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gavs0 t1_j4cduvy wrote

The Alamo, Riverwalk, The Zoo, Six Flags, Sea World, The Missions, Natural Bridge Caverns, so much to do.


AverageJoeseph t1_j4cf1b0 wrote

And yet, sixty-eight THOUSAND people chose to go to a subpar basketball game.


gavs0 t1_j4cfb1w wrote

It was a time to make history, a hot ticket in town, SA has over 2 mil in metro area!


AverageJoeseph t1_j4cpybz wrote



elScroggins t1_j4deydy wrote

Obviously not much to do wherever you are, since you’re just hanging and shrugging on this post, cool guy


AverageJoeseph t1_j4dwmj1 wrote

Such defense of your city. Bravo!