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seattlesportsguy t1_j3f9orr wrote

It’s going to be a long process but I can’t wait until he gets to leave that hospital and be with family and friends


myBisL2 t1_j3fyw4g wrote

When I heard he was conscious and talking I was so ridiculously happy. I used to work for the company the invented the defibrillator and who provides the AEDs for the NFL. We talked so much about how low the survival rate of a heart attack was, and how outcomes were significantly improved with prompt, properly performed CPR and defibrillation. I conceptually understood that, but watching this... it's different seeing it.

For the all things the NFL is, prepared for a medical emergency is one thing they got right. I wasn't there and I don't know everything that took place, but what I did see looked like the best case scenario. This so easily could have been a tragedy. Honestly, I thought it would be. I'm so pleased I was wrong.


theneedfull t1_j3h1vju wrote

There is no doubt in my mind that this incident will save dozens of lives in the future as people will have a better idea as to what to do.


hutch2522 t1_j3n8h9b wrote

It's caused my office to note that we don't have a defibrillator on site. We're fixing that now.


CodeBlue614 t1_j3hiuup wrote

As a critical care doctor who sees dozens of patients following cardiac arrest every year, this is about as good of an outcome as can be reasonably expected. Based on the publicly available information, I figure he would be at least in the top 10%, if not the top 5% of outcomes I’ve seen in my career. I was so relieved when they said he was awake and writing.


wnr3 t1_j3gimqk wrote

Christians who attribute any bit of a good outcome to prayer are deluded people. Take that as you will. In my personal experience, religiosity is a trauma response/coping mechanism. It doesn’t make them bad or not worthy of everything good life has to offer, but it does make them naive. They may not understand or care how disrespectful it is to downplay the efforts of medical professionals saving a man’s life by saying it’s, “probably a mixture of the doctors and the prayer.” It’s not. Obviously. In only 1 of 2 scenarios does Hamlin not die on that field. It’s not the one where everyone immediately starts mass prayer.


daveinmd13 t1_j3guvut wrote

So,it’s just Christians who do this,or is it only Christians that you have issue with?


718Brooklyn t1_j3iaqee wrote

As a Jew, I can confidently say that Jews in this situation are all praying for their loved one to be taken to the best doctor available. No one is praying for magic:)


homboo t1_j3j4o6i wrote

There are a lot of studies showing that prayers help. Just look it up.


homboo t1_j3f8khl wrote

A lot of people praying for him and he continues to get better. Another proof that the lord is doing his work.


strongthreshold t1_j3f95mm wrote

Or science….


homboo t1_j3fat3v wrote

Probably a mix of both a bit


Pidgey_OP t1_j3ftfkv wrote

Woulda been chill if God had kept his heart from stopping in the first place


Yung_Corneliois t1_j3fxaeg wrote

Yea it’s a shame humans are the ones that have to do the lords work and he gets all the credit.


brownliquid t1_j3feop6 wrote

It’s weird that the lord does most of his miracles in hospitals, isn’t it?


Oldtimer_2 t1_j3m0rv2 wrote

But at the same time, when you listen to his family, friends, players, etc, they're all saying, "Pray for him," "keep him in prayers," ask God to heal him," and the like. It's funny how people who don't believe in prayer suddenly become quite religious in a crisis. If people need to believe in something during such situations, is there some harm?


brownliquid t1_j3m8nqz wrote

Maybe they’re religious


Oldtimer_2 t1_j3mcysg wrote

My suggestion is that many people suddenly become "religious" during a crisis. Probably more than a suggestion and more of a fact. At such times in people's lives, everything changes, and everything becomes worthwhile if it makes them feel better


SnooPuppers1978 t1_j3galbe wrote

That's where the sick are. If I was a lord assigned to the task, I would also go to the hospitals.


TmfGD t1_j3gby1k wrote

That’s where doctors are. Hospitals don’t make people better, doctors do.


SnooPuppers1978 t1_j3gcm02 wrote

Yes, doctors are there as well, no question about it. But still as a lord looking to do miracles, hospital is exactly the place where I would go if I wanted to maximise the amount of miracles I've performed.


TmfGD t1_j3gcy9z wrote

No, not “as well”, the only reason people get better in hospitals is because of doctors. Remove them and suddenly there are no more “acts of God” because there never were. No one deserves credit except the doctors and nurses, and especially not some made up entity in the sky.


SnooPuppers1978 t1_j3gd34b wrote

I agree with that, but I disagree with the fact that it's weird that all the miracles would happen in the hospital if this made up entity existed. I think that would be expected since this is where the most opportunities for miracles would be.


evanc3 t1_j3gz40a wrote

Was one of his miracles stopping Damar's heart?

Because the reason Damar survived is that everybody followed their training. Him recovering after briefly losing his heartbeat is not "miraculous", it's was actually pretty likely because of the prompt care he got.

His heart stopping on a routine play like that is much more unlikely. Maybe some divine intervention from some twisted diety who also likes to give children cancer and can make food appear out of nowhere (Exodus 16:1–36) but chooses to let people starve to death.


SnooPuppers1978 t1_j3gzvv6 wrote

> Was one of his miracles stopping Damar's heart?

I don't believe it was a miracle. I fully believe everything has a cause and effect and randomness is just something we don't have good tools to determine. I also have no reason to believe that any sort of lord would exist. It could exist, but there's no way to tell. And if it did exist it would be impossible to determine whether any of it was a miracle.

> His heart stopping on a routine play like that is much more unlikely. Maybe some divine intervention from some twisted diety who also likes to give children cancer and can make food appear out of nowhere (Exodus 16:1–36) but chooses to let people starve to death.

Yes, if there's a lord it seems that it really doesn't care and it might seem more likely that the World is being simulated by this lord for example entertainment or research purposes. But even then if a lord is simulating everything, and can intervene with certain actions that could be considered miracles, if the game was to score as many points as possible, the lord would be able to do that in the hospital. So maybe it's a video game, where you have to score as many points doing miracles.


evanc3 t1_j3h0b2r wrote

Lol fair point. I always make the argument that either God is omnipotent and doesn't care about us, or isn't omnipotent and we shouldn't care about god


SnooPuppers1978 t1_j3h28ij wrote

God could be all knowing, all powerful and loving in its own terms if you imagine it being some sort of programmer who created this software for simulating us. He (or whichever gender) could be all knowing in the sense that at any given moment he can check the state of the system and all powerful that he can tweak the state or save/load, and loving in the sense that he totally loves the system he built. It keeps him entertained for years. And he's not even a psychopath, because he thinks it's all just code, and he's otherwise a kind person irl.


homboo t1_j3ffr11 wrote

Who said that ?


brownliquid t1_j3ftz7c wrote

Jesus said “I’ll mostly be working in hospitals from here on out”. Interesting that you’ve never heard that famous quote.


KongStuffN t1_j3fr2mo wrote

I pray that you’ll stop thinking that prayer does anything to help someone in the hospital


homboo t1_j3g1i00 wrote

Childish response


KongStuffN t1_j3ijxxp wrote

Yeah, because thinking that asking a make believe sky man for help will do anything is super grown up.


homboo t1_j3j9xl3 wrote

Your sentence doesn’t make sense lol


One-Chemistry9502 t1_j3fixey wrote

No, more of a correlation between having a large Christian population and being a developed nation with modern hospitals and top of the line medical professionals.

One of those is actually helping him, the other is praying for him.


homboo t1_j3fpk0x wrote

It is a bit of both probably 🙏


RedYachtClub t1_j3fxosx wrote

Sky daddy doesn't give a shit about you.


ihm96 t1_j3fz428 wrote

Have you ever heard the saying about “if you don’t have anything nice to say , don’t say anything at all?”

Like what do you gain from putting out that negative energy?


RedYachtClub t1_j3g0fc5 wrote

What do you have to gain by negating all the years of hard work that the tens or hundreds of people put into making sure someone like Damar would live?

Attributing this result to anything other than hard work, good planning, passionate people, and science is disingenuous and a straight up lie. It's comments like that that encourage anti-science sentiment. "Oh it couldn't have been hard work and science, because God does everything".

Religion is the reason vaccines aren't trusted, and that polio is making a come back.

So what do I gain? Maybe I don't get polio, or another preventable infectious disease that we had the opportunity to eradicate. Using preventable diseases is an easy target, but the same argument can be applied to anything that religions are pushing.

Ultimately, religious people (specifically Christians) need to realize that it is our society and the people that make it up that makes "miracles" happen and not literal magic. I think understanding that there is someone out there who dedicated their life to understanding something well enough to help another human being to survive a nearly fatal freak accident is a good way to gain some appreciation for the people around us, and quit hating immigrants or LGBTQ people.


ihm96 t1_j3g0jb7 wrote

Nothing in his comment negated the hard work people have done , you’re just looking for a reason to hate


RedYachtClub t1_j3g0ni8 wrote

God didn't save Damar Hamlin's life, people did.

That's an important distinction to make.


homboo t1_j3g1oph wrote

Dont be naive. It was a bit of both. Why so much hate on believers?


RedYachtClub t1_j3g2bvv wrote

Why does the church cover up the sexual abuse of children?

Why does the church promote genocide against minorities?

Why do religious people overwhelmingly support cops killing innocent people, and allowing mentally unstable people to buy guns, while also voting to defund mental health initiatives?

Seems to me there's lots of reasons to be distrustful, weary, and generally uncomfortable with believers.


homboo t1_j3g5zlz wrote

What does all this have to do with god? Nothing. Why are you full of so much hate?


themusicdude1997 t1_j3ge544 wrote

You literally called Hamlin getting better proof that prayer works. Why would people not think you are mentally challenged?


ihm96 t1_j3g1d2o wrote

Not really though, you’re just trying to shit on the dude for praying and being religious.

Making the distinction doesn’t do shit


SnooPuppers1978 t1_j3gas5t wrote

> if you don’t have anything nice to say , don’t say anything at all?

That's a disgusting "rule". I don't want to be in a society where people are dishonest and afraid to tell the truth.

If everyone only ever says nice things it becomes meaningless. You won't know what they really think.

All you are saying is that your ego is too fragile to handle criticism, and you need to be coddled, truth has to be hidden away from you.


jeeden222 t1_j3gcuww wrote

He could of said it in a more constructive and nice way than: Sky daddy doesn’t give a shit about you.


SnooPuppers1978 t1_j3gdb4i wrote

But imagine working tirelessly, researching and constructing a way to help people, to only then some people claim that it was a miracle performed by some sort of made up entity taking away all the credit from yourself. How is this in any way remotely okay?


jeeden222 t1_j3gdmd5 wrote

I didn’t say that was ok. I just said he could of been better with the delivery of his message like you phrased it. Collective people, knowledge, and experience helped produce a great outcome for Hamlin. No reason to shit on someone’s religion and say their god doesn’t care about them. That’s not productive and it’s an attack instead of information.


SteveBored t1_j3hrlg4 wrote

Pretty sure it was the doctors and trainers. Must suck to be brainwashed by a cult.


Thimit22 t1_j3hvrtx wrote

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a pro-religious comment like this on Reddit before lol


flameruler94 t1_j3luku0 wrote

Seriously, it feels like it’s straight out of a relatives Facebook comments


Optimal_Bad_8965 t1_j3fk57d wrote

I don't know why you're getting downvoted. Believe whatever you want. The important thing is he is improving


SnooPuppers1978 t1_j3gdec0 wrote

Because he's taking credit away from the actual work that is being done to help the person. It's very untrue and insulting.


Myllorelion t1_j3geni1 wrote

My dude, you could ask a thousand medical professionals if a well treated patient thanking God offends them, and makes them feel insulted that people are thanking God before them and all their years of hard work, and 1000 of them would say no.

Let people express themselves. No need to tear the dude down.


SnooPuppers1978 t1_j3gllay wrote

You can ask and they will say no to appear humble and political. They would appear conceited if they said yes.


SFPsycho t1_j3gvdtr wrote

Exactly. Look how much shit Arian Foster was getting when people found out he was atheist. He would've been in a better position if he appeared humble and just "thanked God" for his hardwork in football