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Locha6 t1_j1r3a72 wrote

I hate the negative implication of the term “opiate addict.” Most people gain addiction to these drugs through legal prescriptions for legitimate pain.


jesbiil t1_j1rbnhh wrote

I know a guy in his 60's and has back issues, he straight up told me his life sucks without opiates and they are the only thing that allow him to function and move. He admits it sucks, he doesn't want to be dependent on them but on the some level I'd rather have him addicted to opiates and able to live than just being bed-ridden for these final years. He loves concerts and you tend to have to walk a lot at those, if he has some opiates he's got a few solid hours of walking around, without them he doesn't even want to go.

Problem these days is that due to abuse of the drug it's harder for him to get prescribed it regularly and they are like, "But you'll get addicted..." and he's like, "Yea....and I get to live a life." This guy would rather 5 -10 more good years than 20 years being bed-ridden.


SofaSpudAthlete t1_j1ram28 wrote

Agreed. Many injuries from even sports-as-hobbies can lead to use their use and then a struggle to quit. It’s a dark secret of many sports