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Repulsive-Toe-8826 t1_j3ymqsl wrote

Again, women tennis is not as visible as men tennis in many countries, and tennis as a whole is not top dog in most of them (apart from Fed-Nadal-Djoko of course, but those levels of marketing reach won't be seen again soon).

Today is was out there jogging, in a big city of southwestern Europe, and I saw billboards of Mbappè "selling" sunglasses, and of Messi "selling" fucking Sodastream :) Compared to what actually "sells" here, Osaka has got no reach. Her "dual representation" did good to her finances, but her face is a seller only in selected countries, rich ones, but still very selected.


Rac3318 t1_j3ynffh wrote

Women’s tennis is not as visible as men’s tennis, but there’s a reason why tennis is the highest paid sport for women. To say Osaka has no reach is utterly laughable and downright wrong. She’s one of the most recognizable female athletes in the world.


Repulsive-Toe-8826 t1_j3yonwx wrote

She's rich because she represents 2 rich countries - but she's in no way global enough to sell some mundane crap like Sodastream on billboards. That's global.

I see where you're coming from, you're just overstating her "globalness". There are plenty of countries where people would just go "Osaka who?"


Rac3318 t1_j3z9vtw wrote

No, you seem to be massively understating her global popularity and reach. She’s in a ton of commercials. You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.


blondechinesehair t1_j41q9y9 wrote

So you are saying that she is rich because she is American Japanese? Where do I collect my cheque?


d4nowar t1_j41yny7 wrote

Foreign soccer players wouldn't be on a soda stream billboard in most countries, wtf are you talking about?


PM_ME_A_FUTURE t1_j3z0eir wrote

Mbappe, another athlete she out-earned last year. Even with the sunglasses!


orswich t1_j40nwhs wrote

I am highly doubting she out earned Mbappe. The guy makes 50mil a year on just salary, his endorsement deals are insane (and he could have more if he wanted, but he is pretty picky) and his image rights earn quite a bit also..

She may do well I don't doubt, but not Mbappe level


lostryu t1_j40v4vw wrote

Absolutely not. His salary is 50 million alone. Her on court earnings were only 2 million.


testaccount0817 t1_j40obmb wrote

Is there any sport other than football that has a more global reach?


blondechinesehair t1_j41qlqt wrote

I checked google and apparently basketball is number 2 then tennis is 3


testaccount0817 t1_j41s4a3 wrote

How is this determined? I know a lot more tennis than basketball players


blondechinesehair t1_j41tcg0 wrote

Ya but you only live in one place. I know a lot more basketball than tennis players but I love somewhere else and I played basketball in university.

Not sure how it’s measured though, or if it even takes the women’s side into account.


testaccount0817 t1_j41uml5 wrote

I just realized its probably due to China. I heard basketball is huge there and they have 1/6th of the world population.


d4nowar t1_j41yvl1 wrote

Phillipines as well, and basketball is pretty huge in many parts of Europe due to the strength of their national teams.

Israel has an entire basketball league and they have the population of New Jersey.


testaccount0817 t1_j41zuex wrote

>basketball is pretty huge in many parts of Europe due to the strength of their national teams.

Well, most Euros I know rather know about tennis than basketball.

>Israel has an entire basketball league and they have the population of New Jersey.

Thanks, i know even less how many that are.


d4nowar t1_j420a2e wrote

Yeah tennis might be bigger in Europe specifically, but in terms of global numbers, the euro basketball fans add to the total number. China and high population SEA countries definitely push basketball into the #2 spot


blondechinesehair t1_j4258wx wrote

Yes but that is also one country. That wouldn’t make it a global game that makes it a popular game in the biggest country.


testaccount0817 t1_j428tum wrote

How else if not by the total amount of people would you measure global popularity? And China makes up a decent amount of the global populace.


blondechinesehair t1_j4295v9 wrote

I would figure it would have to have something to do with multiple countries. Otherwise whatever sport China likes most will be the most global game in the world. But I’m just guessing.