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dont_worry_im_here t1_j2uo8gd wrote


DDougie t1_j2uq3sx wrote

Yes they start at 501 and go down from there, needing to hit a double to win (so if you have 40 points left you need to hit a double 20). He can throw as many as he needs to win, but the minimum possible is 9 darts.

Traditionally its 3 Triple 20s (180 points) on turn 1, 3 Triple 20s (180 points) on turn 2, then Triple 20 Triple 19 Double 12 (141 points). There are other combinations that work, but that's the standard.


C_IsForCookie t1_j2uy0tg wrote

What happens if he gets more than 141 points in the last turn? Or goes below 0?


DDougie t1_j2uykco wrote

If you go over (or leave just 1) you bust and your whole score for that turn doesn't count. So if you have 141 and get 150, your turn ends and you go back to 141.


thepotplant t1_j2vebys wrote

Lol, if I ever tried darts I would 100% get stuck for 5 months on a score of 3.


Oomeegoolies t1_j2wkob4 wrote

Yeah that's normal.

You tend to play single checkout when you first start playing because of how hard it is to checkout on doubles.

After a few months of decent play you can move to double checkout.


meetchu t1_j2uyyzp wrote

It's a bust. You need to end on a double, and need to score the exact amount.


ThePrideOfKrakow t1_j2v3znt wrote

So do you automatically bust if there's no double for an odd number on your final throw?


slublueman t1_j2vjpac wrote

The only way that can happen is if you get down to 1 point, and yes


meetchu t1_j2vzru5 wrote

A pro would usually have to deliberately make that happen, but you basically lose the leg yeah.


itstinksitellya t1_j2ux9qv wrote

How come 20-19-12 on turn three is the standard?

Do people like throwing at 12 better tha throwing at 11?


DDougie t1_j2uyv0r wrote

It's just how the math works out. You have 141 left and the most common triples are 20 and 19 which leave you at 24 (or double 12) as standard.

But even when not on a 9 darter, double 12 is preferred over double 11 by most players, especially professionals because if you miss and hit a single 12 you are still on a double (double 6).


itstinksitellya t1_j2uzpth wrote

Oh gotcha - forgot the last one was a double not a triple.

If you went 20-20 you’re left with 21 left and there’s no double available.

Thx for the explanation.


SpicyDaddyKyle t1_j2upru6 wrote

Yes, 9 darts thrown to score exactly 501 points with the last dart hitting a double. Any miss outside the tiny red/green segments would've extended the leg to 10 darts minimum.


kellogg76 t1_j2uqngt wrote

You start on 501, and have to get to zero, ending on a double or the bullseye.

Smith hit 180 (60+60+60), 180 (60+60+60), and then 141 (60, 60, 24 as double 12) to do a nine darter in a world final. Incredible stuff.


Kinglink t1_j2w1hen wrote

Your math for the 141 is off. One of them is a Triple 19, not triple 20.


Kinglink t1_j2w1fpl wrote

small thing. "He used" not "Had".

if you don't hit 501 in 9 darts (or go over), you keep playing.

9-darts is the minimum possible. Plus you get sets of three darts, so going to 10 darts, gives your opponent a turn.