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Arceuscube t1_j31ojqh wrote

The post does have hockey flair, and there’s a photo of people playing hockey


allnamesbeentaken t1_j31vpg5 wrote

Does he seem like a man who has time for deduction?


danielspoa t1_j31xv8s wrote

I wish you guys had a bit more empathy instead of rushing to judge like that. Flair is not visible in the home section and image is extremely small (and partially blocked).


danielspoa t1_j31xkwq wrote

flair is not visible if you are not in the sub. I got here from the home section and that was exactly why I got confused.

The photo is visible, but extremely small and a third is blocked with a black bar. Admitedly after I saw the big image here I was able to go back and recognize the photo.


Arceuscube t1_j32fb7x wrote

There’s also the fact that the world juniors is a hockey tournament, if someone made a post saying “Yankees win the World Series” I feel like adding baseball somewhere in the title might be a bit redundant


danielspoa t1_j356iv7 wrote

most people would have no idea about that. You are talking by the point of a north american, someone thats used to it. I assume you are US american specifically and not canadian, is this correct?