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Jabison113 t1_j2xq479 wrote

Meanwhile Ronaldo is at al nassr


exquisitopendejo t1_j2xv5h4 wrote

Getting 200 million a year to score hat tricks against the players that beat the World Cup champion.


Curse3242 t1_j31277o wrote

But the guy does not need money. That's the thing

He's not a underrated talent that was never in big teams. He was in RMA and won multiple championships. He is a brand, he makes a ton of money

That's why this move is so weird

But I assume he's moving to business now. He's gonna use this money for his businesses


cdistefa t1_j2xutsj wrote

Cashing in, I can’t think of him doing anything else… I guess we’ll hear about that team just as much as we heard about Qatar during the WC and then they’ll be just an anecdote


bafangoolNJ t1_j2yeyfw wrote

And Dez Bryant didn’t catch the ball, what’s your point?