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nails_for_breakfast t1_j2xmgne wrote

At least "going back to his main job" meams he gets to just keep playing the sport he just won. I figure it has to be really weird for those obscure sport Olympic athletes who win a gold medal and then go back to their random office job or whatever


diuturnal t1_j2xvsm4 wrote

It always makes for a fun time though. The Yankees had a giant, ginger, substitute teacher, reliever the year before last.


KaiBlob1 t1_j2zctta wrote

Wow I must really know nothing about baseball because I understood literally none of the words in the phrase “giant ginger substitute teacher reliever”


muckdog13 t1_j2zd9qf wrote


>Big guy


>Red hair

Substitute teacher

>The person who teaches if your teacher calls off


>A pitcher who comes in later in the game, after the starter, to relieve the arm of the starting pitcher.


Godhelpme69 t1_j32mchg wrote

Who was he?


diuturnal t1_j343w3y wrote

Stephen Ridings. He was out for 2022 due to shoulder issues, and then will be a met in 2023.


PhantomRoyce t1_j2yby6k wrote

I used to get my hair cut by a lady gold medalist basketball player


SprolesRoyce t1_j302k6y wrote

In elementary school my speech teacher was a former Olympic gymnast. She had a silver medal if I remember correctly


Kinglink t1_j2ycl4x wrote

"Hey what did you do on break." "Oh... I just won a gold medal." "Cool, I went to see my in-laws."


c0b4lt_chl0ride t1_j2yl8ap wrote

One of my university lecturers represented the UK at the olympics once for fencing , which is so cool and unexpected in my opinion!


WiiMini t1_j2ynii4 wrote

My PE teacher won bronze in some swimming part of the Sydney Olympics…you’re not wrong


whynotlook123 t1_j2zjvpg wrote

My brother works with a gold medal winning basketball player. She is super nice. Also used to play in Russia actually… but left in like early 2000s…


TriFolk t1_j2wfe7b wrote

I see Mbape is gone on a break, interesting coincidence


milanistadoc t1_j2xjm1p wrote

The turtle is nothing without the GOAT.


drmonkeytown t1_j2ysamn wrote

Three goals in a World Cup final is impressive for a turtle.


IGISB t1_j2xw00i wrote

Why is mbappe a turtle?


MiB_Agent_A t1_j2xxjke wrote

People say he looks like a ninja turtle. Pretty much haters hating for no reason


Jlindahl93 t1_j2y26vf wrote

Why do you think ribbing is the same as hating? Do you not have friends? Or better yet do you also look like a turtle?


Ablj t1_j2zlj07 wrote

Mbappe has never been defeated by Messi’s team in normal time or extra time. Only on penalties. Messi has lost twice. 2018 and 2021. Both times Mbappe scored 2 and 3 times.


96987 t1_j2yhize wrote

Him and Hakimi are vacationing in New York. They went to a Nets game yesterday.


mcbizkit02 t1_j308fve wrote

I don’t understand soccer. Players can just take breaks in the middle of a season?


alejoSOTO t1_j30nfgy wrote

They're employees with vacations. Obviously they wouldn't and couldn't during an important schedule of matches


Phreeeks t1_j3179ij wrote

Basically since messi was in vacation Mbappe had to comeback to play two very important match of the league then he could take his week off has, he should have done after the WC.


imShyness t1_j2wqprd wrote

Were people expecting him not to?


Lvwr87 t1_j2x5hbf wrote

People are interested in how him and Mbape interact.


thecaramelbandit t1_j2xov8a wrote

Are they? I haven't heard about any animosity between them. Mbappe won in 2018 and Messi in 2022. I expect that, despite the bitter disappointment for having lost, Mbappe is happy for his teammate to finally get one at the end of his career.


Lvwr87 t1_j2xoy7q wrote

It’s just the media hyping it up


deaddonkey t1_j2xx1sw wrote

Yeah I think they are able to play each other in football without taking it personally lol


FormalChicken t1_j2xylxj wrote

Yeah same as olympics vs pro leagues (NHL is a big one, but NBA and MLS/worldwide soccer too).

This happens every 2 years in soccer (olympics offset from the world cup), and sports media talks about it like it’s a huge deal every time, but every time it is inconsequential and everyone just keeps playing the game.


bigchickendipper t1_j2y1443 wrote

Nobody cares about the Olympics in football...


FormalChicken t1_j2y9p03 wrote

Sure, that doesn't mean that you don't have players from the same team competing against each other for a few weeks then going back to being teammates though.

Even if you discount the Olympics, the point still stands that this happens every 4 years with the world cup.


James2603 t1_j2zo00g wrote

Continental tournaments; Euros etc. are a much better example.


TLDR2D2 t1_j2y39k7 wrote

That was my thought. This article is "Player, who's paid millions by Professional Sports Team, shows up to practice, as is expected and required by contract."



Raken_dep t1_j2yeiu6 wrote

Yeah exactly lol. Was just about to comment "in other news, the grass is green"


spidermonkey301 t1_j2xly68 wrote

Ppl forget that France knocked out Argentina in 2018. Mbappe was on that team and now are teammates. Why would there be issues now.


Powerful_Artist t1_j2ydigh wrote

I wouldnt think there really is any issue. I guess people think Mbappe wasnt there on purpose, but really he probably is just taking time for himself. He probably has absolutely no ill-will towards Messi, but I can imagine a loss like that would weigh heavily on any player. I cant imagine putting in that effort, scoring a freaking hat trick in the final, and losing. That mustve been rough.


[deleted] t1_j2xous2 wrote



aggrownor t1_j2xr22y wrote

Ok, but it's not like they hate each other? Athletes lose to each other all the time and remain on good terms.


[deleted] t1_j2xyb1h wrote



Lobster_fest t1_j2y21my wrote

>But it's not a coincidence that Mbappe is on vacation in NYC the day messi returns

It's not?


CMDR_KingErvin t1_j2xueiq wrote

I’m sorry but why would France deserve to win? I get he was bummed not to win but that is literally the game, they played hard until the bitter end and then penalties, which still require both shooting and goalkeeping skills, decided the winner. That’s the game. That’s how it’s always been. It’s not like some new unheard of rule was invented to give Argentina the edge.

To say that he thought France should win just makes him sound like a sore loser.


mrmartyman t1_j2xwh42 wrote

>coin flip aka penalties?

LMFAO. imagine thinking penalties are a coin flip


FavreCurry t1_j2xxlb3 wrote

Same person who uses the same logic on last minute basketball free throws I gather.


robbyduzit t1_j2xxau3 wrote

I think this is a weird take. It wasn't a sloppy finale, both teams played well and fair. Athletes in many sports play for their country and go back to their respective team afterwards with teammates from other countries.


tell439 t1_j2x8613 wrote

I’m imagining him coming to practice semi-drunk and just messing around


kevski82 t1_j2ynfxb wrote

He's not in MLS yet


Andrewdeadaim t1_j3039lm wrote

The gareth bale way

Disappear then win your team the cup as the clock strikes midnight


cdistefa t1_j2xueww wrote

Then you don’t know Messi at all…


Jabison113 t1_j2xq479 wrote

Meanwhile Ronaldo is at al nassr


exquisitopendejo t1_j2xv5h4 wrote

Getting 200 million a year to score hat tricks against the players that beat the World Cup champion.


Curse3242 t1_j31277o wrote

But the guy does not need money. That's the thing

He's not a underrated talent that was never in big teams. He was in RMA and won multiple championships. He is a brand, he makes a ton of money

That's why this move is so weird

But I assume he's moving to business now. He's gonna use this money for his businesses


cdistefa t1_j2xutsj wrote

Cashing in, I can’t think of him doing anything else… I guess we’ll hear about that team just as much as we heard about Qatar during the WC and then they’ll be just an anecdote


bafangoolNJ t1_j2yeyfw wrote

And Dez Bryant didn’t catch the ball, what’s your point?


the_alert t1_j2xx4wu wrote

Why is this news? Do y’all think that players would just fuck off and not go back to work?


SambreusBA t1_j2y0tkb wrote

In first place: It’s just an article, everybody knows players get back to work.

In second place: France.


StoneColdSteveAss316 t1_j2y6yr5 wrote

Is this the equivalent to "office worker returns to their cubicle after winter vacation break"?


Addictd2Justice t1_j2xuyb0 wrote

Showed up wearing sunglasses, plenty a gold and champagne bottle in hand


TrebleCleft1 t1_j2zfhx8 wrote

It’s called having a job. No one congratulates you for being brave enough to still call in to work after a promotion or a bonus.


drtyyugo t1_j2yfwv7 wrote

Why the fuck is this news?


DNA2020 t1_j2z0kxk wrote

He luva to keck da balls.


soggyballsack t1_j2z4d2n wrote

It's his job, what else is he supposed to do?


romanNood1es t1_j2y1cy1 wrote

Messi finally letting Lautaro Martinez hold the trophy?


SportsPi t1_j2ybaky wrote

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STRIpEdBill t1_j2z0ci1 wrote

I thought he would go play for another club despite his contract.

Seriously, how is this news?


asorich1 t1_j2zc9lg wrote

He will be sweating booze out for a little while now


Deago78 t1_j3042b2 wrote

I’m not understanding why this is news. Do most professional footballers quit the job after winning the World Cup?


Hans647 t1_j30zasd wrote

I think it is great news. Do you agree?


Emergency_Blood7875 t1_j2zt633 wrote

Meanwhile, Neymar is partying is didn’t go to Pele’s funeral.

What a fucking mercenary. Hope he retires from the National team soon.


nature_and_grace t1_j2xyp0t wrote

Why did it take him so long to come back?


cryfest t1_j2ya33v wrote

Messi should retire and create a sick football academy back in Argentina or smth. Build on that legacy.

Im sure he got the money and connections to make it happen.


bafangoolNJ t1_j2yf50e wrote

Why? He wants to win more champions leagues. He already paid for the Argentina staff last wc who weren’t getting paid by afa


ArcticFox59 t1_j2x877p wrote

Would be surprising if PSG didn't win the UCL this year.


maxToTheJ t1_j2xkil8 wrote

Club play is higher than international play because clubs can just dump money and form the best teams irrespective of nationality. Problem is they have to form "best teams" not "best players" and those 2 may not be perfectly aligned.


amansmoving t1_j2xadjq wrote

No way in the world they are winning UCL. They can't perform as a team like for example Manchester City.


unrealjoe28 t1_j2xlq0r wrote

Man City has also never won it lmao. Chelsea, Bayern, Madrid, and Liverpool are all better examples


SergeiYeseiya t1_j2xlyq2 wrote

Not really, many people doubt that Galtier is good enough to win the CL


gordanfreman t1_j2ybpkx wrote

While I wouldn't be surprised if they did, I certainly wouldn't be surprised if they didn't. Ligue 1 is typically ranked below the other top leagues in Europe, at least recently.


medoy t1_j2y4io5 wrote

I'd think they'll be successful at GHJ but I'm worried about ASDF.


Serbian-American t1_j2xljav wrote

I don't see it happening, even though they are like 90 rated OVR they have like 6/33 chemistry