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squarepeg0000 t1_j359w36 wrote

They won't change the date of the Super Bowl... it's too late to change the date of the Super Bowl.


Hipp013 t1_j35aew6 wrote

This. Everything is set in stone like a year in advance, the Super Bowl is not moving.


NoremaCg t1_j379h9n wrote

Superbowl was moved after 9/11- Following the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks earlier in the season, the NFL postponed a week of regular-season games and moved the league's playoff schedule back. As a result, Super Bowl XXXVI was rescheduled from the original date of January 27 to February 3, becoming the first Super Bowl played in February.


squarepeg0000 t1_j37go0p wrote

9/11 reset the calendars on everything. Though tragic, what happened this week was no 9/11.


Aarakocra t1_j3ar6wo wrote

It is also far easier to move something half a year out than a month out.


ArcticFox59 t1_j37cvq0 wrote

Or just 1 week media hype and build-up instead of 2.