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nomadofwaves OP t1_j2ptce0 wrote

2023 starting off with no mercy, fuck.


tibs6574 t1_j2pw8wo wrote

The original Gymkhana left me completely awestruck and inspired a lifelong love of the Hawkeye STI.

Ken Block did so much for the Motorsport world and was endlessly entertaining. Wishing the best for his family, what a horrific way to start the new year.


Spazmer t1_j2ryhy7 wrote

Wait... he had a Hawkeye connection and was killed snowmobiling... Jeremy Renner (MCU Hawkeye) was almost killed by his snow plow...

Someone lock Alan Alda in a safe house in a warm climate, I literally cannot handle something happening to him now.


argavilda t1_j2tfhvo wrote

No joke, I think about the day I see the bad news about Alan Alda. It started out with MASH being a source of comfort at a certain point in my life. The more I read about him, the more I grew to love and respect him for all of the great things he has championed throughout the years. I read his autobiographies, and he's just precious and super inspiring. Love that guy to bits.


unclefishbits t1_j2txwcx wrote

Kicking myself for missing his outing as Dick Feynman in the one man show. I'm a dummy.


Redarrow762 t1_j2pzswm wrote

This sucks. I am watching Monday Night Football where Damar Hamlin gets carted off the field and taken to the hospital and now I read this. Can we reboot 2023?


nomadofwaves OP t1_j2q06jr wrote

I saw this news as I was checking twitter about the Hamlin injury.


Torcal4 t1_j2qdako wrote

Not to mention Jeremy Renner in critical condition too. 2023 really starting kind of shitty….


treseph t1_j2pvkjm wrote

Wow, this is heartbreaking. Just watched his year end race team recap "go fast risk every thang". He had no fear and will be remembered as one of the greats in rally sport.

Link to the year end recap for those interested...


Tylerman00 t1_j2pydk0 wrote

R.I.P. to a legend. A true Hoonigan.


Valkyrier t1_j2pvhlu wrote

This guy was an idol of mine. So sad to see this now. Crazy how fast the world can change, or how any of us could go at any minute. This guy was a pro driver, but everyone has their day.


nankerdarklighter t1_j2sbt4j wrote

I always imagined when he goes it would be in a spectacular stunt that takes at least takes the eastern seaboard with him.

Great person, great attitude and I also firmly believe his Gymkhana videos jumpstarted YouTube!