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HandHoldingClub t1_j4mqcge wrote

Someone bet 1.4 million dollars on the chargers winning at half time. Potential payout if he was right was only like $11k because the odds were so likely.


LukeMayeshothand t1_j4ms5x3 wrote

This person had to be a billionaire or the dumbest fucker to ever live.


apawst8 t1_j4wvytj wrote

It may have been a hedge bet. But yes, more likely just stupidity


Chad_Broski_2 t1_j4nrr5k wrote

Dude probably saw it as a guaranteed "investment". Way to make a cool $11k since it was nearly a sure thing

But just wait until someone tells him how much he could have made off of $1.4 million if he dropped it in an even less risky CD

*(with current interest rates...over $60k a year, easily)


livinginspace t1_j4o8khx wrote

The CD takes a year, the bet was 1.5 hours.


soggyblotter t1_j4nw604 wrote

What if you had bet 1k on the Jags at that point


kcsmithers t1_j4nydwc wrote

Had a buddy who bet on the Jags to win at that point (very small amount). Payout was about 17x, so a $1k bet would have profited about $17,000


moldymoosegoose t1_j4p26zp wrote

Those are atrocious odds. If they were really that bad that is almost scam level.


iPinch89 t1_j4pzv7x wrote

Vegas is aware of the Chargers history. If every fan knew at half time that they were very much in danger, so did the bookies.


anon20202 t1_j4pcf0f wrote

He’s way off on the odds lol. The payout was wayyy higher


kcsmithers t1_j4pjiom wrote

Don’t know why I would lie about that haha. I saw the bet slip, those were the odds


malkumecks t1_j4pnpei wrote

People are thinking the bet was made at 27-0 when it was actually 27-7. A 20 point comeback in the 2nd half isn’t that bad.


foar17 t1_j4qftvv wrote

They were around 50/1, it's possible that someone was offering 17x but it was silly to take it


chessgod1 t1_j4olywm wrote

So I had bet on the Jags before the game, got like +110 or something and I genuinely tried to live bet and double down when they were down 27-0 but my book wasn't offering a line sadly


_Jamfloman t1_j4ny22d wrote

$120k maybe?? Odds would have to be like -12000 for the guy to only make 11k off 1.4 mill bet 🤦


smallatom t1_j4p0i79 wrote

When a game is that one sided the bookie usually takes an entire 0 off the odds as their commission. For example you would get -10000 on the winning team but only +1000 on the losing team


RiseFromUrGrave t1_j4py837 wrote

This is not the year for sure things..


dknogo t1_j4q3oro wrote

Local bookie has odds for small/medium/large dumpster fire, may place a bet.


Patrickfromamboy t1_j4o01yf wrote

You can’t win at half time. You have to wait until the end of the game. He should have known.


Bullrawg t1_j4q15db wrote

How do you know this? Are records posted somewhere?


tru_anon t1_j4ulpxi wrote

I sorta wish I could observe the guy who placed that bet. I imagine he was sick to his stomach watching the entire 2nd half lol


unaskthequestion t1_j4nqcxi wrote

A study by Harvard Sports Analysis Collective showed an 83.9% chance to win if a team wins the turnover margin by 2 or more and 90.7% by 3 or more.


MattGeddon t1_j4nu7ll wrote

What’s the percentage of they win it by 5 or more?


unaskthequestion t1_j4nv9tv wrote

I don't think they went that far!

I did look up most turnovers by one team, 20 teams had from 9 to 12 and lost every game, unsurprisingly.


Username524 t1_j4o6pen wrote

Well now it’s obviously 0%…right?!? Hahaha Like next time a team is up 4 turnovers, they just drop any potential interceptions and stareat the ball after fumbles until the fumbling team recovers hahaha!!


Kaiserbread t1_j4mhb4p wrote

Open that wound chargers fans ( both of you), here's some salt!


TheGush87 t1_j4mma54 wrote

I called it as soon as you guys scored going into the half. I looked at my wife and said “they’re gonna fuck this up”

Got the kids fed and bathed and the jaguars were within 3 points of taking the lead. Went and played some Tarkov, checked my phone about an hour later to see that we’d lost. I know I’m peak chargers fan because I was neither surprised nor upset. This is chargers football. Poor Herbert.


GMuneh t1_j4mulmf wrote

Aside from the video game, we're twins. 2 min before the half I said, "If they score, the Chargers will find a way to blow this." It was like a work of art. 40 years of not making adjustments while opponents do...


Mental-Selection66 t1_j4nnhk2 wrote

Jesus you guys sound like “Jags fans” for the past 20 years….. lol…. We know the feeling


GMuneh t1_j4nqraf wrote

It was like this before the Jags existed. At least I don't care anymore since they left town.


TheWanderingI t1_j4nowu7 wrote

We must be triplets. Because right before the score I texted my Buddy, “Time to make Herbert feel like Matt Ryan.” While I wasn’t as certain as either of you- I felt something was brewing.

I’m a Jags fan, btw.


idjsonik t1_j4mmunf wrote

Not a charger fan trying to wrap around my head around this stat no way you should lose if you got no turnovers 100% defense fault period


WeLoveYourProducts t1_j4mql59 wrote

The defense forced 5 turnovers. I dunno whose fault it is


SpamCamel t1_j4mxiob wrote

It's not possible to blow a lead this big without contributions from everyone.


THE_WHORBORTIONATOR t1_j4n3xo8 wrote

Everybody did really good the first half so, as a treat, they got a little high during halftime.


mwing95 t1_j4nzw7s wrote

I was gonna win a game, but then I got high

I was gonna run and score some more, but then I got high

Now my seasons over, and I know why (why man?)

cause I got high, because I got high, because I got high


farts_in_the_breeze t1_j4nf0sv wrote

Chargers got 17 points off turnovers, from what I can tell, all in the first half. They outscored also the Jaguars 27-7 in the first half. The second half, different story, Jaguars score 24 points in the second half of the game, Chargers score 3 and miss a FG.

Why'd the Chargers lose? Abandoned the run. Herbert was 25/43. Probably should have mixed at least 10 more runs into the play calls. They had the lead for the majority of the game, 10 runs is about another 5 minutes of possession time, that could have put a lot of extra pressure on Jacksonville, but instead the clock stood still after a ton of incomplete passes.

Play calling is the issue, IMO.


idjsonik t1_j4ngjhe wrote

Ok i didnt really go through the numbers like that i didnt know he threw that much stopping the clock and not running with ekeler ?? Definetly coaching had a big part


farts_in_the_breeze t1_j4nrzcw wrote

I decided to give it a look after reading your comment. I know I responded to the other user though and thought I commented in r/NFL before you replied.

Did watch the first half, had condensed game in the morning.


idjsonik t1_j4ntqdt wrote

Yea and i didnt even bother watching the 2nd half i thought it was a checkmate i was wrong haha


oneoftheguysdownhere t1_j4qjt4x wrote

It wasn’t just 17 points off turnovers. It was 17 points on drives that started in the red zone. They had 3 drives go for a total of 35 yards and scored 17 points on those 3 drives. Outside of that, the offense put up 13 points. This game is mostly on the offense.

Couldn’t score a TD when they started the drive 6 yards out.

Bad snap on 3rd and 1 near the end of the first half. Jags never should have gotten that ball back and scored the first TD.

First drive of the second half: 3 straight incompletions that took a total of 14 seconds off the clock.

Nearly abandoning the run. From the time that they went up 27-0 to the end of the game, they only called 7 run plays. That’s inexcusable. Even a few more runs would have run the clock down and put more pressure on Jacksonville.


idjsonik t1_j4ngaac wrote

Honestly thata a good point it just blows my mind still


tubetop2go t1_j4n6t8w wrote

Well they’re not called the Chokers for no reason


asocialmedium t1_j4py8qs wrote

You can look at the drive chart; it’s pretty amazing. Starting w 3:11 in the 2nd quarter and the Chargers w the 27-0 lead and the ball, the drives are:

Chargers, 3 plays, punt; Jaguars, 7 plays, TD; C, 7p, Punt; J, 14p, TD; C, 7p, FG; J, 5p, TD; C, 14p, missed FG; J, 9p, TD; C, 3p, punt; J, 10p, game winning FG.

Complete collapse on both sides of the ball.


pedanticProgramer t1_j4siwzg wrote

Jags outscored the Chargers 31-3 the chargers got 5 turnovers with I wanna say 3 of them resulting in great field position.

All they needed was 1 TD in the ENTIRE SECOND HALF and the jags have to get a TD instead of a field goal to win.

How can you put that solely on the D?


OuterSpaceBich t1_j4of0fl wrote

My family and old friends are such die hard jag fans it’s… insanity. (Tho I assume that’s with any sports team)

The amount of pure joy and excitement these jag fans have is unmeasurable. I love it!


Rogue100 t1_j4nh33l wrote

Still having trouble wrapping my head around how bad of a collapse this was by the Chargers!


hermes-thrice-great t1_j4p4996 wrote

And I thought OUR second half meltdowns were bad! (Raiders fan)


DeeDubb83 t1_j4p9tdm wrote

I could feel it coming. The offense was stalling and the turnovers likely weren't going to keep coming. I still expected the Chargers to win, but i thought the Jaguars would come back. It took so many huge mistakes. Joey Bosa should be absolutely ashamed of himself.


[deleted] t1_j4qi3gs wrote



pedanticProgramer t1_j4sihx2 wrote

Not really sure where you’re going with this. It’s plain and simple you can’t throw your helmet on the field. Boss has no one to blame but himself.


acromaine t1_j4rrgw7 wrote

The chargers were bad all game. Couldn’t do a single thing unless we literally handed them the ball near the goal line. Once we stopped doing that it went how it should have the whole game.


SupahCharged t1_j4sso4j wrote

That's a little revisionist and disingenuous. It's always tough to move the ball in the red zone because the field is condensed and there's less to defend and they were mostly the ones making the plays to get the the takeaways on defense (save for the ball off the helmet). And you can only go as far as the end zone on any drive so you shouldn't hold the starting position against them on those drives.

The fact is they were still outgaining the jags 170-50 when they went up 27-0, even with all those short fields limiting their potential to gain yards (16 and a 18 yard TD drives). If they were bad, what were the jags? They definitely weren't perfect, but calling them bad the whole game is pretty stupid. Jags also were aided by two big in-game injuries to the chargers that affected their second half (LT on offense and their best CB on defense).


Giannatorchia t1_j4n6r85 wrote

I still can’t believe the jags were able to come back , it was super impressive since the first half of the game was awful for them with Trevor Lawrence throwing 4 INTS


CrackBull t1_j4nnqtb wrote

any deficit at the half can be overcome in the second half, and that was a perfect demonstration of it


LarsVonHammerstein t1_j4o548d wrote

Especially since they technically started the comeback the last few mins of the first half


To_Fight_The_Night t1_j4n0iip wrote

Bit confused by that stat line....Didn't he have 4 INTs in the first half....?


blazestorm99 t1_j4n2k5p wrote

Jags were the only team to comeback without a forcing a turnover.


Campin_Buddy t1_j4o3l30 wrote

As a former fan I KNEW they would find a way to screw it up. Seen it too many times.


LevitatingSponge t1_j4nfaem wrote

These statistics are so ridiculously specific lmao


ManBearPigSlayer1 t1_j4p10y5 wrote

This one’s not too bad. Turnovers are usually how you make comebacks happen, so greatest 0-turnover comeback has some meaning.

Not nearly as egregious as something like:

> Luka is the only player under 23 to average 40/8/7/3 for a 5-game span

Where points, assists, rebounds, steals, age, and number of games are all largely unrelated stats, and thus giving you six degrees of freedom to make almost any stat line unique.


kendred3 t1_j4pe845 wrote

Yeah I actually kinda like this one, it taught me something new. So much better than the Luka example, which I feel like the NBA is rife with.

Though it is the 5th largest comeback of all time, so it's not really all that hard to find one thing to add to make it the biggest comeback with [x modifier] lol.


NaturalCan t1_j4p9ouw wrote

My family jokes about how all statistics are so conditional that they’re meaningless.


Firamaster t1_j4ngkzc wrote

This really is a new milestone in blown leads. Somehow the Chargers managed to out-Charger the losing team.


BerryBerryBliss t1_j4oqaaq wrote

Every year it gets harder being a Charger fan


shadowsneak7520 t1_j4p4ynb wrote

I swear we’re cursed


Macabre215 t1_j4pvior wrote

Seems they've been cursed since 2006. Wonder if it had anything to do with not re-signing a certain someone that year. 🤷


Noted2020 t1_j4s76ke wrote

We were already going to let Drew go way back in the 2004 draft when we drafted Philip Rivers. I mean we drafted Eli and traded around and shit.


2O2Ohindsight t1_j4ofl74 wrote

And the winning team never had the lead with time on the clock.


Myllorelion t1_j4p0p64 wrote

So what you're saying is.. Jacksonville was the better team but only fell behind 27 to nothing because they kept turning the ball over? Like, the Chargers were way out of their league?


pedanticProgramer t1_j4sjb86 wrote

The Jags did a similar thing to the cowboys several weeks ago. Down 21-3 IIRC and came back to win 40-36 or something like that.

If they can play a complete game they could give the chiefs a run for their money. Granted that’s a big IF.


TheFan88 t1_j4p3nb1 wrote

How embarrassing for the Chargers. You can’t quit up 27-0. Keep scoring.


johnjohnsonsdickhole t1_j4qlgc3 wrote

Everybody is blaming the defense but this is clearly on the chargers offense.

We couldn’t score except on multiple short fields. Then, we couldn’t even garner enough first downs to run down the clock with a 4 possession lead, let alone score the 4 points required to win it. The defense is going to break at some point when the offense gets THAT many possessions.


[deleted] t1_j4ougtf wrote

Isn't it a 31-point comeback?


hot-sauce-950 t1_j4pieb4 wrote

Jags got a TD at the end of the first half, making it 27-7. Then chargers went to 31.

The largest deficit was 27 to nil


dwiggs30 t1_j4puy7e wrote

Fire. Everyone.


Wisdomlost t1_j4pv4rs wrote

I missed the start of the game so when I turned it on was when Lawrence threw his 3rd pick. The first thing I thought was wait Lawrence has thrown 3 picks now and the chargers only have 10 points? That's really not good. I never believed the jags would come back and win it but after seeing that I knew they definitely had a chance.


ZanyWayney t1_j4re9xk wrote

These stat lines are getting fucking crazy...

"the bucks 14-12 win on Sunday was the most points scored by an NFL team with four left handed offensive linemen while simultaneously having two right eye dominate wide receivers and a cross eyed quarterback. "



T0WERM0NKEY t1_j4socuj wrote

Man they're really reaching with that statistics. Lmao


Cycleofmadness t1_j4tm5zs wrote

Chargers never change. On paper & in regular season play a good team. And then come the playoffs.

Once many seasons ago they had league's best TE, best RB, good wideouts & a good QB and still couldn't get anywhere.

If there is a paper tiger in the NFL its the chargers.


SmurfsNeverDie t1_j4ngu70 wrote

Just say you want to make fun of the chargers again. These random stats are not needed


amexredit t1_j4nqkk6 wrote

5-0, 27-0 ... That's a miracle or staged comeback


Idaho1964 t1_j4nm8jw wrote

Lawrence told order terrible even during the comeback


VallryBagr t1_j4on96e wrote

Enough with the outrages stats already. It’s getting out of control and unneeded. First professional player out of LSU with the number 3, under the age of 24, to catch X amount of passes in the first half of the season, while rushing for X amount of yards during the second half of the season. WTF cares!


bigedthebad t1_j4nftv7 wrote

Seems like we just make shit and call it a record.