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Easy-Progress8252 t1_j3canes wrote

I’m a strong swimmer. Years ago I was treading water in the deep end of a pool near the side. Unthinkingly, my wife handed me my 6 month daughter. I realized quickly I could hold her head above water or mine, but not both. Fortunately I was close to the wall. I still ingested a lot of water. It’s no joke, it happens more easily than people think no matter how big and strong you are.


johnaesthetica t1_j3cbrsa wrote

This same thing happened to me but in a lake just out of a boat. My 1yo daughter had a life jacket on but I didn’t as I’m also a strong swimmer and was just treading water. Realized super quickly that I couldn’t keep her safely afloat without sinking myself. Pretty scary 15 seconds until I got my family’s attention on the boat.


erinraspberry t1_j3kskp5 wrote

Thats how Naya Rivera ended up drowning. Was out swimming on a lake with a boat. She was able to push her young son back aboard who had a life jacket but couldnt save herself. Glad you were both OK!!


LumpofCrump t1_j3cwgvi wrote

I know it’s not the point but why tf would she hand you a baby while swimming??


HockeyCoachHere t1_j3dqoj4 wrote

Probably though it would be cool to have her swim with him not realizing he’s not touching bottom.


NoBSforGma t1_j39d7ov wrote

I guess I'll have to look somewhere else for details on this story.

Where did this happen? Who was involved? Why did the kids need saving? What did he do to save them? Why is he now in intensive care --- what about the saving of the kids caused him to have problems? Yay journalism.

Edit: Ok. Happened at a beach in Pensacola.

One story says he was rescued out of the water which is puzzling since he saved the kids would mean he brought them to shore? Possibly during the rescue, he took in a lot of water which caused him problems.

All speculation until some real journalism kicks in.

Anyway, hoping like hell that he recoveres with no after effects.


sickn0te_ t1_j3bhps9 wrote

I’m pretty sure drowning while on land after leaving the water is a thing

Edit - Yup, “Secondary drownings can develop hours after a swim, bath or anything that occurs with water. Secondary drowning is without water remaining in the airways. It is a secondary injury which is often classed as a drowning incident.

It’s is a very mild form of drowning, You take a bit of water and sputter and cough, but seem OK shortly thereafter. Over time, a reaction develops in the lungs. The water itself is gone, but the lungs become inflamed. There is a change in blood flow that impacts the lung sacs.”


p0rty-Boi t1_j3cbsru wrote

Ok thanks for explaining. I was tempted to say this is some sort of PR spin because I didn’t understand how you could drown and save your kids at the same time.


feral_philosopher t1_j39bout wrote

I hate the way news articles are written, they repeat the headline three times and then don't explain what happened properly. How many kids did he save? Why is he injured? What were the circumstances?


Chris_M_23 t1_j3a24fd wrote

He saved 2 kids and 2 adults, but was tired and couldn’t make it out of the water himself. He didn’t necessarily get them all to shore, just out of the rip current. Escambia county then got him out of the water with a jet ski, but he ingested a lot of water (he was drowning) and has lung and kidney damage. Better article by our local station, WEARTV 3. They explained it much better on the local news.


DrTopps t1_j3c2ge7 wrote

What a terrible journalist …

Anyone have the link to actual information?


sire59damos t1_j3cubpb wrote

I hope he pulls through like Damar


middleagedstudent t1_j3flixw wrote


Swimming in a pool is very different than swimming in nature.