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yesh222 OP t1_j4u1r8q wrote

The end of the match might feel bad as Nadal was clearly hampered by something, but nothing should take away from McDonald that he earned this. He was up a set and a break and completely outplaying Rafa even before whatever happened to Nadal's hip.


uniquelybadoptics t1_j4v23qv wrote

Nadal never in his life has lost a match without somehow suffering an injury towards the end


Duckrauhl t1_j4wkosk wrote

Nadal resembling a McDonald's ice cream machine by the end there.


ArcticFox59 t1_j4v3bey wrote

Doubled over in the second. Hampered his ability to hit backhands.

Classy to finish the match out though. Speedy recovery for the clay season if the Sunshine double is too soon.


prateek_1312 t1_j4uk2q5 wrote

Completely unrelated but… O H


Available-Camera8691 t1_j4v9foc wrote

OOTL what is O H


-MrWrightt- t1_j4vbicp wrote

Its an Ohio State chant, spelling out O-H-I-O. When someone says O-H... you're supposed to respond I-O! The commenter is assumingly referring to the above commenters Ohio State flair.

Its kind of a cool chant but its also a little out of place here, as nothing in the article is about OSU. Combined with Ohio State having a lot of rivals, thus the downvotes


Available-Camera8691 t1_j4vbx78 wrote

Thanks. I was thinking it had something to do with Rafa or tennis in general. Was way off. Haha


prateek_1312 t1_j4vg5s4 wrote

Haha nope… u/-MrWrightt- explained it perfectly. OP has an Ohio state flair- so me being a buckeye fan as well, I put up that comment with the “O H”.


_The_Librarian t1_j4vgwh9 wrote

Well, there's a time and a place for stuff like that. This ain't it.


Whako4 t1_j4vhret wrote

Exuse me, THE Ohio state university . It’s the most important part of the title 😂


[deleted] t1_j4uab7b wrote

father time remains unbeaten


inventionnerd t1_j4v0qm5 wrote

Wonder if his nickname is Big Mac?


rightintheclack t1_j4wx26c wrote

As a person named Mackenzie too, I can guarantee this (and it’s probably the tamest nickname he’s got)


MaxSpringPuma t1_j4ucr89 wrote

What were his parents thinking?


turbohonky t1_j4v0khm wrote

You mean for squandering the Ronald opportunity?


ellock t1_j4v1dc2 wrote

Combining a Mac name with a Mc name! Even a daughter would not have been safe from this naming travesty.


turbohonky t1_j4v6b5d wrote

Ah I didn't even realize. I hope his friends call him Macmick.


Duckrauhl t1_j4wk5jb wrote

And that's "Big-Mac McDonalds" over there....


DrFrocktopus t1_j4v32xi wrote

Obviously that he would unite the Highland clans and finally end the rule of the vile descendants of the Hanoverian usurpers!


billtrociti t1_j4vz0zr wrote

They wanted him to sound like a legendary Scottish warrior or something, I suppose.


dnz000 t1_j4v2w7f wrote

Such a cyute baby name emojii emojii emojii


IAmA_Pinoy_AMA t1_j4wvu7i wrote

Seriously, makes it even more embarrassing to lose to a guy whose name sounds like a hot sorority girl who puts out after her second White Claw.


jl_theprofessor t1_j4u67ka wrote

Hmm saw the score on my way out of the gym and thought I was mistaken. Guess not.


JonnyArtois t1_j4uzfzy wrote

McDonald had Nadal beaten before Nadal's injury as well.

Fantastic performance from McDonald.


Steppyjim t1_j4wvhtz wrote

The future is NOW old man


Jlx_27 t1_j4wzhuk wrote

Not a healthy Nadal though, and in true freedom USA USA USA style he didnt give a damn about it, a W is a W, lol.


2020isnotperfect t1_j4xmo1n wrote

RN is following RF's path and would be done soon. Though not a ND fan, still thinking he'll be dominating a couple more years at least. Let's see if DM would do some damage.


Jayr109 t1_j4ue6wz wrote

More like “Rafael Nadal loses because he was injured the whole time”


iflyhy1 t1_j4unoht wrote

Seemed more of an excuse cuz he was getting clapped


Tenshizanshi t1_j4uo4em wrote

Nadal has a chronic disease that causes huge amount of pain in his foot. He's been playing injured for a long time now and has openly talked about how it affected his play and facilitated other injuries


Steedy999 t1_j4we5uv wrote

but that wasnt the injury? he was fine until the end of the 2nd set, then his hip started playing up


mr_antman85 t1_j4x33ss wrote

The comment was moreso people implying that Nadal faked an injury because he was losing.

If you followed his whole career, he's had a long list of injuries.

Knee injuries, foot injuries, abdominal injuries, hand him being injured is nothing new. This is unfortunately a new injury for him but people feel that he rushed back for the Australian Open because he's been hampered for a while.

Maybe all of the injuries have caught up to him unfortunately.


Slurm818 t1_j4uvcn2 wrote

Oh so he’s just experiencing this thing we call “getting old”


JonnyArtois t1_j4uzhp3 wrote

As always...Nadal has never ever lost a match without it being because of an injury....


Luck1492 t1_j4v74ac wrote

Nah, as someone who was watching the whole match, Nadal did t get hampered until the end of the second set after he was down a set and a break. Very unlikely he mounts a comeback from that position regardless of the injury.


bunn2 t1_j4vq03x wrote

I mean, if you’ve ever played a sport, you’re never outwardly showing an injury until it gets pretty bad. I’d be fairly confident that it was affecting his play all match. Regardless, McDonald did play well.


FlyingPirate t1_j4vv6ig wrote

So you're saying this was the expected outcome? Hope you put money on it


Babakins t1_j4vpgn9 wrote

Goddamn spoilers!! Tag this when the tournament is going on


pattyG80 t1_j4vfrw5 wrote

Good. Tennis desperately needs new faces to emerge.


junkrgNew t1_j4w0tkk wrote

There are plenty of new faces. Just no one showing any consistency yet the way we have been spoilt by the big 3.


mr_antman85 t1_j4x3h9d wrote

There's lots of young talent unfortunately the consistency of the big 3 showed that skill gap between them and everyone else.

Alcaraz, FAA, Medvedev, Zverev, Ruud, Tsispipas...there's a lot of talent on the tour. They just have to bring the consistency.

Also, you can't ignore injuries. Some of the young players have had bad luck with injuries.


DokkanProductions t1_j4vvmwh wrote

Nadal clearly doesn’t have it anymore but his fans won’t admit it


ArbitNM t1_j4wcqrj wrote

Shit, he’s only a top 100 player in the world now instead of the best, really a horrible player


honcooge t1_j4uhipa wrote

Tom Brady lost too. End of a dominant clay court era.


mechapoitier t1_j4uvgsx wrote

You’re getting downvoted for some reason but I laughed


zoot_boy t1_j4uadqp wrote

Wait - didn’t he retire?


iFozy t1_j4uxefz wrote

No, you’re thinking of Federer. I do wonder why these comments exist, do you not have the capability to find thing out yourself?


jelde t1_j4v6cwq wrote

You're underestimating the stupidity and laziness of people here.


Available-Camera8691 t1_j4v9d5p wrote

You've never asked reddit a question? Bullshit.


jelde t1_j4vacev wrote

There's a difference between a question that can be answered easily on google and one that needs nuance of someone with knowledge on the subject. So yes, I have asked questions, but I don't ask questions that can be answered faster using google. Cheers.


BigBillyGoatGriff t1_j4utn6q wrote

Mackenzie is a boys name now?


believe0101 t1_j4uwev6 wrote

MacKenzie McDonald is a grown ass man, so it appears to have been a boys name for a long time.


jfl_cmmnts t1_j4uvaog wrote

Depends where you are, but frankly I think all obvious surnames that are used as given names are trashy, even if it's often done by the upper class. Honestly, "Tanner", "Parker", "Carter"? They sound like tradesmen


mechapoitier t1_j4v6cjv wrote

And don’t forget Horsewhipper, Roofer and Valet (“it’s French, and my great great grandmother was French!”)


jelde t1_j4v6h7m wrote

Jackson. Lincoln. Hudson.

So cringey.


inagious t1_j4vilvi wrote

They sound like tradesmen? God forbid…