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suzukigun4life t1_j3pifmh wrote

The over/under was 61.5. Georgia topped that point total within 3 and a half quarters by themselves, and out-gained TCU by over 400 yards. They had as many third down conversions as TCU had first downs. Just a complete massacre for the final 3 quarters.


Dane_Gleessak t1_j3pqrvf wrote

Georgia had as many touchdowns as TCU had 1st downs…


keeerman13 t1_j3r95u4 wrote

Georgia also scored on every drive except two, one punt and one victory formation.

TCU scored on exactly one possession. Big Yikes


mavajo t1_j3sfxzs wrote

And that score was only made possible by an unforced error on UGA's part - a blown coverage.


YoItsYaBoy_Pat t1_j3sgq3r wrote

And it only happened bc Georgia’s defense was tired from getting back on the field so fast after creating a fumble and the offense scoring.


Rogue100 t1_j3srt7h wrote

How many plays did they run? At one point, the announcers mentioned they were on a 1 point per play average, but I don't know if that held up through the rest of the game!


[deleted] t1_j3tzh6u wrote

I didn't watch but it sounds like the vaunted TCU 3-3-5 defense that I heard about all week wasn't a factor?


callmebatman14 t1_j3pkx2n wrote

Largest bowl game win in history. Embarrassing for TCU.


WoobaLoobaDoobDoob t1_j3psx4n wrote

Embarrassing for college football in general.


Midren t1_j3pyqep wrote

but besides this game, the bowl season has been great. I guess that was the price for it


Photodan24 t1_j3t1giw wrote

What an awful game. I turned it on in the second quarter and saw no reason to keep watching.


atlantachicago t1_j3qz2xd wrote

TCU was lucky to be there, it was a fluke. They had a good quarterback though. Just nowhere near enough of a program for that level of play.


spazzxxcc12 t1_j3rvpz9 wrote

i wouldn’t call it a fluke- they whooped michigan pretty good for 3 straight quarters and then almost threw it. they definitely fought their way there and earned it.


Crime_Dawg t1_j3ry9ga wrote

Lmao at "whooping" Michigan, Michigan whooped their own ass.


AnvilOfMisanthropy t1_j3tbkyk wrote

It helps take the sting out of the shellacking my team got in 1996 which makes me ill every time I remember it. I'm sure there's no TCU fans here, but for the record we won the Championship the next year.


Tie_me_off t1_j3qq8xq wrote

I like the playoff format, but this is kind of why we didn’t have these second tier teams playing in championship bowl games prior


GoldenRamoth t1_j3qxl8e wrote

Except they beat the 2 seed.



ArcticFox59 t1_j3rhe2i wrote

How would a Michigan-Georgia final have gone?


GoldenRamoth t1_j3rpc6v wrote


Doesn't matter. Michigan lost.

Might as well ask what would have happened if the south won the civil war. Hypotheticals don't matter in the real world.


Smtxom t1_j3rs9o6 wrote

If my grandma had two wheels and a seat she’d be a bicycle


hippyengineer t1_j3sy0eo wrote

That dude was so upset she wanted to change his recipe lmao


Seahawk715 t1_j3rlqxf wrote

The only reason they beat Michigan was Michigan gave them 20 points between pick sixes and stupid play calls. On top of that, Michigan had to play like ass and TCU had to play well - and they still only won by one score. TCU had no business being in that title game.


GoldenRamoth t1_j3rpk0f wrote

"the only reason they beat"

-proceeds to list reasons why Michigan lost and TCU was the better team and proved it for that game

-uses double think and then proceeds to say TCU wasn't the better team and didn't deserve to win the game that it did, in fact, win.



Seahawk715 t1_j3s2sd5 wrote

Shut it. You can’t talk your way around the fact that TCU got shitass lucky and that Michigan wins that game 9 out of 10 times. The real TCU just lost in the worst blowout ever in a title game. 🤷🏻‍♂️


GoldenRamoth t1_j3s4p0t wrote

France should be rulers of Europe.

Wait, Napoleon lost.



Seahawk715 t1_j3s64at wrote

Exactly. You’re catching on. TCU is napoleon. Somewhere in the multiverse is the 1 in 1000 chance that he conquers the world.


mavajo t1_j3sga39 wrote

And yet (since we're playing with hypotheticals here), if UGA didn't exist and we were under the old format, the National Championship would have been TCU v. Michigan. And TCU won. Meaning TCU would have been National Champions.

Yeah, UGA annihilated TCU. But dismissing TCU is a real disservice and ignores the reality of the season. All season we said UGA was on another plane from the rest of college football, and then they went and played their best game of the season last night. Using that against TCU just sounds like sour fucking grapes from fans of teams that weren't playing last night.


Seahawk715 t1_j3sjuvb wrote

TCU was so outclassed that the committee is going to screw every small college in the fbs selection for the next ten years. YEARS. TCU WAS SO BAD THEYRE HURTING OTHER COLLEGES. It’s not a disservice. It’s a fact. TCU was shitass lucky to get there and really didn’t deserve to be. It was a bit of a perfect storm, but when you lose by FIFTY EIGHT and it could have been MORE, you just have to slink back in your hole and keep quiet.


paulfromatlanta t1_j3pk6d0 wrote

Well, no question as to who the best team was this year. And I say that sadly as a Ga Tech fan...


Mr_Boneman t1_j3r7xmi wrote

haven’t y’all beaten them like 3-4 times this century?


Walderman t1_j3rc6wi wrote

I'm pretty sure we won at least twice between 2014-2019. That being said, I don't really follow football.. because I went to gatech


ediblearrangement t1_j3rz48d wrote

It’s barely a rivalry at this point, but while I was at Tech we won twice at Athens and they were my fondest CFB memories to date.


LeaperLeperLemur t1_j3tkeb4 wrote

4 times


This year was at least kinda close. Breaking a streak of several years where it was not a competitive game.


[deleted] t1_j3pvaes wrote



LtSmickens t1_j3qpt6y wrote

It’s a bummer that Ohio State was the only team in the NCAA that had injuries this year. You don’t usually see a lot of injuries in football.


cityterrace t1_j3rl3fv wrote

If Ohio States kicker makes the FG Georgia isn’t even in this game.

Georgia won and is the champion. But best is still in question.


tourniquetman34 t1_j3rrzjz wrote

The problem with “shoulda coulda woulda” statements is that you’re presenting a scenario that differs from reality.


cityterrace t1_j3subdv wrote

My point is that either it's a meaningless statement because there's no "question" in any year who's the "best" team as it's whoever wins the national championship.

Or you give it any meaning by evaluating the quality of wins, especially in pressure situations. Not just the last game. And Georgia nearly lost the semis, if not, for a missed FG.

Compare for instance, the 2019 LSU championship team. They never trailed ANY GAME with less than 5 min left. In fact, they might not have trailed in the 2H of any game, but I'm not sure.

They destroyed Oklahoma in the semis and Clemson in the National Championship.


Seahawk715 t1_j3rlu50 wrote

What? They won the title game 65-7 😂


cityterrace t1_j3rn12i wrote

They beat an overachieving team who had a horrible game while they had a great game. They were the best team yesterday without a doubt.

There’s doubt whether they were the best team last Saturday or Ohio State was.


lite723 t1_j3rvh7r wrote

I don’t understand your logic, OSU only made the playoffs because another team lost their conference championship the week they weren’t playing because of their earlier loss to Michigan. There is no doubt which team was the best this year.


cityterrace t1_j3sg1dx wrote

I’m only responding to OP saying they were clearly the “best”.

That’s either a meaningless statement because the winner every year can be the “clearly the best” since they won. Yeah they’re the best. But if they won by 1 point after trailing by 20+ points in the 4q and assisted by a huge choke job they’d be the best too.

Or he’s saying the big margin of victory yesterday meant they “clearly the best” compared with other champions who won by a slimmer margin. Which ignores how they almost lost last Saturday.


Crime_Dawg t1_j3ryeuz wrote

Or Michigan who has beaten OSU two straight years....


Seahawk715 t1_j3s6d2e wrote

And curbstomped them on the road six weeks ago.


cityterrace t1_j3wxrtx wrote

None of Ohio State’s past losses mattered on NYE. If they won then beat TCU they’d be champs.


CGFROSTY t1_j3rri4q wrote

UGA’s kicker missed a FG earlier too? They’re part of the game.


cityterrace t1_j3suoqn wrote

I'm not saying UGA is undeserving. They won fair and square.

I just don't know what "no question they're the best" means. If it just means they won the CFP National Championship game, then it doesn't matter whether they won by 1 or 100 points.

Or, if it does have meaning, then you evaluate how convincingly they won their games. And they didn't win the semi-finals that convincingly.


koala70 t1_j3ryhk3 wrote

But it’s still an argument that OSU was close to Georgia as the best team in the country. Especially if Marvin Harrison Jr. didn’t get knocked out of the game. We’re just saying that Georgia and OSU are close, not that Georgia didn’t deserve to win just because OSU missed the kick.


mavajo t1_j3sgnde wrote

Ohio State at their best can compete with UGA. But that's the difference between UGA and Ohio State. UGA was consistent and showed up enough every week to win. Ohio State wasn't. That's why Ohio State lost to UGA, and that's why UGA is the National Champion and the definitive and unequivocal best team in the country.


koala70 t1_j3shi71 wrote

That is a fair point, Ohio State is scarily inconsistent most years. Being a fan is usually stressful haha we fuckin lost to va tech the year we won the title ffs


pargofan t1_j3t01zp wrote

No, the only difference was that Noah Ruggles missed a 50 yard FG at the end. That's all. They didn't lose because Georgia "showed up ... every week." That didn't matter for last Saturday's game.

CFP playoff history is filled with teams that lost, and even lost big, and eventually recovered to win the CFP.


mavajo t1_j3sggek wrote

UGA beat everyone they played, including Ohio State. How is the best still in question? Lmao.


cityterrace t1_j3stb6j wrote

Then it's a meaningless statement to say there's "no doubt who's the best team." Even if Georgia lost 2 games by 20 points, all that matters is that they won the last game.

Every year, there's never any doubt who's the best team. It doesn't matter if you win by 1 or 100 points. Whoever wins the CFP National Championship is the "best" team. No doubt.


Ruthrfurd-the-stoned t1_j3weoxv wrote

It was like a 50 yarder though that’s not a kick you get surprised about missing


cityterrace t1_j3wxbdp wrote

He just made the 48 yarder 2 minutes ago pretty comfortably. Even your QB said he didn’t know how Georgia won. It wasn’t a sure thing but he’s an all American kicker who only missed 4 FGs all season.

Again, see the rest of my posts elsewhere. UGA won and is a deserving champion. But it’s not as if they demolished everyone on the path to the championship like other teams in past years did. Like LSU in 19 or Alabama in 20


Ruthrfurd-the-stoned t1_j3wxl71 wrote

Steton’s comments were regarding the game as a whole and the comeback that lead up to OSU needing that kick. He’s a great kicker and he did nail that 48 but like that is impressive and he’s not guaranteed to do it every time just like 15 years ago a 50 yarder would be considered insane


cityterrace t1_j3wy6sz wrote

No. It’s not like he missed a chip shot from 30 yards. But I’ll bet if you look at ESPN’s live odds Georgia’s probability of winning was under 50% just before the kick.


hankappleseed t1_j3pm0hw wrote

What an ass beating


cis-het-mail t1_j3tqunk wrote

Yeah how did Michigan lose to them? Oofda


CoconutSands t1_j3tu21f wrote

And Ohio State hung with Georgia but got easily beat by Michigan. I will never understand college football.


garygnu t1_j3poggp wrote

Looked more like an early September game against North-East Midwestern Technical State College.


Gobblewicket t1_j3sscjp wrote

Did you watch how Georgia played Missouri or Kent State? We played poorly. This is literally the opposite of that. And yes, I'm saying Mizzou is as bad as a fictional bad team. Lol


StarkRavingNormal t1_j3pj78n wrote

Go Dawgs!

TCU should never had made it this far. Thank goodness they are expanding the playoffs soon.


Saronska t1_j3qjkx5 wrote

Been a Dawg all my life, I honestly feel bad about that win I wanted us to beat Ohio state that bad not TCU they played well through the season but like most teams they're big fish in a small pond so they look good beating a bunch of nobodies and Michigan played sloppy last week which got TCU there


Wernd t1_j3s3g5u wrote

tOSU is the big fish in another small pond, that's why they generally get embarrassed in the playoff too


Saronska t1_j3scgtu wrote

Ohio state is 100% a big fish in a small pond they play nobody


teacher_comp t1_j3qo59h wrote

So they can have even more blowouts in the playoffs? This year proved again, four teams is already too many.


HyzerFlipToFlat t1_j3qyeg6 wrote

This is why (as much as I’d like to) I can hardly watch college football anymore. The talent discrepancy for the top half dozen teams is boring to watch when competing against the average team. The NFL is such a better product in almost every way.


kingoflint282 t1_j3qzf0h wrote

I mean, sure there’s definitely a bigger talent gap. But just last week we got 2 amazing semifinal games. It’s not like it’s all blowouts all the time


snorlz t1_j3rqsa6 wrote

you say that as if the talent discrepancy wasnt there when TCU played Michigan and still won. Georgia also only beat Ohio St by 1 point and Michigan beat that same Ohio state team. Also look at half the bowl games, like Tulane beating USC


koala70 t1_j3rysbs wrote

Michigan embarrassed that same Ohio State team, and that’s coming from an OSU fan.


wrestlingrudy t1_j3yfann wrote

I find college games more entertaining. The school spirit and rivalries. The band and student section. And I feel like there's more upsets or underdog stories with the talent discrepancy


elkking t1_j3pzxoi wrote

The quarterback is 25?


megamanTV t1_j3qmc0e wrote

Correct. Georgias quarterback is the same age as Lamar Jackson. Not sure what that has to do with anything, but there ya go.


Jak03e t1_j3sdo7d wrote

You think that's crazy, the TCU kicker is 30.


cal405 t1_j3s840a wrote

Is that dude working on a PhD to stay eligible?


mavajo t1_j3sgvmi wrote

COVID made things weird. TCU's average age was 23.


ANTristotle t1_j3piu93 wrote

The Bulldogs opened up a can of whoop ass on the Horned Frogs


Layeth the smacketh down!


FrankDrakman t1_j3s4cfs wrote

I turned it on and the score was 10-7, and I thought 'all right, a football game!'.

I turned it off at the half.


NoSkillsGuy t1_j3qocll wrote

Kentucky fan here….. not that mad anymore about our 16-6 loss against UGA this season compared to this game. SEC remains strong year by year in CFB.


Gusta116 t1_j3rdl66 wrote

This is why CFB playoff should feature two SEC teams, minimum


Callecian_427 t1_j3rl813 wrote

A missed field goal from being under .500 in their bowl games. Not exactly on a different level like previous years

Literally just proving the point with saying how close all these games are. Strong season for Georgia ≠ same for rest of the SEC. Downvote if you agree


Jak03e t1_j3se2i6 wrote

You say "a missed field goal away" as if OSU didn't blow a two touchdown lead twice in the same game. A game that also featured two missed field goals by Georgia.

If we give credence to one, why not the other two?


Ruthrfurd-the-stoned t1_j3wfban wrote

It was also a 50 yard field goal that’s far from guaranteed points


Jak03e t1_j3wm0it wrote

If the kick had been straight and Georgia blocked it (which we've kinda got a little reputation for) the entire narrative would be different also. Football is weird, it's the totality of the game that matters, rarely is it ever one single event.


Igotthesilver t1_j3stwrj wrote

And if LSU doesn’t make a two point conversion in OT against Bama then OSU would be at home watching Ryan Seacrest on New Year’s Eve.


rafikiknowsdeway1 t1_j3r09ei wrote

My family ended up married into dawgs fandom in a few places, and I have to say, they're a rather....enthusiastic bunch


Drivel-akaWilson t1_j3sinn4 wrote

Listen, we had to have like 10 years of blue balls with mark richt keeping us above average but never actually finishing the job. Kirby has brought us to the promised land. We may yell a little louder accordingly.


Raeshkae t1_j3rkej3 wrote

GA and Michigan both underplayed their playoff games. GA was just lucky enough that Ohio didn't finish them off the way TCU did to Michigan


hamiltonisoverrat3d t1_j3s8kbq wrote

I really think the amount of time between the end of the season and the first playoff games has an impact.


geordieColt88 t1_j3srli4 wrote

Ohio States fault really for making them mad

TCU had a great year and this shouldn’t spoil it.

Georgia are a different beast and Ohio State (who are built to compete with SEC powerhouses) playing them close after losing to Michigan gave a false sense of competitiveness IMO


Rogue100 t1_j3ssdc9 wrote

And yet, Ohio State was a missed field goal away from being there in Georgia's place!


red_vette t1_j3t08q7 wrote

Rough week to be a Buckeye in Georgia. At least all my friends that are grads of UGA are acknowledging that OSU snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.


SonderAndLament t1_j3rr6xb wrote

Going for the 2 point conversion when you’re 40 points ahead was a Dick, classless move.