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Repulsive-Toe-8826 t1_j3yonwx wrote

She's rich because she represents 2 rich countries - but she's in no way global enough to sell some mundane crap like Sodastream on billboards. That's global.

I see where you're coming from, you're just overstating her "globalness". There are plenty of countries where people would just go "Osaka who?"


Rac3318 t1_j3z9vtw wrote

No, you seem to be massively understating her global popularity and reach. She’s in a ton of commercials. You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.


blondechinesehair t1_j41q9y9 wrote

So you are saying that she is rich because she is American Japanese? Where do I collect my cheque?


d4nowar t1_j41yny7 wrote

Foreign soccer players wouldn't be on a soda stream billboard in most countries, wtf are you talking about?