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imnotsoho t1_j4akm44 wrote

I went to the Sonics' first game in the KingDome against the Bullets. Couldn't see shit from nosebleed seats. But it was NBA finals and I think the tickets were only about $8.


Dukanduu t1_j4b937m wrote

RIP Sonics

RIP Bullets

RIP KingDome

RIP $8 tickets


Fastbird33 t1_j4bmz32 wrote

Bullets are still in the area at least. Seattle needs their team back damnit!


Drfunk206 t1_j4btmv7 wrote

I’m just an internet stranger but a couple of years ago I spoke to guy who is a heavy hitter in Vegas real estate and he told me once Vegas gets their basketball arena situation sorted out the NBA is going to expand to Vegas and Seattle.

As a Sonics fan I hope he’s right. As a realist I’ll see it when I believe it.


ethan-bubblegum-tate t1_j4cdulz wrote

You sure he wasn’t talking about the NHL?


Drfunk206 t1_j4ch50k wrote

Yes this was December 2021 and I asked why can’t the NBA just use T-Mobile arena and there’s an issue with the ownership group that owns the T-Mobile arena and the preferred NBA ownership group. Basically they don’t want to rent their building they’d rather own it.


woundedbearhair t1_j4cn86d wrote

Because arenas are assets that boost their wealth…that’s why.


dessimus t1_j4cpn2g wrote

And can be used to sink tax liabilities into for the foreseeable future.


Logical_Pop_2026 t1_j4cyluo wrote

Same reason Mark Cuban is looking to move the Mavericks from the American Airlines Center.


Cflow26 t1_j4cvcbb wrote

The fact that Seattle has T-Mobile park (where the mariners play) made this a very confusing comment for me lol.


Dultsboi t1_j4e39k3 wrote

Try being an NHL fan, we have the Leafs playing in Scotiabank Arena, the Flames playing in the Scotiabank Saddledome and the Canucks play in Rogers Arena while the Oilers playing in Rogers Place lol

Honourable mention to Bell Center in Montreal and formerly Bell MTS Arena in Winnipeg


lunchbox_6 t1_j4efu45 wrote

And the baseball fans have the jays in rogers centre


IxLOVExLAMP t1_j4cmwzz wrote

I believe last year/season they announced the expansion to Vegas and Seattle.


Dylsnick t1_j4clzam wrote

Vancouver Grizzlies offering you a bear hug.


calartnick t1_j4bzjy8 wrote

Last year you could get blazers tickets for 8 bucks easy.


avitar35 t1_j4c1ze2 wrote

The mariners did $10-12 tickets all last season if you walked up to the window at least!


jakeswaxxPDX t1_j4df8km wrote

I went to a couple Mariners games as a kid in the kingdome (late 80’s) We were in the center field nose bleeds and the only thing I remember was that we were so far away from home plate there was a good seemed like 2 second delay from when the ball hit the bat to when we actually heard it.


imnotsoho t1_j4lpzjt wrote

I saw Aerosmith at the KingDome. Opening act was Rick Derringer. He played a 15 minute version of Rock N' Roll Hoochie Koo. For about 10 minutes he was on stage alone, playing a solo. Sitting in the back all I could hear was a loud rumble.

Next act was Jan Hammer with Jeff Beck (RIP). Jan played a couple of songs and then Jeff Beck came out and said: "Welcome to the King County Echo Chamber!"


A_Downboat_Is_A_Sub t1_j4cqd7v wrote

> Couldn't see shit from nosebleed seats.

That's my thought, from up there it must look like a bunch of ants playing basketball.


muskratboy t1_j4ab1m4 wrote

One of the worst arenas I’ve ever been to.


onlythetoast t1_j4ayoky wrote

Can confirm. Last time I was there for a Spurs game, I got a ton of water doused on top of me.


ElDeguello66 t1_j4byxfc wrote

2900 gpm for 4 minutes, to be exact. They mentioned at some point it during the broadcast, and how much fun David Robinson was having watching it happen.


onlythetoast t1_j4c2oqv wrote

Yea, I feel like I got bulk of it. It kept spraying back and forth like a garden sprinkler! The Spurs staff were great in giving us towels and all sorts of freebies.


Matt32490 t1_j4akfwc wrote

And 65,323 of them couldn't see the game because they were so damn far from the court.


Maverick_Goose_ t1_j4dq2au wrote

I sat on literally the last row at the top, saw everything just fine


Dogstarman1974 t1_j4b621l wrote

Why are they at the Alamodome?


TwoTinyTrees t1_j4cbxit wrote

Looking for the basement.


jawschwah t1_j4d0nqs wrote



ArcticFox59 t1_j4ezcns wrote

Finish bottom 4 and they will have the best odds at landing the next generational big man in Victor Wembanyama.


BrowniesorBust t1_j4axxlu wrote

I watched the broadcast and it looked mostly empty… seeing this new angle makes me realize it wasn’t empty, people where just so far away it looks empty


Bigbertha0208 t1_j49pb0c wrote

I bet most of those fans were there to see the Warriors


jwalkermed t1_j4b2gqm wrote

Na, what they failed to mention was it was a special 50th anniversary Spurs game. People in San Antonio sure love the spurs.


colton_97 t1_j4cf4vx wrote

Yeah the Spurs are huge in San Antonio. One of the most consistently popular NBA teams within their respective markets — if not the most


sfitz0076 t1_j4dz2zy wrote

NBA fans are the most front-running fans in sports.


threshforever t1_j4bpk1o wrote

I was at this game. Everyone on the lower levels couldn’t see shit because they brought in a bunch of bleachers and “VIP experience” things essentially blocking the view of a lot of people unless you are fortunate enough to get one of the seats court-side. I was advertised a court side seat and I could occasionally see the players heads. Awfully designed layout.


ShyRedditFantasy t1_j4bmh2i wrote

They should've handed out free binoculars for everyone.


CardHawk77 t1_j4d8kgm wrote

It’s just not the same without that huge curtain in the background cutting off the rest of the dome.


OkayArt199 t1_j4chszs wrote

We were so close to greatness

So close to 69,420


colton_97 t1_j4ceyms wrote

Always thought it would be cool if a team moved to a an indoor stadium like this when they get to the Finals


mill_about_smartly t1_j4cfche wrote

No - it would be a horrible playoff atmosphere with 75% of fans being 20 yards from the court.


colton_97 t1_j4cftg6 wrote

Possibly.. atmosphere looked pretty cool last night. The one final four I went to (in an NFL stadium) was a better atmosphere than any NBA playoff game I’ve been to in my opinion — but that could also just be difference between NBA and college crowds


Svintiger t1_j5jw7io wrote

The stadium is not even full lamo.


[deleted] t1_j4bl2qp wrote



Kevo55 t1_j4br228 wrote

I'm sorry your fear controls you in that way, that's honestly unfortunate


AverageJoeseph t1_j4bp5l2 wrote

Not much else to do in San Antonio.


gavs0 t1_j4cduvy wrote

The Alamo, Riverwalk, The Zoo, Six Flags, Sea World, The Missions, Natural Bridge Caverns, so much to do.


AverageJoeseph t1_j4cf1b0 wrote

And yet, sixty-eight THOUSAND people chose to go to a subpar basketball game.


gavs0 t1_j4cfb1w wrote

It was a time to make history, a hot ticket in town, SA has over 2 mil in metro area!


AverageJoeseph t1_j4cpybz wrote



elScroggins t1_j4deydy wrote

Obviously not much to do wherever you are, since you’re just hanging and shrugging on this post, cool guy


AverageJoeseph t1_j4dwmj1 wrote

Such defense of your city. Bravo!


VivaLa_Adam t1_j4bddf7 wrote

WNBA get maybe 4,000 people in attendance and players want to get paid more? Lmao


bimbles_ap t1_j4bik30 wrote

WNBA living rent free in your head?

Like why is that remotely relevant to this post?


VivaLa_Adam t1_j4bnv6p wrote

Attendance factors profit.


bimbles_ap t1_j4btczk wrote

Yes, but why even bring up the WNBA?

Attendance also affects beer sales, but Im not about to bring that up for no reason.


VivaLa_Adam t1_j4d347p wrote

Because players are asking for more money. This is why they wont get it. Attendance is shit.


bimbles_ap t1_j4d3svj wrote

Again, completely irrelevant to this post, but I don't think you get that.


Dognamedgods t1_j4bsxkx wrote

Aren't they asking for the same revenue split? Not the same actual income?

They don't currently get any money from shit like Jersey sales.