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Qwertyui606 t1_j4zlr4e wrote

That all but guarantees that his top 10 streak will end, hope he can stay healthy the rest of the year


anung_un_rana t1_j56lwvu wrote

Likewise. Hip flexor injuries suck, and like any other stabilizing muscle, is prone to relapse.


4jm4cc4 t1_j4zwlpw wrote

I'll wait until the french to say for sure, but I get the feeling he's ready leave being a tennis player behind. Other things have come into his life, he's getting older, his body is teetering and has been for a while. Im like kind of happy for him whether I'm right or wrong


ArcticFox59 t1_j512khy wrote

Just rest up in time for the clay court season.

Focus on grabbing and defending points at your best surface.