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ResplendentShade t1_j2ne84l wrote

Brazil having an epic celebration of the life of one of it’s national treasures, meanwhile it’s president is hiding in small-town Florida eating KFC, lmao.


ladyem8 OP t1_j2ng4hk wrote

Wow. That picture of him with the KFC hanging out of his mouth is amazing. How the mighty have fallen!


javiik t1_j2ntvwj wrote

I hate the dude, but he’s just eating. We all eat.


Initial_E t1_j2piik5 wrote

He took a bunch of pictures to prove where he is. I’m guessing he’s not there or won’t be, soon enough.


LupusDeusMagnus t1_j2njktc wrote

Now ex-president.

But I also find it hilarious that the person posting the photo is claiming Bolsonaro is being humble for eating at KFC…. In a foreign country, a luxury the vast majority most Brazilians can only dream of.


thegatekeeperzuul t1_j2o368e wrote

Orlando has a ton of Brazilians that visit, go to any of the theme parks and you’ll hear Portuguese just as often if not more than Spanish. Certainly not a luxury someone from a favela could afford but it’s not seen as something only attainable by millionaires or whatever. And obviously KFC exists there and is not a luxury food.

Obviously Bolsonaro is a piece of shit and PR bullshit is PR bullshit but for anyone who buys into it it would be seen as humble for an ex president.


LupusDeusMagnus t1_j2osv6r wrote

>ton of Brazilians that visit

You're overestimating how many Brazilians visit Florida. In 2018, the US had 2.2 million visitors from Brazil - assuming those were all single time visitors (and thus ignoring frequent fliers), that's still <1% of the population.

The absolute vast majority of Brazilians can't afford to take international vacations, the ticket costs themselves are prohibitively expensive. Not to to mention the requirements for a visa preclude the majority of Brazilians anyways (in the case of the US).


thunder_thais t1_j2oxudg wrote

There are so many Brazilians that live down here in Florida. I’m currently visiting two of my cousins. It’s crazy going to a Walmart or convince store here and hearing people speak Brazilian Portuguese everywhere.


jokzard t1_j2o0nu9 wrote

Hush! It's supposed to be a low key "shit hole country" insult about Florida.


aronrodge t1_j2nompj wrote

Orlando is a small town?


ResplendentShade t1_j2ntnce wrote

The post in which I originally saw this identified it as a KFC in Kissimmee, near Orlando but much smaller (population 80k).


AntiDECA t1_j2o6j18 wrote

Really puts it into perspective when some people call 80k a small town.

Makes you wonder what they'd call a 10k town lol.


Lutoures t1_j2o683e wrote

Former-president (fortunately) since yesterday


ContentWaltz8 t1_j2oknvl wrote

What's the odds he's hiding there to avoid extradition?

Florida is a hotspot of white collar crime and corruption.


shalol t1_j2pqapt wrote

Left wingers try not to make literally everything about politics challenge (Impossible)


ResplendentShade t1_j2qgp5o wrote

I did do that, and I can agree it's tacky behavior. Though in this case it was honestly less as a political fixation and more because it's a hilarious circumstance and underappreciated photo - I was going to post it on the first article I saw about Brazil today regardless of the topic. Still I can see how it's annoying. Oh well, I'll upvote your comment to offset the person who downvoted.