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Ecktore27 t1_j1kf4nj wrote

Imagine going to the Super Bowl 3 years in a row, and not winning it once.


lazysheepdog716 t1_j1kgc9c wrote

Imagine being the millionth person to make this crack and STILL getting the number of Super Bowls wrong. Go take a time out.


Dhayser t1_j1kh3do wrote

Technically his statement isn't wrong lol.


Ecktore27 t1_j1kgy0n wrote

Bah! That’s my fault for relying on my memory and not fact checking. Happy Holidays!


pinheadbrigade t1_j1kg79c wrote

"Boy I love losing superbowls" was the joke when I was a kid.


emceelokey t1_j1kx80h wrote

Then imagine one more super bowl and you got the Bills