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RollingMoss1 t1_j3n4oie wrote

This is an especially bad look this week since the medical personnel have been in the spotlight for their life-saving efforts with the Hamlin injury.


TheShadowOfKaos t1_j3ngffn wrote

Agreed. And then a Steelers player also did a mock CPR celebration. In very poor taste.


AqUaNtUmEpIc t1_j3nktgo wrote

The Thibodeaux celebration was so bad I thought he took a shot to the head and was having a concussed, dissociative moment. After he looked over, then continued celebrating, my stomach sank. I was embarrassed for him.


Available-Camera8691 t1_j3oxgpf wrote

Yeah. It's a common celebration, but read the fucking room, guy. I wonder if he realized in hindsight it was stupid and felt embarrassed, or if it was intentional. I hope it wasn't intentional.


Rsardinia t1_j3ol1p1 wrote

Packers and Steelers both not in the playoffs too after having a chance here in the final week. Some would say karma.


Scooterks t1_j3oo29y wrote

That's the kind of thing I'd love to see the head coach come over, grab him by the face mask, and drag his happy ass back to ride a bench while ripping him a new asshole.


Rubthebuddhas t1_j3ph3n0 wrote

Marty Schottenheimer passed away though, else he'd gladly do it.


[deleted] t1_j3oqlxm wrote



shelbsx3 t1_j3oqnfx wrote

i know it was before yet still looks cringe now


MinnesotaNice69 t1_j3poji2 wrote

Let's be real, there were tons of teams/players who have done this celebration in the past. Nothing inherently wrong with it, it's just very poor timing from someone who should have read the room a little better after last week


SuperJ4ke t1_j3owlez wrote

Didn’t they start giving players fines for doing that bs ?


Mambesala_Guey t1_j3nx1yo wrote

They’ve been doing that before the Hamlin incident


ScottEATF t1_j3ohg8h wrote

Doesn't make it a good idea to keep doing it.


Clown_Shoe t1_j3okgvs wrote

It’s still good context to have. I thought it was a reference to the Hamlin incident when I saw it.


Mambesala_Guey t1_j3opp3e wrote

I never said it was. People are going to do what they want. No one had a problem with the celebration until the incident. I simply stated a fact. I hypothesize that the people who downvoted me, jumped to conclusions, that the celebration was to mock Hamlin.


Pushmonk t1_j3ohgvq wrote

Good thing nothing ever changes! Everything everyone has done in the past is fine and is still fine to do today!


BuckSleezy t1_j3nju8x wrote

Isn’t this the second time this dude has been ejected for shoving an opposing staffer?

Seems like the Packers have a problem guy.


ArtistWhoStarves t1_j3nzxb2 wrote

He's not like a vontez burfict, Anthony Barr, or n. Suh type player. These are absolutely stupid moves on his part. He know it and feels terrible. Poor reactions in the situations. I'm sure he'll seek therapy and figure it out. If you saw him in the tunnel he was berating himself. He was in pain. I know that look because I've had it when I made a dumb impulsive decision. Hindsight is 20/20, he just needs to slow his mind and think before he reacts.

Edit: a Lotta people living in glass houses on here. Acting like he punched a guy. Was it stupid? Absolutely. But he didn't actually hurt anyone. He wasn't head hunting, stomping on people, or kicking anyone in the nuts. He got shoved and he pushed them. He's not mentally disciplined, and he knows it. I can def get behind a 3 game suspension, but acting like he is this cheap dirty player who is a bad person, you sound like a moron.


Maxwell-Druthers t1_j3o3lqk wrote

He feels terrible he got ejected. This guy is a grade A piece of shit. He pushed him because the trainer had the audacity to brush past him while he was trying to tend to an injured player. This threatened his ego, he felt “disrespected” and his natural reaction was to shove him, like a child. These 280 lb man babies are the most dangerous people in society. They think they’re entitled to all the “respect” in the world and their fragile egos are shattered at any perceived slight. These are the types that will beat the shit out of people, or in worst cases kill people at any perceived act of “disrespect”. GUARANTEE this slob has a violent past. As someone else stated, this looks even worse considering what happened last week with medical personnel saving Damar Hamlin’s life. They need to release this guy YESTERDAY. That single shove revealed everything you need to know about that scumbag.


WoobaLoobaDoobDoob t1_j3pre0b wrote

Oh I see, you’re a racist.


Maxwell-Druthers t1_j3qsrbf wrote

Adults are speaking, quiet, you ding dong.


WoobaLoobaDoobDoob t1_j3r6bus wrote

He pushed a man and you call him a potential murderer, one of “the most dangerous people in society”, a slob, and you “guaranteed” that he had a violent past. You don’t know him, you’re pulling shit out of your ass. The only notable people to graduate from his high school are athletes. Did it ever occur to you that maybe he grew up in a situation where football was seen as his only way to be successful? In those situations mental health and anger management aren’t exactly prioritized. He said publicly, before your comment, that the way he acted was unacceptable, but you didn’t take the 2 minutes to look that up before writing your racist-ass comment, did you?


Maxwell-Druthers t1_j3r7voj wrote

Your boy shoves medical personnel for brushing past him on the field. He’s done it twice in a single season. Yes, he’s a POS. I don’t care if he’s black or white. Mental health and anger management aren’t prioritized in this entire country… you don’t see anyone else pushing medical staff for trying to help an injured player. And ya, I read his apology. Do you think he’s just gonna act like it didn’t happen? He’s the only player to get disqualified from a game twice in one season since 2000… and both for shoving a medical assistant. Gtfo outta here with your mindless “you’re racist” bs. I don’t care if he’s black or white. You look like a buffoon. That’s why everyone is downvoting you, ya lunkhead. Have a great day, try to be better.


PrisonJoe2095 t1_j3o6w2a wrote

The guy looked broken up over it. No one’s perfect. He lost his cool in the moment. It wasn’t like he sexually assaulted 20ish women, beat his pregnant wife, or stomped on someone’s face with his cleats. It was a slight shove. I can forgive a guy for this.


MLGWolf69 t1_j3o7znt wrote

The thing is that he's done this twice now. He shoved a Bill's coach earlier in the season already and got ejected for that, and today he shoves a guy who's trying to tend to an injured player. This is now no longer a one-off thing, it's a pattern


PrisonJoe2095 t1_j3o9tfh wrote

I see your point of view. I felt that way initially. But I can give this guy another chance. I don’t need to crucify him. He might not have noticed it was a trainer.


FirstSonOfGwyn t1_j3obqi1 wrote

unfortunate he got this far in life w/o learning how to be respectful, but I do agree with you.

This is dumbass behavior, but its not some horrific inhumane shit. Its a dude who clearly has temper/impulse control issues. and I'm sure in the middle of an NFL game the cognitive load to control that stuff will not be at its best.

Even bigger dumbass for doing it twice, but I agree with you, this isn't an impossibility to come back from.

I also appreciate seeing a pro athlete getting a second/third chance is frustrating and uncool in a lot of ways.


MLGWolf69 t1_j3obtnp wrote

I'll see what happens with him, because I can't imagine the Packers are gonna just dump him, he is a rookie and everything. But, like Matt LaFleur said, he has to be smart going forward. But I would think it's teachable to have a player think before they go shoving people around


Maxwell-Druthers t1_j3o7q9n wrote

He’s done it twice… and these medical personnel guys are half his size. And not in uniform. It’s not the physical slight shove that’s the big issue, it’s the psychology behind it. Who the fuck shoves a medical professional in the act of helping a fallen player? TWICE?!?


PrisonJoe2095 t1_j3oa5b5 wrote

I agree. Complete deuce move. He’s got an issue he needs to deal with. I think people just need to put it in proportion.


[deleted] t1_j3oucx8 wrote

No. You can see when it goes down. Totally remorseless when he does it, sees the flag go up, and then falls apart. He’s broken up he got caught. If nothing came of it he would have been bragging about it after the fact. He’s got a lot of growing up to do.


PrisonJoe2095 t1_j3p12ii wrote

I agree he’s got growing up to do. I’m saying the Reddit Army is overacting to the seriousness of his crime. “Your boos mean nothing, I’ve seen what makes you cheer.”


chiquis2948 t1_j3pnliv wrote

It's weird that these guys aren't held to a higher standard than someone bagging grocery in stores. If joe pushed 2 other employees, he would be fired. Or imagine if in an MMA fight. 1 fighter gets hurt, and a medical doctor comes in, and the other fighter shoves him. And then does it again! I would imagine it would be hard for him to get licensed again.


Brandon48236 t1_j3oofbn wrote

Burfict, Barr, and Suh, as far as I can remember, kept their cheap shots to other players.


FergaliciousDef t1_j3o56ch wrote

Dumb impulsive decisions like physically harming someone??


ArtistWhoStarves t1_j3okw07 wrote

Dude. If you think those shoves hurt them at all, I don't know what to tell you. The worst part about it is it was a person on the medical staff just trying to help his injured player. You can't get in the way of that. Nice glass house you live in.


Str1fer t1_j3ochay wrote

Get off your high horse. It was a push, not a punch. What he did was wrong and unsportsmanlike but nothing more. Now if he took a swing at the guy, that would be another story. Either way the guy needs to work on his mental game sooner rather than later, so it doesn't turn into something worse than a small push.

If you saw the whole video, you can clearly see in the tunnel that he regrets his actions and having a 'nice' talk with himself.


LividLager t1_j3oe0bc wrote

The guy he pushed was trying to attend to an injured player. Fuck that dude.


Pushmonk t1_j3oi2s8 wrote

Guess what? Pushing someone can cause injuries. Just because it didn't doesn't make it okay. He was punished and felt bad that he got punished and will lose money. He doesn't care about the fact that he pushed a medical worker tending to an injured player.


ArtistWhoStarves t1_j3ol2da wrote

He doesn't? Did you ask him? You're building a narrative about someone you have never met.


Pushmonk t1_j3om6rv wrote

Usually people don't push people if they immediately will feel bad about it after. Unless, of course, you are five years old. This guy is an adult. But please continue to defend his actions because he cried later.


ArtistWhoStarves t1_j3omgmj wrote

I can't explain it any further to you. Just try to empathize and understand more instead of immediately hating and writing people off.


Pushmonk t1_j3omzoz wrote

I find it very difficult to "empathize" with someone who pushes medical personnel for doing their job because they brushed against them.

Maybe he'll put you on his payroll for carrying all this water for him. I'm sure he's been reading all of your comments.


Look_to_the_Stars t1_j3oxxn9 wrote

So are you.


ArtistWhoStarves t1_j3oyi6e wrote

I'm holding certain judgement because I don't know him. All I've said is the truth. Dude has made a few mistakes. As far as I know he has been on the nationional stage for 1000s of snaps and these 2 instances do not paint a complete picture.


omarade2 t1_j3old02 wrote

Gonna be hard for him to work on his mental game when he scored an 8 on the wonderlic. His test scores and behavior suggest he has the mental maturity of a child and to be honest, he probably shouldn’t be playing in the nfl because he’s going to hurt himself Or someone else.


Brandon48236 t1_j3onck9 wrote

Give credit where credit is due. He scored a 9 on the wonderlic.


B1G__Tuna t1_j3or0fz wrote

Anthony Barr? Are packers fans really still calling that Rodgers tackle dirty? The delusion with you guys is crazy.


omarade2 t1_j3okxkm wrote

Hard to slow your mind any more when you get an 8 on the wonderlic test.


buzzhavoc t1_j3o1kn1 wrote

Definitely an 'in the moment' reaction that was stupid, doesn't immediately make him a horrible person.


5hootermcg t1_j3o218h wrote

Fool me once


idroidude t1_j3o3qz3 wrote

Yep. I think the first time you can excuse it. After that, it's up to him to showed that he's working on it and can control himself.


MasqueOfTheRedDice t1_j3o74g7 wrote

I think we need to realize that professional athletes, especially a more violent sport like football, draws people with inflated egos and toxic masculinity. Same issue with some cops; it’s a job that’s more likely to draw these types of people. I don’t even like the phrase “toxic masculinity” because I think it’s overused in lesser situations and just serves as a detractor when over-described that way, but that’s exactly what this is. It’s more common in the NFL than other sports, and it’s more common in all pro sports than in the general public. The NFL should require seminars to teams, etc. with real on field tape like this to help drive the point home. I’m sure they probably do already, but they need to do a better job, and the players have to take it seriously. It’s not just this one guy, it’s a culture issue - this guy needs to own his actions, but the system is also failing him.


Rustys_Beefaroni t1_j3n0hoc wrote

So….is he just stupid?


johnson_united t1_j3nb5mg wrote

95 should have gotten the boot as well, stepping to the trainer? Really, how fucking stupid do you have to be? I’m not surprised though, the Green Bay Packers are a team full of shit heads and assholes.


Chutzvah t1_j3nbzvo wrote

My completely unbiased take is because the Packers are bad organization.


tacobell999 t1_j3nr0jj wrote

there’s a Toxic element in the organization similar to the Astros. Holier than tho, actions with out consequences attitude. So happy they got stomped.


Iknowaguywhoknowsme t1_j3nvmzh wrote

Ok I understand the Astro hate, I do, but you’re really comparing them to the packers and saying there’s a toxic element in the organization? Ya the team fucked up and the consequences (or lack thereof) does suck but almost no one from that team remains. Asinine take


rdawgmcfly t1_j3nyxvi wrote

As an Astros fan I get the hate. But most of that 2017 team is gone and its not like our players have been disrespectful to anybody besides the game of baseball.


Iknowaguywhoknowsme t1_j3o2h5a wrote

Ya I know we’re going to get hate for quite a while and I can live with that. It’s the comparing us to a team where guys do things like Walker pushing an opposing team medical staffer. It’s a shit comparison but oh well


MasqueOfTheRedDice t1_j3o82n4 wrote

I get it, I mean Altuve and Bregman are still there and those guys literally wore a fuckin wire snd shit to tip pitches. They cheated the integrity of the game and should be banned for life. It’s stupid because they’re probably best team anyway. I fee bad for Astros fans because there’s nothing you guys did, just root for your team/a great team. But I have a shared hatred for that team and flying a banner earned that way. Throw at those two every time they’re up - hit them in the thigh until baseball has no choice but to do something.


ocelot23 t1_j3o685i wrote

You may think it's toxic because the Packers have been winning team for a long time and therefore these fans of losing teams come out of the shadows whenever the Packers lose. We expect greatness and nothing less is all it is.


tacobell999 t1_j3o6czy wrote

or your players take head shots and try to push away medical staff 🤷🏾‍♂️


ocelot23 t1_j3obmuy wrote

Yeah because every year we have players who do that /s. Those guys are rookies and you can bet your ass the coaches are going to chew them out for those penalties. We aren't cheaters like the Astros were... The Packers culture doesn't have much room for players who cost the team with dumb actions.


ChungLingS00 t1_j3nytr3 wrote

Jarran Reed's forearm to Swift's head was also really cheap. Seems like he should have been tossed as well or at least penalized.


VonBrewskie t1_j3rfols wrote

I couldn't believe that was just walked past. I thought for sure that was going to be the penalty. That was such a blatant personal foul. Dick Nightrain Lane out here. Good lord.


insanetwit t1_j3ngnnd wrote

> the Green Bay Packers are a team full of shit heads and assholes.

So they're a bunch of Hot Dogs, eh?


mathiaus002 t1_j3o0d0f wrote

Walker move is definitely worth discussing but why is no one talking about 95 of the Packers coming in to also intimidate the medical person with a should nudge or the cheap head shot the caused the medical staffer to come on the field?


Maleficent_Passage t1_j3px7d6 wrote

Both of them went to Georgia together. Neither is very smart. Both of them should be heavily fined. Although it was hilarious watching that cry baby walk up the tunnel in tears.

Leave it to the packers to draft two classless human beings in the first round in the same draft.


gsbadj t1_j3p6xlg wrote

He's not just a staffer. He's an MD, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon


Top-bar5888 t1_j3oipir wrote

I haven't seen anyone mention the other guy that went over and bumped him with his body after the first guy already shoveled the medical staff.


Immo406 t1_j3pjnz1 wrote

Yea, how’s that considered ok? I totally thought I was going to see the other dude punished for his actions too


Top-bar5888 t1_j3pk5zo wrote

Yes I thought so too. St least Walkerwas an overreaction to the trainer trying to push through the crowd. But the other guy just ran up bumped him with his body after Walker pushed him.


yumyumdumbdumb t1_j3pj9at wrote

Dude right? I can't believe no commentators or the refs didn't mention that guy literally trying to intimate him...


Top-bar5888 t1_j3pjs58 wrote

Yes it was almost worse because he did it second like you mess with my teammate you get me.


CamCamCakes t1_j3rzjr1 wrote

The broadcasters on the national telecast did mention that the second player should have been flagged as well, but the replay kept cutting off right at that exact moment.

Second shover got lucky.


Mugsyjones t1_j3njlu8 wrote

I’m gonna push a medical staff member get kicked out of the game. Oh and cry cry like a little bitch. Grow up.


Mugsyjones t1_j3owamm wrote

Winning sports is about control. Not the loss of control.


Stealthnt13 t1_j3p5gkz wrote

Then #95 gives the trainer small shoulder check. The Packers culture is absolute trash these days.


lipp79 t1_j3y2pox wrote

Not to mention the extended forearm to the facemask of Swift as he was already in the grasp, that never got called.


bryan19973 t1_j3pjfwi wrote

Absolute garbage for shoving someone out there doing his job. A job that is super important.

Hope he gets huge fines and is suspended for multiple games


SKcl0ck t1_j3o9s3w wrote

throwing puppies in to a fire would have had a more favorable outcome in todays climate given recent events…


Noboarding t1_j3owjs9 wrote

Well, well, well… if it isn’t the consequences of my own actions


gza_liquidswords t1_j3oxlh5 wrote

He should also be suspended for the playoffs. All he has to do is build a time machine and prevent Rodgers from choking.


toyz4me t1_j3r78nr wrote

Packers aren’t in the playoffs this season.


coyote-1 t1_j3ngzrr wrote

I see a future in bars - I mean, behind bars - for this guy. Abusing a medical trainer who has come out to tend to an injured person? “I’m human“ does not cover it.


wellcometohell9866 t1_j3rsc66 wrote

this guy should lose his job. Why is he shoving people around?


IamNICE124 t1_j3oojno wrote

He’ll grow from it. He’ll need to if he wants to make the big money he’s capable of making.

I have a lot of faith in him. He’s not a bad kid at all, he just let his emotions get out of control.


Cobra4 t1_j3nbz1w wrote

2 piece of shit human beings being exposed here. He should be suspended without pay for a season, but he won't. Nothing will come of this per usual.


ZooPoo7 t1_j3ndbjl wrote

He was kicked out of the game. As it states in the rules. All good man, he got his


Cobra4 t1_j3neqku wrote

Oh if it's stated in the rules then we are ok. Are you serious right now?


lilfoxy16 t1_j3nf4xb wrote

Bruh he pushed someone. You think effective taking a million dollars of income away from him is a fitting punishment? A million dollar push?


Cobra4 t1_j3nfcmc wrote

He pushed medical personnel attending to a downed player. Do you guys work for the NFLPA? lol


Bakk322 t1_j3ng57j wrote

Maybe not suspended for an entire season but he certainly should be suspended. Being ejected from one game is not enough. It should be something like 4 or 6 games without pay next season.


slapshots1515 t1_j3ojcip wrote

Honestly, as a Lions fan that was screaming for an ejection on this play yesterday I’m satisfied with the ejection. 100% he cannot do that, but he was duly punished and it didn’t escalate beyond the shove.


Rogue42bdf t1_j3nqwho wrote

Did you see it? It was a soft push after the staffer put his hands on him. It’s not like he put the guy on the ground or something. He shouldn’t have done it and he knows it. He posted an apology on Twitter and said he spoke on the phone with the guy and apologized. I do think he should be fined for his actions though.
I can see the NFL imposing new rules stating that players from the opposing team need to clear the area if someone is down on the field.


ZooPoo7 t1_j3nvd7x wrote

Well you made it sound like a punishment should be created. I was only educating you that one is already in place. Sorry this upset you a ton


ShirtPants10 t1_j3njw9g wrote

who is the second?


Rogue42bdf t1_j3nr8ga wrote

The staffer started to confront Walker and another Packers’ player walked between them and shouldered the staffer out of the way.


SirBobcat2836 t1_j3ojvl0 wrote

"Shoving". I'm not defending walker, he's a dumbass, but he barely touched the guy


[deleted] t1_j3nhscq wrote



WastelandHound t1_j3nrg3c wrote

This is such a laughable take. Why did he touch another team's player? Because he was doing his job.

Who cares what team the player he touched is on? Makes no difference at all. Quay was in his way. He gently moved him out of the way so he could do his damn job and got a two-hand shove to the back.

It's a lack of even the most fundamental situational awareness on Quay's part. He reacted like a spoiled toddler.


[deleted] t1_j3nt3h0 wrote



FloridaManTPA t1_j3nmdhq wrote

Unwritten rule that all players see the upside of, “when I’m on the ground I want my trainer hauling ass to get to me”.
And a shove that moves someone is physically very different than a shove to hurt someone


cerialthriller t1_j3o02hh wrote

This is the take that comes from the kinda people who start shooting when they feel “disrespected”. Like really, you think the appropriate reaction is to attack a medical trainer who tried to guide someone out of the way who was blocking and injured player. The trainer didn’t do anything that could even be accidentally construed as aggressive, he touched his arm to get around him because he was being an idiot and blocking staff from an injured opponent. Not to mention this is the second time this season this moron got an ejection for hitting staff. How can anyone defend this shit


supercleverhandle476 t1_j3nso5p wrote

Person A’s career is to play with a ball.

Person B’s career is to lend immediate aid in case of emergency.

If person A is preventing person B from doing their job, that is a person A problem.


thegonzojoe t1_j3nu9q8 wrote

Because that other team’s player had no business gawking over the pile to begin with. FOH 🤡🤡🤡