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No specific cause of death reported, thus far. I'm sure it would be a coroner's case, given the age and unexpected nature of the death


bigmacjames t1_j3u4w9t wrote

Unfortunately it's nothing new for linemen having cardiopulmonary issues. That would be my guess


confituredelait t1_j3udilj wrote

Why is that?


Civil-Engineer t1_j3ue0u7 wrote

Big dudes with preexisting cardiovascular issues but their heart just gets bigger to compensate until its so big it can no longer function.


socsa t1_j3ueg1j wrote

But Big Christmas has taught me that when your heart grows three sizes that's just the start of your redemption arc


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0bi_Wan_Jabroni t1_j3u9j7l wrote

That is so extremely rare it’s highly unlikely to be the case here.


TubbyMarmot t1_j3ubudn wrote

No no... Pretty sure he died of wild speculation. Trust me, I'm an internet detective.


Wosota t1_j3u9ovy wrote

Growing up we had quite a few adolescent athlete deaths at my school due to undiagnosed heart issues. Apparently it’s pretty common.

My thoughts go out to the family. That is a parents worst nightmare.


woundedbearhair t1_j3ubnv8 wrote

Heart problems in athletes is more common than a lot of people think, they can usually intervene if they catch it in time, but if you really look into it; it’s not unusual. Athletes tend to push their bodies to the extreme and that can cause heart problems or unearth an undiagnosed condition.


b_Fox-O t1_j3u2edb wrote

Cue the conspiracy theory comments from the anti-vaxxers…


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SMAMtastic t1_j3u2zcg wrote

A lot of people rushed to blame the Covid vaccine for Damar Hamlin going into cardiac arrest. Op expects the same to happen here.


ProJoe t1_j3u8nuw wrote

it's not just Damar Hamlin

it's literally EVERY "unexpected" death. just wander through the cesspool that is twitter anytime someone famous dies.


Redsoxbox t1_j3ueotc wrote

They even did that Diamond lady and she was well documented as being unvaxed.


UsernameHasBeenLost t1_j3uacxc wrote

Like the 67 year old overweight dude in the Bills org that had a stroke, comments were filled with antivax shit. Twitter sucks ass.


Nevermind04 t1_j3ubwv5 wrote

But unexpected cardiac arrest happened long before the Covid vaccine...

One of my family friends growing up was a doctor in his mid 40s. He was in great shape and ran every other morning. Drank green smoothies and the whole 9 yards. Dude just dropped dead on a run one morning. Two autopsies found absolutely nothing - no clogged arteries, no heart malformation, no known toxins. Just sudden cardiac failure. This was like 2003 ish, long before anyone but specific disciplines of scientists knew the word coronavirus.


AreYouEmployedSir t1_j3ucmt1 wrote

Somehow the vaccine transcended space-time and killed your friend!!! Diabolical! Damn you Fauci!


cujobob t1_j3uaz8k wrote

Yep, and then when a famous anti vaxxer recently died of COVID, they don’t mention the cause of death whatsoever. Funny how that works.


360walkaway t1_j3u6n7d wrote

Oh for fucks sakes.


BarbequedYeti t1_j3u9xa4 wrote

Right.. seriously it’s out of control.

This timeline sucks sweaty donkey balls.


stopthemeyham t1_j3u30m7 wrote

Tucker Carlson said some dumb shit about the protein spike in the covid vax without knowing anything (surprise), and now a lot of people are taking it as fact that the vaccine is causing heart issues.


Comfortable-Interest t1_j3uael8 wrote

Wish it actually did that shit and killed me because this is such a stupid timeline.


XibalbaN7 t1_j3uc6do wrote

I feel your pain tbh. It’s like somewhere along the way in the past ten years The Butterfly Effect got bored of going unnoticed and decided to go absolutely batshit insane.


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It happened with Damar Hamlin the same night he was revived. It happened with Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters drummer) the day after he died. It keeps happening and sometimes you need to not let the idiots be the most vocal about a medical emergency.


knuckles53 t1_j3udl0k wrote

I was working today with a guy who’s daughter is a freshman at USAFA. He was immediately on the Pfizer blood clot train. It took all I had to keep my eyes from rolling out the back of my head.


silverfox5115 t1_j3u9z9r wrote

Oh dude I was thinking the same thing since I seen their shitty propaganda stating deaths of athletes from 1966- 2021 statement....


Lou3000 t1_j3uagu7 wrote

It’s really remarkable that before 2021, there had never been a cardiac issue in sports /s. Except I can think of two that I was watching live on TV. That’s not even trying to do any research. Muamba and Eriksen. Both soccer players connected to the one team I support. Eriksen a former Spurs player and Muamba in a match against Spurs.


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I am so sorry for a young lad, cut down even before his prime. I'm twice his age. He will never know a lot of the stuff you and I did and took for granted. I wish his family and friends all the support they'll need.

'Cause life's a bitch and then you die.



RealPropRandy t1_j3uc1q4 wrote

RIP young man. Imma go call my little brother.


lunchisgod t1_j3u333s wrote

What happened?


shadowlynx8791 t1_j3u73mj wrote

Wow thats so young man i feel bad for the family


TreeBearOne t1_j3udkj3 wrote

..peaceful journey Hunter


Gradual_Tardigrade t1_j3u53nm wrote

This sucks, but I’m heartened to see the mods dealing with the dipshits so quickly. My heart goes out to his loved ones and teammates.


Blueberrycupcake23 t1_j3u97ul wrote

Oh Noo.. so sad to hear, after the bad news of Hamlin. I’m so sorry!!


Taltezy t1_j3u5evq wrote

Last Roll Call are always tough.


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I’m 40 years old. As long as I can remember kids have been dropping dead, every year, mostly from undiagnosed heart conditions, since I’ve been in high school.

You idiots trying to pin ANYTHING on the vaccines is pathetic as fuck.


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pistcow t1_j3u164j wrote

Yeah, this

I'm 40 and personally know several that didn't make it out of grade school due to sports related, undiagnosed heart condition, cancer, being ran over by a car in their bedroom while they sleep, idiot drunk driving, etc. Life is fragileand kids are dumb/inexperienced.


AqUaNtUmEpIc t1_j3tzrn6 wrote

They didn’t say anything about the vaccine. It’s statistically more likely to be long covid than a vaccine response. But speculations feel inappropriate either way


nighthawkcoupe t1_j3tz07w wrote

Do you have any statistics on unexplained deaths in this age group we can take a look at?

Or are you "just asking questions?"


txtravis t1_j3tyxeg wrote

People have dropped dead since the beginning of time..


gza_liquidswords t1_j3u3at0 wrote

The vaccine also killed Hank Gathers and Reggie Lewis, didn't you know?


thomasscat t1_j3tyvc2 wrote

Do you have a single credible source to support this claim?


newge4 t1_j3tzch0 wrote

Yes they are...and this isn't some new issue...been happening forever, just way more focus on it since anti vaxxers are now pointing at any mysterious death as vax related to rile folks up.


michealgaribaldi t1_j3tzpbu wrote

Ahhhh, been spending a little too much time on social media, and not enough time outside I see


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samtart t1_j3tzazl wrote

Where is the comparison data?


Let's be alarmed anyways


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How do we know it's not PEDs? How do we know it's not blood doping? The amount of pro athletes that cycle PEDs is silly. There are new drugs all the time and new masking agents.


nighthawkcoupe t1_j3tzpxu wrote

What is becoming alarming? More young people are dying than when, exactly?


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Mine-Shaft-Gap t1_j3ty5r9 wrote

Yeah, no.

People have heart attacks. Pro athletes sometimes have heart attacks even while young and in their prime. Undiagnosed heart conditions are a thing.

Rich Peverly, NHL, 2014

Jay Bouwmeester, NHL, 2020

Chris Pronger, NHL, 1998

Jiri Fischer, NHL, 2004

Alexei Cherepanov, KHL, 2008


AZraver t1_j3tzwor wrote

Christian Erickson in 2021 I believe as well. He’s footballer in Europe.


captain_beefheart14 t1_j3u11l4 wrote

Long list here. A few high profile ones as well. I remember the Antonio Puerta one happening live, I watched that game.


AZraver t1_j3u1pl1 wrote

Yeah, I don’t understand to seem why people try to pin young people dying on something else. Bodies are really sensitive things, but yet really durable at the same time, so random occurrences of people dropping dead young has been happening.

What’s really crazy is fentanyl overdoses have started to effect the life span of people here in America so much that it’s gone done. I know that’s a random thing, but just one of those crazy things to really think about.


captain_beefheart14 t1_j3u2bwv wrote

Exactly, a guy I went to HS dropped dead out of the blue of a heart attack at 29, 3 years before COVID. He wasn’t even overweight.

People sometimes just fucking die without warning, not everything is a conspiracy.


AqUaNtUmEpIc t1_j3tzi3c wrote

Pronger was struck by a puck. We don’t know what happened to this young man yet. He wasn’t playing at the time either.


maggotshero t1_j3u9dt4 wrote

Pronger was in an almost identical situation to damar Hamlin, and pronger played 13 not years after.


TheHerbDude t1_j3ue2x8 wrote

And people say CTE is a made up disease