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CRoseCrizzle t1_j4v8p8q wrote

She's still young but she seems like a one hit wonder tbh. She has struggled since winning that major. But she reached heights that most never reach in their career. Also she made a fair amount of money for herself in endorsements from the fame she got from that run iirc.


Jlindahl93 t1_j4vj5eg wrote

One major wins guarantees her a successful life as a coach at the very least.


BoringWozniak t1_j4wices wrote

She’s certainly struggled but I don’t think someone accidentally wins the US Open


roboticleopold t1_j4wr30k wrote

Can't say she didn't deserve to win, she beat everyone put in front of her.

Having said that, the best wins technically were beating #11 seed Bencic and #17 Sakkari, didn't face another seed. Like I say, that's not her fault but she definitely capitalised on a tournament with about as fortunate a run to the final as she could have hoped for.


dolphin37 t1_j4wz3g7 wrote

Isn’t womens tennis a little bit on the unpredictable side? Outside of Osaka who has had her own issues I’m not sure if there’s any other consistent elite competitors? I don’t know the sport that well though


Inter_932 t1_j4x4brj wrote

My friend who’s an avid sports gambler told me to never ever bet on women’s tennis…


David_McGahan t1_j4xlsjj wrote

Iga Swiatek looks to be on the verge of dominating, tbh.

(Barty was relatively consistent but retired last year because she didn’t enjoy the tour)

Fwiw, outside of Djokovic and the declining Nadal, men’s tennis is looking just as unpredictable these days - the assumption is Carlos Alcaraz is about to get to that level, but he’s still only won the one major. But most of the other players coming through are very inconsistent. Even a guy like Medvedev (who reached #1) still hasn’t managed to reach the semi-final stages of 2 of the grand slams.

Whatever is coming next, it’s not gonna look like that absurd 15 year period from 2004 where at any one time you basically had 2-4 of the best players in history dominating the tour.

Edit: since writing this post this morning, the 2nd, 8th and 12th* mens seeds were all knocked out by unseeded players.

  • and 23rd, 24th and 30th

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ArcticFox59 t1_j4y45hp wrote

Osaka has 4 majors to Swiatek's 3, although Iga is on her way to adding plenty more in the near future if her dominance of 2022 rolls over.

The WTA needs a new dominant force the way Serena, Henin, Venus were in the day. Can even add Sharapova, Clijsters, Davenport, Capriati to that list from the early 2000s.


pataconconqueso t1_j4wzhqo wrote

Yeah lol, people sound as if she stumbled upon winning.

What happens woth these young players when they win too young is that the mental pressure becomes too unbearable and they get the yips.

It happens on the women side all the time. Evem someone like Ana Ivanovic who was in a coupke of finals before winning the french open, her mental game just went away.


DisneyDreams7 t1_j5slou4 wrote

Can't say she didn't deserve to win, she beat everyone put in front of her.

Having said that, the best wins technically were beating #11 seed Bencic and #17 Sakkari, didn't face another seed. Like I say, that's not her fault but she definitely capitalised on a tournament with about as fortunate a run to the final as she could have hoped for.


itsalonghotsummer t1_j4vlxtq wrote

How about we give her a year free of injury before rushing to judgement.

Whether she is physically robust enough to do that is clearly open to question though.


DoYouLikeFishsticks0 t1_j4wjwkl wrote

I was at that final, and the power she hit the ball with was so impressive to me. Really put Fernandez on the ropes early.

I thought i could be seeing the next couple of greats, weird to see her struggles now


WakednBaked t1_j51hjn4 wrote

Seems like a female Andy Roddick?


CRoseCrizzle t1_j51ibxa wrote

She'd do pretty well to get anywhere near Roddick's career. Roddick only won 1 major but he made other deep runs in majors and has won many other smaller events. That US Open win was Raducanu's only career title of any kind iirc and she has not really replicated that kind of form since.


ShootTillYouMiss t1_j4wij4p wrote

The curse of the hot tennis player


rameshnat27 t1_j4wlac3 wrote

It's quite awesome how Sharapova overcame it and was super successful for so long


Random-Cpl t1_j4vv3v8 wrote

And this photo captured the moment she bowed


RasixF13 t1_j4vyfjt wrote

Not really that surprising. Even if she was fit, Gauff is everything that Raducanu is, but with more power, consistency, and athleticism. Raducanu's game hasn't been much ever since her US Open, which the faster courts may have given a perception that she has more power than is actually there. And, she just can't stay healthy, for whatever reason. So, that's not helping her develop any sort of consistency.

The Aussie Open is has always been the fitness test. It's played during the Australian summer time, which can get brutal. That's why players like Agassi and Djokovic have racked up so many wins there. If you're consistent and fit, you have a terrific chance to go far at the AO. If you're not... ehh, gonna have a bad time.


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RasixF13 t1_j4xdx5p wrote

My context for this comment isn't just the heat. It's the first major of the year. It's the first time a lot of the men have played more than 3 sets since September. Some players have had more active offseasons than not. Then there's vacations, etc, etc.

Hell, at least it's not being played on the reclaimed tires anymore. That stuff would start getting sticky and players would get their feet caught causing ankle/knee issues.


mickelboy182 t1_j4xpyva wrote

...literally suspended for heat on Tuesday lol

Melbourne average temp is a fraction higher than NY for the corresponding periods.


-Ginchy- t1_j4vgm2g wrote

Surprised the second set even made it to a tiebreak honestly. At least she didn’t retire this match. Maybe if she kept a coach for more than a day or two they could get her sorted out. Should’ve never dumped her original coach right after winning the USO.


gurtiman101 t1_j4wb93f wrote

Pretty sure she didn’t dump him. He was doing it as a favour because she didn’t have a coach, the guy isn’t a full time tennis coach and didn’t want to travel the world with her


-Ginchy- t1_j4xl19r wrote

Oh okay, I didn't know that. Good to know.


DisneyDreams7 t1_j5slrst wrote

This is false information. The she did dump him. The guy wanted to stay on as her coach but her ego didn’t allow it


tysnowboard t1_j4yo81i wrote

Why is this about Emma, headline should be "Coco Gauff beats world #77 in straight sets"


Rodin-V t1_j4x31hp wrote

Did anyone in this thread even watch the match?

She was good value for the second set and probably should have converted one of those set points.

Overall both players were very even for the majority of the match, after a bit of a slow start by Emma, but she was the one attacking and controlling the rallies, Coco just defended extremely well and always managed to force one more shot.


Lawmonger t1_j4xoqly wrote

Her name really should be Pauff, not Gauff.


Teamnoq t1_j4xxpht wrote

You lost to a sweet drink?


retrograderevolution t1_j4vp8x1 wrote

Lol. A pretend phenom against a real one. Even with the major I’d take Coco’s career in a heartbeat.


Pornthrowaway78 t1_j4vqk37 wrote

She took Coco Gauff to a tiebreak in the second. 6-3 in the first. That's not an embarrassing score against a really, really good player. She's still young and not at full fitness, still think there is more to come from Raducanu.


thedudeyousee t1_j4vri3t wrote

Maybe there is maybe there isn’t but a loss against Coco, someone who can definitely win this year, shouldn’t be looked at so negatively as the comments in here.


SpokenDivinity t1_j4weyhl wrote

I’m not usually big on sports but comparing her to the woman she lost to sounds like comparing a first year basketball player fresh out of college to Michael Jordan. It’s just not a fair matchup at that point and isn’t really indicative of skill.


kgmoverss t1_j4wi0ti wrote

Except for the part where the woman who beat her is 1.5 years younger than her. They are peers, Coco is the leading contender of her generation to dethrone Iga. Raducanu is so far a one-hit wonder who needs to prove she can handle the physical strain of the tour.