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hankappleseed t1_j30cva3 wrote

Ope! Michigander here. Good on ya, buds! I'll have a shot of maple syrup tomorrow morning to honor your victory.


Vanrainy1 t1_j30g5so wrote

Thank you sir, an entertaining game as always. GL in the next one :)


Catssonova t1_j31ug1n wrote

Butt kicked after that good start. USA was buzzing but made critical mistakes around their own net and you found the rebounds. Nice job!


rpgguy_1o1 t1_j322dor wrote

Definitely a much closer game than the score indicated, USA played better most of that game.


Catssonova t1_j32486g wrote

The Canada goalie definitely saved it. Might have played better but not always smarter. Being reckless around the goal and not taking care for positioning looked like it was hurting them. Youngins gonna be young. So glad Red Savage played with us yankees!


rpgguy_1o1 t1_j326kaj wrote

Yeah, Milic came up clutch a number of times. USA looked great in the neutral zone, had a lot of great chances in the slot. The US just had no presence in front of their own net, that killed them other than the empty netter, and Canada's 4th line goal I think each goal was either in the blue paint or just outside of it. Even that 4th goal was close in the slot.

They even bounced back well after the first Goalie Interference, which was still questionable in my eyes, the second was clear GI.

It was a miracle that the weird bounce off of Milic on the US PP, which ended up right in front of the empty crease didn't end up in the back of the net.


Catssonova t1_j327n2l wrote

I noticed on at least a few goals a D man misplaying the side of the net leaving the opposite side wide open. Just a bit late on getting to their spots. There were some really good checks though and they tried to play physical


Scevs t1_j30foxh wrote



Ontyyyy t1_j30qx0i wrote

Both is correct


GoTouchGrassPlease t1_j31d8qa wrote

Both are acceptable, but "Czechia" is the one the Czech government would prefer people to use.


Reverie_39 t1_j31xfpd wrote

I know someone from there and when I called it Czechia he looked at me in confusion and said no one actually says that.


Vanrainy1 t1_j30ga3g wrote

They've been giant killers, we'll see I guess.

Go Canada Go!!


G0PACKGO t1_j32hl28 wrote

I thought they got beat by Iceland …. But then the. Put on their ducks jerseys and won ?


saintjimmy43 t1_j327h9e wrote

Candian junior hockey team:

Everyone's gangsta till the lights go out.


SportsPi t1_j31zyb7 wrote

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Hascus t1_j30qjep wrote

USA played hard, I thought they played better tbh. Wont say no to a win though!


Supertzar2112 t1_j30rzqv wrote

The USA came out of the gates swinging for sure, but Canada got their shit together. The US made too many mistakes


sparcasm t1_j30w2g2 wrote

The mistake was playing Canada in the semifinal. A final between these two would be a low scoring thriller and flip a coin as to who would win.


Fairwell08 t1_j3218cg wrote

I'm not really sure why you're getting down voted.


BeefInGR t1_j321tbu wrote

US v Canada in the World Jr final is must watch every time it happens. Downvotes are from people who don't watch hockey.


CGY-SS t1_j314ija wrote

It's kind of ridiculous to call a 6-2 loss "they played better" like come on


LovelyDadBod t1_j315c5p wrote

Did you watch the game? I’m the first the US was ALL OVER Canada. Evened up in the second with the Canadians taking over in the 3rd a bit.

The US had big scoring chances right to the end, two goals called back (one of which could have gone either way), and the only reason Canada won was a goaltender who stood ok his head.


STRIpEdBill t1_j31pnvs wrote

Lol both those were obvious goaltender interference, luke Hughes turn over on the empty better was a perfect representation of team USA's play


LovelyDadBod t1_j32iwy9 wrote

I’m a goaltender, have been since I was 8-9 and still play regularly in my 30’s. I also ref.

First one is only interference strictly by the IIHF rules. North American refs would have called it a good goal as it was really incidental contact that also wouldn’t have happened if the D-man didn’t hit him towards the goalie.

Second one was 100% a no-goal


Hascus t1_j32lm7n wrote

Exactly, first one is a goal in the NHL for sure


iankilledyou t1_j31ug0u wrote

We got outshot, the states had 2 disallowed goals and we scored an empty netter. It was a lot closer than any 6-2 game. You should have watched it, it was a good one.


yamiyam t1_j31kxue wrote

Nobody who actually watched the game would say that…hey everybody, this guy only looked at the box score before commenting! Get him!


BeefInGR t1_j32217g wrote

People don't read the articles watch the games.


Hascus t1_j32fi7i wrote

This commment chain is all anybody ever needs to look at to know that Reddit karma is useless :)


yamiyam t1_j32l3qp wrote

Seriously. Milic is literally the only reason Canada won that game. your original comment should not be in the negatives lol


danvandamn t1_j31wg6o wrote

If Canada loses ever they're a B Squad. It's like watching Brazil get smoked by Germany 7 to 1 in soccer.


Iron_Seguin t1_j31wugp wrote

Saying that completely devalues what Czechia has done. They’ve looked pretty unstoppable so far this tournament and I wouldn’t be shocked to see them take Canada down.


CrediblyHandsome t1_j325998 wrote

I'm kind of glad that Canada lost to Czechia in their first game. Canada won't be over confident (which I think happened) this time around. They now know that the Czechs are a really good team.


Iron_Seguin t1_j325e07 wrote

I agree. They tried the Michigan two or three times and then didn’t really start to worry until the game was 5-2 and then at that point, Suchanek just settled right in.


itshukokay t1_j33x9m7 wrote

This literally is the B squad. It's the juniors.


danielspoa t1_j31nwq6 wrote

putting the sport in the title would be cool. Nice for canadians tho, and I had no idea CR played it.


Arceuscube t1_j31ojqh wrote

The post does have hockey flair, and there’s a photo of people playing hockey


allnamesbeentaken t1_j31vpg5 wrote

Does he seem like a man who has time for deduction?


danielspoa t1_j31xv8s wrote

I wish you guys had a bit more empathy instead of rushing to judge like that. Flair is not visible in the home section and image is extremely small (and partially blocked).


danielspoa t1_j31xkwq wrote

flair is not visible if you are not in the sub. I got here from the home section and that was exactly why I got confused.

The photo is visible, but extremely small and a third is blocked with a black bar. Admitedly after I saw the big image here I was able to go back and recognize the photo.


Arceuscube t1_j32fb7x wrote

There’s also the fact that the world juniors is a hockey tournament, if someone made a post saying “Yankees win the World Series” I feel like adding baseball somewhere in the title might be a bit redundant


danielspoa t1_j356iv7 wrote

most people would have no idea about that. You are talking by the point of a north american, someone thats used to it. I assume you are US american specifically and not canadian, is this correct?