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Zlifbar t1_j3ft2pa wrote



harshith662 t1_j3h6a0v wrote

The only reason I know of this is the good place


TheMooseIsBlue t1_j3h7kpe wrote

The only reason you know of this joke from The Good Place is from watching The Good Place?


someguyonline00 t1_j3hp92n wrote

Bortles has not been the Jags QB for a long time, this was a reference to the show

Edit: how is this simple informational comment being downvoted??


drethnudrib t1_j3gz0ej wrote

Why is Josh Dobbs throwing the ball while up by 3 with 3 minutes left against a team whose offense has struggled all night? Hand it to Henry on a draw and punt if you have to. Terrible play call.


HitmanClark t1_j3h32oy wrote

I disagree. He has played ok to that point, the box was loaded, and you have to try to pick up a first down. He just has to know to get the ball out quicker than that, even if he doesn’t see the blitzer. It should’ve been drilled into him on the sideline “count to 2 and let it fly.”


ashleyorelse t1_j3hegko wrote

This is a good assessment.

The clock isn't low enough to justify running it into a defense that is loaded up to stop the run, even if you have Henry running it.

The move is to have the qb make a quick throw that ideally will give a reciever open room to make someone miss, and maybe even a big gain. Short of that, to surprise the defense and pick up a first down so you can keep milking the clock.

Dobbs should have thrown sooner or just run it himself, or throw it away if necessary.


HitmanClark t1_j3hfrf1 wrote

This isn’t a fair instance to demonstrate it, since he’s a third string QB, but the Titans have a serious QB problem heading into next year. Tannehill is extremely limited (always has been, as I’m a dolphins fan), and they don’t have the weapons to mask poor play from Willis or Dobbs.


ashleyorelse t1_j3hg88u wrote

Time to use free agency, trades, or the draft to help the qb situation.


Bigtx999 t1_j3hau5c wrote

The jags are sneaky good. Even when they were 4-8 a lot of their losses were single scores. They also tend to be in the feast and famine thing where they will blow out teams or stay close and fall apart at the end.

I honestly have no idea how they will do in the playoffs. The afc wild card teams all look beatable for the jags.


PalmettoFace t1_j3jd04m wrote

r/NFL and r/sports both bagged on Lawrence all season last year. There were half a dozen “Who’s the biggest bust: Wilson, Fields, Lawrence” threads. Pro football fans are so flimsy and fickle. Like riding an emotional roller coaster.


juryan t1_j3jpfrr wrote

Imagine blaming a rookie QB with Urban Meyer as a HC? Lawrence has stepped up big time this season.


EMPulseKC t1_j3go0ve wrote

That turnover by TEN should have been an incomplete pass since their QB had forward motion and was propelling the ball forward with his own force before it fell on the field and was ruled a fumble, but for whatever reason the refs looked at it for all of 2 seconds before they confirmed it.


jumbee85 t1_j3h62um wrote

Ball was already loose when it was propelled forward.


Birdhawk t1_j3hpntj wrote

If the ball is loose then how does Donna propel it forward?


GoldenMonkey34 t1_j3i6far wrote

Because his hand pushed it forward, but he clearly did not have control of the vall when the forward motion started


Birdhawk t1_j3ifyw8 wrote

So his hand was propelling the ball forward. Like a pass.


GoldenMonkey34 t1_j3ih1cx wrote

He didn't have control, so it's not a pass. It's like if the ball starts losing control in your arms and you just swat it forward with your hand, it doesn't make it a pass just because it went forward by your hand


Birdhawk t1_j3j9dva wrote

If he didn’t have control then he wouldn’t have been able to propel the ball forward. Unless he can move the ball with his mind. Man that’d be something. But I don’t think he has that power. Kinda weird to assume he does man.


GoldenMonkey34 t1_j3japjo wrote

I literally just explained it. Go read the billion other comments of people explaining it. There's a reason it was confirmed quickly and the Titans didn't even challenge it


Birdhawk t1_j3jwhdb wrote

What you just explained was that he propelled the ball your own comments. You're saying Dobbs controlled which direction the ball went. That's an incomplete pass...

Or just have a look at this call. Same play.

That said. I ain't dying on this hill. Too dumb (not you, the play), the whole season sucked and I'm glad its over so hopefully our OC gets fired.


ruggmike t1_j3hc8ti wrote

Ball was loose before his arm was going. Forward, furthermore it was called a fumble on the field and harder to overturn


ashleyorelse t1_j3hdvcq wrote

Forward motion is irrelevant if the ball isn't still in the qbs hand. Just because you push a fumble forward afterward doesn't make it a pass.


retiredhobo t1_j3gs21g wrote

great…even more opportunities to listen to all the people who can’t pronounce “Jaguars” properly


stfleming1 t1_j3gvb74 wrote



Brenkin t1_j3gy5sm wrote

Or the classic British



MrFoffof t1_j3hc3qb wrote

The correct pronunciation


ashleyorelse t1_j3hdaiy wrote

For the British

This is in reference to an American sports team, so the proper pronunciation is ja-gwaar


Loud-Start1394 t1_j3hdqqg wrote

There are at least two correct ways. Americans pronounce it differently than Brits.


TheMooseIsBlue t1_j3h7u02 wrote

You didn’t capitalize or punctuate this bitchy, pedantic comment properly.


Iamakahige t1_j3hfj7w wrote



gatorbeetle t1_j3j5pl8 wrote

Came here for this!!! Glad to see them doing well. Hope they make it a couple rounds at least.


L3oSanch3z t1_j3hckvg wrote

No matter who, we still have to win.🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️


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Synthwoven t1_j3jlryu wrote

Brady famously had more of a fumble called an incomplete pass years ago against the Raiders.


CaptainOverthinker t1_j3grsol wrote

He threw it like 10 yards forward lmao how was that a fumble


ChronWeasely t1_j3gui6p wrote

You can see the ball doesn't have a spiral to it but is just a tumble. He didn't have a grip on the ball as his hand pushed it forward after it had been knocked loose


Aww_FireTruck t1_j3gz1rn wrote

You would think after watching years of Stafford, Mahomes, Rodgers make sidearm/shovel passes people would recognize their is more than a single way to complete a passes. It’s called a forward pass and the ball went ten yards passed the LOS before being picked up by the Jags. It was a terrible call and sabotaged the Titans season. I say that as a neutral observer.


Broad_Sunlit_Uplands t1_j3hauqx wrote

That is just objectively a incorrect opinion. It’s not a terrible call, the rules explicitly outline this situation and instances of quarterbacks losing grip and knocking the ball forward happen routinely and are routinely called fumbles. This is not a unique situation and was called in line with precedent and rules.


TheMooseIsBlue t1_j3h8gy5 wrote

Punching or pushing it forward after it’s knocked out of your hand is not a forward pass.


PerdHapleyAMA t1_j3h33mj wrote

The difference is he wasn’t gripping the ball. It came loose and then got pushed by his hand. The same has happened to Rodgers multiple times. It’s the definition of a fumble, doesn’t matter if it goes forward.


mn-ptrick t1_j3hdd4h wrote

Ball was knocked free and not in his control and he tried to bail himself out of a fumble like all QBs do by flinging their arm when they feel that contact. It was like a half throw/ half volleyball spike forward and I would not call that a forward football pass just by the length the ball travelled. No way that is a pass. It wasn’t under his control.


techieman33 t1_j3h3937 wrote

I think it was a forward pass, but I can see where it could be argued as a fumble. It looked like a lot of that forward motion came from his fingertips hitting the ball after it was well out of his hands. And if he had control of the ball then it would have been long gone before his fingers had a chance to hit it.


PodOfManyTides OP t1_j3iqxzi wrote

He was pushing it forward without having a grip on it, he lost his grip just before the throwing motion


neildmaster t1_j3fpgde wrote

Amy Adams Strunk absolutely fucked the Titans by firing the GM two months ago. God, they suck.


not_a_droid t1_j3hemfc wrote

The titans and jaguars still feel like expansion teams to me. To this day, I’m like, didn’t they just join the league 4-5 years ago?


FortunateInsanity t1_j3hj5d0 wrote

Titans were the Oilers until they moved to TN. The franchise has been around since 1960 and owned by the same family the entire time.