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Drfunk206 t1_j4btmv7 wrote

I’m just an internet stranger but a couple of years ago I spoke to guy who is a heavy hitter in Vegas real estate and he told me once Vegas gets their basketball arena situation sorted out the NBA is going to expand to Vegas and Seattle.

As a Sonics fan I hope he’s right. As a realist I’ll see it when I believe it.


ethan-bubblegum-tate t1_j4cdulz wrote

You sure he wasn’t talking about the NHL?


Drfunk206 t1_j4ch50k wrote

Yes this was December 2021 and I asked why can’t the NBA just use T-Mobile arena and there’s an issue with the ownership group that owns the T-Mobile arena and the preferred NBA ownership group. Basically they don’t want to rent their building they’d rather own it.


woundedbearhair t1_j4cn86d wrote

Because arenas are assets that boost their wealth…that’s why.


dessimus t1_j4cpn2g wrote

And can be used to sink tax liabilities into for the foreseeable future.


Logical_Pop_2026 t1_j4cyluo wrote

Same reason Mark Cuban is looking to move the Mavericks from the American Airlines Center.


Cflow26 t1_j4cvcbb wrote

The fact that Seattle has T-Mobile park (where the mariners play) made this a very confusing comment for me lol.


Dultsboi t1_j4e39k3 wrote

Try being an NHL fan, we have the Leafs playing in Scotiabank Arena, the Flames playing in the Scotiabank Saddledome and the Canucks play in Rogers Arena while the Oilers playing in Rogers Place lol

Honourable mention to Bell Center in Montreal and formerly Bell MTS Arena in Winnipeg


lunchbox_6 t1_j4efu45 wrote

And the baseball fans have the jays in rogers centre


IxLOVExLAMP t1_j4cmwzz wrote

I believe last year/season they announced the expansion to Vegas and Seattle.