have a football team.


Kinglink t1_j1llgz0 wrote

Yup, they won, they lost, and they went under .500 (most likely).


sllop t1_j1kt6oo wrote

It’s gonna be Bills Vikings.

Somehow they’ll both find a way to lose.


Fieos t1_j1k0m8z wrote

Congratulations to you guys. Look forward to seeing you in the post season!


lapinatanegra t1_j1kd3ct wrote

So it's gonna be Bill's and Chiefs for the conference?


Wakandan15 t1_j1l727p wrote

Not the first incredible streak this team has owned….


clycloptopus t1_j1ko1ji wrote

now do something in the playoffs


-WizeGuy- t1_j1mcg7r wrote

Meh. Theyve won playoff games the last two years. Winning a Superbowl is incredibly hard


clycloptopus t1_j1mco0n wrote

I used to be Browns fan (used to be,) so I have no room to talk. Love Josh Allen and rooting for the Bills all da way.


Afitz93 t1_j1ksl5m wrote

Nobody circles the wagon


angrylawnguy t1_j1l1ove wrote the buffalo bills!

Music playing

Standing on the corner Jameis Winston down in Nola, such a fine sight to see


terry_bradshaw t1_j1kf1b5 wrote

Now on to the real test… the postseason.


Lawnchair_Larry t1_j1kt1m6 wrote

Bears fan checking in to say please make a run to the big game.


ttspapa t1_j1kpijr wrote

Belichick in shambles


Kinglink t1_j1lljwe wrote

He's probably chuffling after killing Matt Patricia and a few choice players saying "Hey, it's not the Jets"


es_price t1_j1khv5n wrote

🎶 i've got buffalo 66 on dvd 🎶


iggy555 t1_j1kx4cy wrote

How is singletarry the stud not there?


Buckscience t1_j1mqoun wrote

Bill Belichick is rolling in his grave.


The_Cysko_Kid t1_j1kuq6k wrote

I would much prefer the bills in the superbowl than the chiefs, personally.


Playa_Hamm t1_j1kwdje wrote

East Meet North next week


Not_n_A-Hole_usually t1_j1l7as8 wrote

Time to go for four in a row in homage to your SB streak in the 90’s


sabeshs t1_j1llioj wrote

Bill fan here from Canada - I'll be happy if we can get through the Chiefs in the post season.


davefive t1_j1lxab1 wrote

They will win a Super Bowl this year


HashtagNani t1_j1m6l7i wrote

We got amazing seats for the AFC championship. Come on Buffy don’t fail us this year.


sabeeh12135 t1_j1nk1lc wrote

Allen is going to get himself hurt if he keeps running the way he does now


[deleted] t1_j1nky9j wrote

The Cincinnati Bengals are gonna give those Bills a wake-up call. Shame, considering the long standing bromance between the two organizations.


noldyp t1_j1uiehe wrote

Eagles Bills will be the game this year


WentzWorldWords t1_j1l2jmd wrote

With as many Super Bowl wins as the Detroit lions. Congratulations!!! You did it!!


Waterfish3333 t1_j1lnen3 wrote

I’m a Redzone on Sundays fan, but what happened to the Dolphins? Last I looked, they were beating everybody and a serious contender?


TitaniuIVI t1_j1m98v6 wrote

They're the Dolphins. Every season starts out promising, and somehow they just can't finish the season. Most dolphans are use to it. "There's always next year"


lorchard t1_j1lwav5 wrote

Bad defense, stubborn play calling/first year coach, bad defense, injuries. Tua had a head scratching game or two but he was by far the least influential reason for the struggles.


UniqueNobo t1_j1lnwvu wrote

just like how they were AFC champions 4 years in a row!


rerunvp t1_j1lx81h wrote

Jim Kelly playing?


BhamBlazer615 t1_j1ktoei wrote

Great, now list the Bills Superbowl wins!


petestweets t1_j1kuxye wrote

Still the only NY team with no Super Bowl wins


the_real_abraham t1_j1l0wc3 wrote

Don't you mean back to back to back to back to back to back to back division champions? My bad. That's the Chiefs.


RacistProbably t1_j1l9hat wrote

And 1 Super Bowl title 😤 elite


the_real_abraham t1_j1lb20q wrote



RacistProbably t1_j1lb3a9 wrote

lolol had to reach deep for that one


the_real_abraham t1_j1lb8a7 wrote

Also, Mahomes didn't go 0-4 in consecutive Super Bowls.


RacistProbably t1_j1lbb8a wrote

He didn’t go to four consecutive Super Bowls 😂


codysox1686 t1_j1ku3eh wrote

How many Super Bowls in those years have you been to?


nk5316 t1_j1kqmsu wrote

Calm down, the Bills never win anything


ben1204 t1_j1kxtrz wrote

I thought I’d be happy as a Jets fans to see the Pats stranglehold over the division gone, but Bills fans have proven themselves to be just as obnoxious, so I hope they crash out of the playoffs spectacularly.


StinkyStangler t1_j1l9tq0 wrote

Pro tip, get a QB who could win a high school football game and it’s easier to enjoy watching your team


DustyHound t1_j1loftq wrote

Bills mafia are actually good people that do a lot for the community via crowd funding and charities etc. NBC did a cool expose on them. Showing the goofy side vs how Buff is the city of good neighbors. (Which is evident this moment as even we can get destroyed in a blizzard)

Every fan base has the ones that go too far in any sport. But as a whole, they are just pleasantly excitable. Which I think goes back to the 90’s and the media crapping all over the bills. As if to say, we know our team annoys you. As far as the snowball incident last week, Buff and Miami are both guilty. But when the threat of a penalty was announced, Miami kept doing it. I went to a Miami game once where they flipped over a buffalo charter bus over an early season game.

You don’t have to like us and I don’t know your experience but dig a little deeper. Pretty sure there was a crowd fund for a KC charity after the loss last year. We are cool to visiting fans from what my die hard friends tell me. They will offer up fantastic tail gating spreads if you just go up and say hi. I’m told it’s common practice. There’s friendly jabs I’m sure. The media likes to just focus on the wackiness during a game. I must admit it looks insane from a distance. I only watch them on TV. I’ve got shit to do on Sundays.


ben1204 t1_j1n647f wrote

The charity stuff is cool. But I had very unpleasant experiences with them at a Jets tailgate several years ago, worse than any other team we’ve played.


strokerAce21 t1_j1kmwaq wrote

Talk to me when you have 11…. #GoPats


Ecktore27 t1_j1kf4nj wrote

Imagine going to the Super Bowl 3 years in a row, and not winning it once.


lazysheepdog716 t1_j1kgc9c wrote

Imagine being the millionth person to make this crack and STILL getting the number of Super Bowls wrong. Go take a time out.


Dhayser t1_j1kh3do wrote

Technically his statement isn't wrong lol.


Ecktore27 t1_j1kgy0n wrote

Bah! That’s my fault for relying on my memory and not fact checking. Happy Holidays!


pinheadbrigade t1_j1kg79c wrote

"Boy I love losing superbowls" was the joke when I was a kid.


emceelokey t1_j1kx80h wrote

Then imagine one more super bowl and you got the Bills


spartan555666 t1_j1k8zs6 wrote

Win a Super Bowl, then we’ll talk


BlackLeader70 t1_j1k9qye wrote

They’re trying Jennifer


spartan555666 t1_j1k9xrm wrote

First don’t call me Jennifer, second I got nothing against the bills, just they hype themselves every year and it seem to lead to disappointment in the end.


Lockstrife t1_j1kai3y wrote

Okay Jennifer, win a Super Bowl then we’ll talk.


SolWizard t1_j1kcq6x wrote

Hype themselves every year? The bills had zero hype for 20+ years before the last 2 or 3 years


HagridsLeftShoe t1_j1kk5tp wrote

You must be too young to remember their four straight SBs in the '90s.


DjangoBaggins t1_j1lwadr wrote

So no one can give the Dolphins shit cause of the 72 season? Right?


JTGreenan73 t1_j1mdmbq wrote

Everyone knows that story. They lost all 4 Lmao.


YoungThugDolph t1_j1k4s9s wrote

Eternal losersp


juiceAll3n t1_j1kewdn wrote

Congrats on your week 3 Superbowl win!


DasFunke t1_j1kg5v8 wrote

Josh Allen not winning a Super Bowl would be like Dan Marino never winning a Super Bowl.


stayrill t1_j1kudeb wrote

I think a better comparison would be like Jim Kelly never winning a Super Bowl, wait a minute.


geordieColt88 t1_j1jw0ca wrote

20 years of being Brady’s bitches then get decent when he’s gone


NameOfUserOfReddit t1_j1kanrr wrote

Congratulations on getting in the NFL record book with your game against the Vikings, Mr. Colts fan. I’m glad you haven’t given up on football entirely.


lapinatanegra t1_j1kcyai wrote

He is a Colts fan?! Lmao, these fucks have NO room to talk after last week's complete meltdown.


geordieColt88 t1_j1lbafp wrote

Could be worse could meltdown and throw away a lead to the chiefs in the Super Bowl


Oceansize757 t1_j1jxa07 wrote

Nobody cares about division champs, at least win the conference before you start getting happy, cuz we all know what happens to the Bills in the Super Bowllll. Yes, that’s 4 L’s


IceColdOz OP t1_j1jyckp wrote

I suffered through the long Playoff drought and the Super Bowl losses. Means my team made it there four years in a row. If you want to be a Grinch, that's on you. I'm going to enjoy every milestone because it can all be gone. Merry Christmas.


i_cant_turn_1eft t1_j1k0fl5 wrote

I hate the bills, but man have you guys been through it! Congrats on the playoffs.

At least you're not the jets


MasonP2002 t1_j1khm89 wrote

My dad is a Bills, Vikings, and Hawkeyes fan. He is extremely used to disappointment.


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[deleted] t1_j1jzv9d wrote



[deleted] t1_j1k1k51 wrote



[deleted] t1_j1k325u wrote



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Macro_Tears t1_j1k66ho wrote

How is four years in a row not a big deal?

Go fuck yourself lol


Oceansize757 t1_j1k6qyp wrote

Four loses, my team gave you one of those L’s Lol


juiceAll3n t1_j1kepz3 wrote

First of all it's "losses" not "loses" and it's Ls not L's. Doesn't surprise me an NFC East fan can't structure basic ass sentences.


juiceAll3n t1_j1kehke wrote

It's Ls, not L's. Learn how to use apostrophes, I promise it's not difficult.


emceelokey t1_j1kx4it wrote

People really wear shirts that say division champs on it. Even conference champs shirts are cringe. You know if you see a person with a conference championship shirt on paste the super bowl, it means their team didn't get a super bowl champs shirt.


-azuma- t1_j1kixaq wrote

Lol you're getting downvoted but who the fuck cares about division champion banners?


Oceansize757 t1_j1kt5nu wrote

Exactly, division champs don’t mean shit, but whatever, I’ll eat all these downvotes for breakfast lol