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GoldenRamoth t1_j3qxl8e wrote


ArcticFox59 t1_j3rhe2i wrote

How would a Michigan-Georgia final have gone?


GoldenRamoth t1_j3rpc6v wrote


Doesn't matter. Michigan lost.

Might as well ask what would have happened if the south won the civil war. Hypotheticals don't matter in the real world.


Smtxom t1_j3rs9o6 wrote

If my grandma had two wheels and a seat she’d be a bicycle


hippyengineer t1_j3sy0eo wrote

That dude was so upset she wanted to change his recipe lmao


Seahawk715 t1_j3rlqxf wrote

The only reason they beat Michigan was Michigan gave them 20 points between pick sixes and stupid play calls. On top of that, Michigan had to play like ass and TCU had to play well - and they still only won by one score. TCU had no business being in that title game.


GoldenRamoth t1_j3rpk0f wrote

"the only reason they beat"

-proceeds to list reasons why Michigan lost and TCU was the better team and proved it for that game

-uses double think and then proceeds to say TCU wasn't the better team and didn't deserve to win the game that it did, in fact, win.



Seahawk715 t1_j3s2sd5 wrote

Shut it. You can’t talk your way around the fact that TCU got shitass lucky and that Michigan wins that game 9 out of 10 times. The real TCU just lost in the worst blowout ever in a title game. 🤷🏻‍♂️


GoldenRamoth t1_j3s4p0t wrote

France should be rulers of Europe.

Wait, Napoleon lost.



Seahawk715 t1_j3s64at wrote

Exactly. You’re catching on. TCU is napoleon. Somewhere in the multiverse is the 1 in 1000 chance that he conquers the world.


mavajo t1_j3sga39 wrote

And yet (since we're playing with hypotheticals here), if UGA didn't exist and we were under the old format, the National Championship would have been TCU v. Michigan. And TCU won. Meaning TCU would have been National Champions.

Yeah, UGA annihilated TCU. But dismissing TCU is a real disservice and ignores the reality of the season. All season we said UGA was on another plane from the rest of college football, and then they went and played their best game of the season last night. Using that against TCU just sounds like sour fucking grapes from fans of teams that weren't playing last night.


Seahawk715 t1_j3sjuvb wrote

TCU was so outclassed that the committee is going to screw every small college in the fbs selection for the next ten years. YEARS. TCU WAS SO BAD THEYRE HURTING OTHER COLLEGES. It’s not a disservice. It’s a fact. TCU was shitass lucky to get there and really didn’t deserve to be. It was a bit of a perfect storm, but when you lose by FIFTY EIGHT and it could have been MORE, you just have to slink back in your hole and keep quiet.