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imShyness t1_j2wqprd wrote

Were people expecting him not to?


Lvwr87 t1_j2x5hbf wrote

People are interested in how him and Mbape interact.


thecaramelbandit t1_j2xov8a wrote

Are they? I haven't heard about any animosity between them. Mbappe won in 2018 and Messi in 2022. I expect that, despite the bitter disappointment for having lost, Mbappe is happy for his teammate to finally get one at the end of his career.


Lvwr87 t1_j2xoy7q wrote

It’s just the media hyping it up


deaddonkey t1_j2xx1sw wrote

Yeah I think they are able to play each other in football without taking it personally lol


FormalChicken t1_j2xylxj wrote

Yeah same as olympics vs pro leagues (NHL is a big one, but NBA and MLS/worldwide soccer too).

This happens every 2 years in soccer (olympics offset from the world cup), and sports media talks about it like it’s a huge deal every time, but every time it is inconsequential and everyone just keeps playing the game.


bigchickendipper t1_j2y1443 wrote

Nobody cares about the Olympics in football...


FormalChicken t1_j2y9p03 wrote

Sure, that doesn't mean that you don't have players from the same team competing against each other for a few weeks then going back to being teammates though.

Even if you discount the Olympics, the point still stands that this happens every 4 years with the world cup.


James2603 t1_j2zo00g wrote

Continental tournaments; Euros etc. are a much better example.


TLDR2D2 t1_j2y39k7 wrote

That was my thought. This article is "Player, who's paid millions by Professional Sports Team, shows up to practice, as is expected and required by contract."



Raken_dep t1_j2yeiu6 wrote

Yeah exactly lol. Was just about to comment "in other news, the grass is green"