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aggrownor t1_j2xr22y wrote

Ok, but it's not like they hate each other? Athletes lose to each other all the time and remain on good terms.


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Lobster_fest t1_j2y21my wrote

>But it's not a coincidence that Mbappe is on vacation in NYC the day messi returns

It's not?


CMDR_KingErvin t1_j2xueiq wrote

I’m sorry but why would France deserve to win? I get he was bummed not to win but that is literally the game, they played hard until the bitter end and then penalties, which still require both shooting and goalkeeping skills, decided the winner. That’s the game. That’s how it’s always been. It’s not like some new unheard of rule was invented to give Argentina the edge.

To say that he thought France should win just makes him sound like a sore loser.


mrmartyman t1_j2xwh42 wrote

>coin flip aka penalties?

LMFAO. imagine thinking penalties are a coin flip


FavreCurry t1_j2xxlb3 wrote

Same person who uses the same logic on last minute basketball free throws I gather.


robbyduzit t1_j2xxau3 wrote

I think this is a weird take. It wasn't a sloppy finale, both teams played well and fair. Athletes in many sports play for their country and go back to their respective team afterwards with teammates from other countries.