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Ray_Pingeau t1_j2ni8o8 wrote

Your sports GOAT may be good but, but he will never be “was the result of pausing a war so people can watch you” good.


ladyem8 OP t1_j2nije0 wrote

Wait, what? I somehow hadn’t heard about this.


Ray_Pingeau t1_j2nivbk wrote


ladyem8 OP t1_j2njlss wrote

I’m actually tearing up right now. They really called a 48hr ceasefire just to watch him play (and the civil war continued for a year after the game). No violence or arrests at the stadium during the match, either. I knew Pelé was the GOAT, but I don’t think I appreciated the full extent of his impact.


Ray_Pingeau t1_j2njr1r wrote

I’m not even a soccer fan and I think he’s the most important sports icon of all time.


El_Mec t1_j2pbxcq wrote

It’s really a contest between Pele and Muhammad Ali (Ali was a big star in the US but absolutely gigantic in most of the rest of the world)


thorpie88 t1_j2r2efq wrote

Other guy I'd say is Inoki. He basically formed the basis for MMA with him fighting Ali and then used Wrestling to free a bunch of prisoners in Iraq at the height of the Gulf war


truddles t1_j2o1vdn wrote

I know nothing about soccer and very little about sports. Why do you think he's the most important sports icon of all time?


Ray_Pingeau t1_j2o3x35 wrote

A country held a cease fire to watch a player play soccer who isn’t even from Nigeria. What other sports star playing a game was the result of a cease fire? People literally stopped killing each other to watch him play.


Jestersage t1_j2ovdtq wrote

There's a few others, but that's over 2000 years ago, but that's original Olympic games, with fear/respect of greek gods in people.

...did I basically equate Pele to a greek god? I will take it.


ladyem8 OP t1_j2o2zfl wrote

I’m not being rude at all, but I’d literally just Google him. Maybe check out his Wikipedia page. There’s probably too much to fit into a single Reddit comment. But it’s worth searching out :)


YoxScorpion t1_j2o980y wrote

Probably because football is the most popular sport in the world. Think about the icon that is Michael Jordan. Except that much more people watch and play football than basketball or any other sport. Pele made the number 10 special, only player to win the World Cup three times (his first one at only 17 years old), more than a thousand goals etc. He was clearly dominant over his peers, made the game look beautiful and got more people to get interest over the game. Every kid knows who is Pele and gets inspired on him, even when they didnt see a game of him.


jdbolick t1_j2ozb2g wrote

Muhammad Ali, but Pelé is certainly near the top.


Uaex_ t1_j2pb7f5 wrote

I did some research. Michael Jordan is regarded (by most of the world) as the most important sports icon of all time


Jumbo_Jetta t1_j2pk4ev wrote

My research says the same thing, but I grew up near Chicago.


Uaex_ t1_j2pphgl wrote

Same. And I didn’t do any research


ShitPostQuokkaRome t1_j2p4k9u wrote

Once a ref gave him the red card. The red was subbed off and he kept playing.

Not a joke, once in a Colombia Brazil game in 1969, in Colombia with almost only Colombian fans, there was a short brawl between a Brazilian player and a Colombian, and Pele tried to calm the brawl off; the referee from afar thought it was Pele who started a fight. Gave him the red card for that.

Pelé even left the pitch, but the Colombians who saw the action unfold better booed the referee so much, that he had to leave and he substituted for with a different referee, once Pelé returned the pitch on the request, the crowd (of, again, Colombians) started cheering with their lungs of happiness because Pelé returned to the pitch.

Pelé states that's the moment he felt/understood he became a global monument. The Colombians forced so that Pelé, the most dangerous rival, to come back to play.


anon_nonapplicable t1_j2o52x8 wrote

Didn't Drogba stop a war?


Ray_Pingeau t1_j2o6ty4 wrote

I had to look him up. Yes, his country stopped fighting for him. Pele stopped people from killing each other on an entirely different continent. Also, I’m comparing GOATs. No one stopped killing people because Gretzky or Jordan were playing.


aronrodge t1_j2o8y8y wrote

Canada hasn’t had a civil war yet.


Ray_Pingeau t1_j2o9ocb wrote

Nigeria stopped fighting for a Brazilian player.

Edit: my dyslexia acted up so I corrected “playing” with “fighting”.


vinoa t1_j2pjf49 wrote

Yet. We're mostly waiting to annex Alaska, but there's always the threat of Quebec seceding.


PM_me_ur_goth_tiddys t1_j2p2e7n wrote

> i had to look him up

weird flex but ok. almost every soccer fan the past 20 years knows who drogba is.


Ray_Pingeau t1_j2p7lfc wrote

You obviously focused on this one comment cuz I said I’m not a soccer fan at the beginning.


DelahDollaBillz t1_j2rx32u wrote

And yet you still think any of us would care about your "analysis" of GOATs across different sports. Gotta say, you aren't lacking in confidence!


williepep1960 t1_j2om5t5 wrote

Pacquaio did the same thing.

MANILA — MANILA, Philippines (AP) - The Philippines army declared a seven-hour truce with insurgents, allowing both sides to watch Manny Pacquiao win the WBC super featherweight title on Sunday.

I can't remember who but i believe some Mexican fighter probably Chavez Sr when he fought, drug cartel didn't fight each other

Im not sure if it was Chavez Sr or Pacquiao in Asia or Duran in Panama

Thee is also Muhammad Ali who rescued 15 US hostages from Sadam Hussein.

Only few people can do that


vinoa t1_j2pjl9u wrote

Dennis Rodman got Kim Jong Un to do something. That's true respect.


ResplendentShade t1_j2ne84l wrote

Brazil having an epic celebration of the life of one of it’s national treasures, meanwhile it’s president is hiding in small-town Florida eating KFC, lmao.


ladyem8 OP t1_j2ng4hk wrote

Wow. That picture of him with the KFC hanging out of his mouth is amazing. How the mighty have fallen!


javiik t1_j2ntvwj wrote

I hate the dude, but he’s just eating. We all eat.


Initial_E t1_j2piik5 wrote

He took a bunch of pictures to prove where he is. I’m guessing he’s not there or won’t be, soon enough.


LupusDeusMagnus t1_j2njktc wrote

Now ex-president.

But I also find it hilarious that the person posting the photo is claiming Bolsonaro is being humble for eating at KFC…. In a foreign country, a luxury the vast majority most Brazilians can only dream of.


thegatekeeperzuul t1_j2o368e wrote

Orlando has a ton of Brazilians that visit, go to any of the theme parks and you’ll hear Portuguese just as often if not more than Spanish. Certainly not a luxury someone from a favela could afford but it’s not seen as something only attainable by millionaires or whatever. And obviously KFC exists there and is not a luxury food.

Obviously Bolsonaro is a piece of shit and PR bullshit is PR bullshit but for anyone who buys into it it would be seen as humble for an ex president.


LupusDeusMagnus t1_j2osv6r wrote

>ton of Brazilians that visit

You're overestimating how many Brazilians visit Florida. In 2018, the US had 2.2 million visitors from Brazil - assuming those were all single time visitors (and thus ignoring frequent fliers), that's still <1% of the population.

The absolute vast majority of Brazilians can't afford to take international vacations, the ticket costs themselves are prohibitively expensive. Not to to mention the requirements for a visa preclude the majority of Brazilians anyways (in the case of the US).


thunder_thais t1_j2oxudg wrote

There are so many Brazilians that live down here in Florida. I’m currently visiting two of my cousins. It’s crazy going to a Walmart or convince store here and hearing people speak Brazilian Portuguese everywhere.


jokzard t1_j2o0nu9 wrote

Hush! It's supposed to be a low key "shit hole country" insult about Florida.


aronrodge t1_j2nompj wrote

Orlando is a small town?


ResplendentShade t1_j2ntnce wrote

The post in which I originally saw this identified it as a KFC in Kissimmee, near Orlando but much smaller (population 80k).


AntiDECA t1_j2o6j18 wrote

Really puts it into perspective when some people call 80k a small town.

Makes you wonder what they'd call a 10k town lol.


Lutoures t1_j2o683e wrote

Former-president (fortunately) since yesterday


ContentWaltz8 t1_j2oknvl wrote

What's the odds he's hiding there to avoid extradition?

Florida is a hotspot of white collar crime and corruption.


shalol t1_j2pqapt wrote

Left wingers try not to make literally everything about politics challenge (Impossible)


ResplendentShade t1_j2qgp5o wrote

I did do that, and I can agree it's tacky behavior. Though in this case it was honestly less as a political fixation and more because it's a hilarious circumstance and underappreciated photo - I was going to post it on the first article I saw about Brazil today regardless of the topic. Still I can see how it's annoying. Oh well, I'll upvote your comment to offset the person who downvoted.


R3quiemdream t1_j2nkagb wrote

His passing was really* terrible news to hear :(


wanttobuyreallife t1_j2otwty wrote

Always terrible to lose such an icon and remarkable person by all accounts, let alone soccer player. But it's nice to take solace in that he was sick and suffering and now he can rest in peace.


SteevyKrikyFooky t1_j2ozs0a wrote

I mean he was mostly a scorer but his passing wasn’t that terrible tbh


UnhappyBanana1211 t1_j2obg1k wrote

Pele is at the height of Brazilian football craze. Shows how big he is.


OnyxsUncle t1_j2ob1g2 wrote

watch highlights of pele and messi and you’ll see how far the game has advanced in 40 years…not just those two players but also the level of defense


AlanFromRochester t1_j2ox9bz wrote

Like Argentina having Maradona lay in state, another country that takes that sport very seriously


gottajibbrew t1_j2obh3e wrote

Holy shit his mom is still alive!?


jamughal1987 t1_j2nm6rv wrote

FIFA name World Cup after Pele The Greatest.


SportsPi t1_j2ybczu wrote

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jert3 t1_j2ojxx0 wrote

Seemed legendary that Pele was the GOAT of all time but his final days/months/years to see Messi take his place of the GOAT of the next generation.


Jester252 t1_j2ox7b6 wrote

While Messi is a GOAT I doubt any player could overtake Pele.

Especially the time he played. Most people couldn't watch him week in week out. You had to wait till the world cup or when Santos was playing friendly games in your country to see him so he became a living legend.

I live in Ireland and could possibly see Messi play live for around €100 or watch him for free on TV.

That wasn't possible with Pele


Ok-Consideration2463 t1_j2nucyp wrote

But why didn’t the national team honor him on the field by wearing an armband or taking a knee? because Pele was on his death bed during the world cup. And why didn’t Richarlison add Pele’s fave on his back with his ridiculous tattoo of Ronaldo, Neymar, and himself?


Destroyer_Bravo t1_j2nwbe9 wrote

Pele died like four days ago, way after the WC final concluded


xsvfan t1_j2o865t wrote

The op was asking why they didn't do anything when he was moved to end of life hospice care, which was before their round of 16 knockouts, not after he passed.


seiyamaple t1_j2ojoom wrote

Someone donates $100 to charity

This guy: “oh yeah? Why didn’t you donate $150? Why didn’t you donate a week ago? And why didn’t you donate to multiple charities instead of just one?”


clarineter t1_j2p4nma wrote

only the last question actually seems valid to me. split that hundred across 5 charities


vinoa t1_j2pkire wrote

Anyone vain enough to tattoo their face on themselves isn't going to have the humility to acknowledge true greatness.