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Benzaah t1_j2ualxt wrote

Not afraid to say it brought a tear to my eye when he clinched the win. Bloody fantastic


Nek0maniac t1_j2vt27e wrote

I've been watching darts for a while now and loved it, but this was the first time I got emotional over any kind of sports event. He worked so hard for this title and got so close multiple times. When he ran down to his family, I truly realised how much this meant to them all and I was really moved


Benzaah t1_j2vy2u8 wrote

He’s had so much heartbreak over the last 5 years. The game started well but when he got broken in the 1st set I thought the games over and MVG was gonna walk away with it. After he hit the 9 darter I thought there no way he can lose. What a final.