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squarepeg0000 t1_j2o7axh wrote

Going to be a hard ask when naming rights for stadiums in the US go for lots of money.


tyrannomachy t1_j2ofo1e wrote

Some places have a double-barrel stadium name. Arrowhead is technically GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium, for example.


p_smendes t1_j2o88hn wrote

Infantino can use FIFA’s money to build those stadiums. Egg headed look at me corrupt nuisance


slidingjimmy t1_j2qnmth wrote

Every country asks Infantino and FIFA to fuck off.


BIH-Marathoner t1_j2ob9ts wrote

Is he gonna pay for the stadiums with the "bonus" he got from Qatar?


SteveBored t1_j2vdkug wrote

soccer stadiums in NZ don't exist so good luck. Our national team has to scrounge a stadium from a rugby team when playing their one game every three years.


FlagmantlePARRAdise t1_j2rjtqx wrote

This is stupid. Not every country even cares about soccer.

They can rename Leichhardt oval after him. Wasn't like that place was getting love anyway.