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Jokobib OP t1_j3hb0cn wrote

It’s so fun to see her ski when she’s this good


throwaway77993344 t1_j3hb5by wrote

Agreed. You're just constantly left wondering where she's finding the time when her style actually looks way less active and slower.


tbendis t1_j3hq945 wrote

Kostelić used to ski like this, just slow gliding through the turns, and it just looks so clean, and it's deceptively fast


Progression28 t1_j3l84h3 wrote

You mean Janica, right? Because Ivica I would not equate to slow gliding haha.

Although I was very young when they were still active, so memory might be a bit foggy.


tbendis t1_j3pem0w wrote

Janica was always, Ivica had one season of glory that was magnificent.


man_cub t1_j3prs61 wrote

She was my hero, they used to train by carrying logs while balancing on other logs. Legendary family.