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jakeswaxxPDX t1_j4df8km wrote

I went to a couple Mariners games as a kid in the kingdome (late 80’s) We were in the center field nose bleeds and the only thing I remember was that we were so far away from home plate there was a good seemed like 2 second delay from when the ball hit the bat to when we actually heard it.


imnotsoho t1_j4lpzjt wrote

I saw Aerosmith at the KingDome. Opening act was Rick Derringer. He played a 15 minute version of Rock N' Roll Hoochie Koo. For about 10 minutes he was on stage alone, playing a solo. Sitting in the back all I could hear was a loud rumble.

Next act was Jan Hammer with Jeff Beck (RIP). Jan played a couple of songs and then Jeff Beck came out and said: "Welcome to the King County Echo Chamber!"