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SteffeEric t1_j5cy4pq wrote

It sounds like they are pissed she got pregnant because they want to win so they traded her. She is pissed they traded her. End of story.


BowwwwBallll t1_j5drpm9 wrote

You’d think if anyone would be understanding about maternity leave, it’d be the WNBA.


djfl t1_j5fewxf wrote

They do understand. WNBA employees getting pregnant is bad for the WNBA, just like it is for every other business. The fact that it's a women's league doesn't change that. They're already struggling financially. Personally I love the irony here. Maybe men and patriarchy aren't the problem. Maybe reality is, and we all need to figure out how to navigate it together...or maybe it's just me.


throw_every_away t1_j5fv47f wrote

Yes, this one instance here is good proof that there is no problem with “men or patriarchy.” That’s exactly the sort of astute observation I expect when I stumble upon r/sports. Very insightful.

*edited to add quotation marks for those who may have difficulty with reading comprehension


djfl t1_j5g72xj wrote

> that there is no problem with men

Yes. And this is the kind of binary, this or that, on or off response that I expect from simple people in 2023. No nuance whatsoever. Just this or that. Carry on.


throw_every_away t1_j5g80s5 wrote

I was quoting your comment, you absolute cabbage. Just for clarity, since reading obviously isn’t your strong suit, let me quote you directly:

> Maybe men and patriarchy aren’t the problem.

I’ve also added quotes to my original comment to further clarify what is going on here for you.

This is just the sort of hare-brained crap that I expect from simple people in 2023. No reading comprehension or self-awareness whatsoever. Just react without thinking. Carry on.

PS that last bit was also me quoting you, in case you missed that as well.


djfl t1_j5gb5p2 wrote

"Yes, this one instance here is good proof that there is no problem with “men or patriarchy.”"

You said that, dripping with sarcasm. Perhaps if I'm speaking about "this one instance", that doesn't mean I'm speaking about everything in totality ie "there is no problem with".

There are problems with everything. Painting pregnancy and how we deal with it as a men/patriarchy problem (certainly as only one, like so many do on so many topics) is ridiculous thinking. And this example does highlight that. And other examples may highlight it more.

I did not say there are no problems with men or patriarchy ever anywhere...which is what you seem to be representing my position as. Do you agree with this or not?


throw_every_away t1_j5h4edc wrote

You ever killed an animal before? Like say, squashed a cockroach, swatted a fly, hunted a deer? Maybe slaughtered a pig or a chicken? Shot a varmint?

Did you explain yourself to the animal?


thened t1_j5eyn77 wrote

Team sports trade injured players all the time. While she may not be injured, her body is certainly going to go through some trauma that will put her in the hospital and leave her with life-long issues.


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thened t1_j5f0c6q wrote

Bone structure changing probably isn't the best thing for an athlete.


electricgotswitched t1_j5f296s wrote

We see professional athletes come back from pregnancy all the time.

You are making it sound like she is guaranteed to be washed as a basketball player when she returns.


thened t1_j5f2jxk wrote

No. Not at all. She was traded. Not banned from the sport.


1bentpushrod t1_j5f01mh wrote

Not true in the least.

You obviously aren’t a woman or a man who knows women who have had kids.


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thegreatestajax t1_j5fkpej wrote

Why is it that every time someone on the internet starts with “so…” what follows is obviously bullshit?


1bentpushrod t1_j5ffw9t wrote

You win the gold in mental gymnastics, incel.


electricgotswitched t1_j5gfwcj wrote

I'm an incel because I haven't immediately dismissed her athletic abilities because she had/is having a baby?


1bentpushrod t1_j5gxbcg wrote

You win the gold and are an incel because you are an incel who can’t recognize that women can have lifelong issues from pregnancy that have no effect at all on their athletic ability.


wr3kt t1_j5f0dsd wrote

Absolutely false. Wtf.


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wr3kt t1_j5f4mou wrote

That is a completely different statement than your previous comment. My wife didn’t have complications during pregnancy but she developed easily triggered nausea after being pregnant. She now has a higher risk of heart attack due to pre-eclampsia also from pregnancy. Again - totally fine pregnancy without any major complications.


electricgotswitched t1_j5f5nnr wrote

That sounds like a major complication. Again, OP indicated the trade was justified because it's a guarantee the player will develop health issues.


wr3kt t1_j5f77pu wrote

There are many, many major complications that are entirely common due to pregnancy. None are by choice and none guaranteed. The trade justification is bollocks as well but that wasn’t what I was responding to. The nausea my wife experiences would definitely cause havoc on the court though.


Good_nuff t1_j5esmmj wrote

Being pregnant is a medical condition. If you are an athlete and develop a medical condition that prevents you from playing, your team will probably get rid of you. It happens in men’s sports all the time. I don’t understand why being pregnant should be any different.


JeffFromSchool t1_j5euucs wrote

Because unlike rare medical conditions that prevent them from playing, like with men, most women will get pregnant in their lives. Multiple times. Likely close together in time.


Good_nuff t1_j5ev6u8 wrote

But medical conditions don’t prevent women from playing with men, the biological ceiling does.

I don’t understand your comment or what it has to do with anything.


JeffFromSchool t1_j5f2f1b wrote

>But medical conditions don’t prevent women from playing with men, the biological ceiling does.

I don't understand what this statement has to do with anything.


thegreatestajax t1_j5fkxt4 wrote

I think the closest male correlate is tearing an ACL or UCL. Happens routinely. Known recovery period. Most come back at or near full strength. These male athletes are generally not traded for purposes of replacement but are sometimes traded in the usual course of things.


Catrocantor t1_j5e1ski wrote

Why though? They're a business like any other and a struggling one at that.


Responsible-Lunch815 OP t1_j5e5xd1 wrote

Cuz its ran by they would understand maternity leave


TheMooseIsBlue t1_j5enoz9 wrote

It’s not necessarily run by women. It’s not like because it’s the W…NBA that it’s all women all the time. Plus, women can be profit-focused too and not really care about the players’ personal well-being. The NFL is run by people who don’t really seem to care that their sport badly damages all the players’ brains and shortens their lifespans. These people run a business and having players miss an entire season+ to have a baby is bad for business. The players union had to specifically negotiate this issue into their CBA, in fact.


BostonBrandToots t1_j5f4l2k wrote

>Cuz its ran by they would understand maternity leave

You must be young lol

No one hates women more than other women.


Oklahoma_Kracker t1_j5epw17 wrote

They may understand it full well, but it may still not fit into their business plan as well as trading her for someone else. Both can be true.


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xFaro t1_j5f1hwl wrote

That’s pretty much what I got from it too. I think that in general if we want people to care more about the WNBA shouldn’t we stop giving shit to teams who want to win and are trying to do so? (Not saying you’re doing this)


SteffeEric t1_j5f2e5t wrote

Right it’s a sticky situation because women should be able to have kids and keep their job. However from the Aces standpoint you can understand trading her. That player could be the difference between winning the championship or not which is the ultimate goal.


birish21 t1_j5f3g78 wrote

I mean she is still keeping her job, just doing it in a new location.


SteffeEric t1_j5f4h10 wrote

Right. I understand. Most jobs wouldn’t force you to relocate for having a child. This is professional sports though.


InTheMorning_Nightss t1_j5ff0d8 wrote

Yep. Most jobs don’t exactly have the risk of you having to relocate out of nowhere. This is simply part of the business.


littlered1984 t1_j5es6v9 wrote

Sounds from her end that they attacked her character, and she is also pissed about that.


CLGbyBirth t1_j5eysxf wrote

why would they attack her character? doesnt that depreciate her trade value?


_Apatosaurus_ t1_j5f4t9j wrote

>why would they attack her character?

Open the article. They didn't do that publicly.


InTheMorning_Nightss t1_j5ffsid wrote

The most severe, yet still not unethical allegation is them asking her if this was planned, and then telling her she should have been proactive about not getting pregnant. That to me is outside the bounds of what an organization should really say.

Regarding some of the other things, like them saying she didn’t look like she would be on the verge of returning based on workout… that’s a criticism and/or statement that they are absolutely within their rights to say.


_Apatosaurus_ t1_j5f4oml wrote

>She is pissed they traded her.

It literally says...

>"Being traded is part of the business," Hamby said in a statement posted on Instagram. "Being lied to, bullied, manipulated, and discriminated against is not." the second paragraph. Did you not make it that far into the article...?


SteffeEric t1_j5f61rl wrote

No I read it…I’m just reading between the lines.

I don’t see how she was lied to or manipulated based on what she said. You could argue she was discriminated against for getting pregnant I guess.

Bottom line is they didn’t think she’d be ready to play. She disagreed and said they were questioning her work ethic. They traded her for someone they thought was ready to play.

She says she is not upset about getting traded but it seems like that simply isn’t the case. What else exactly is she upset about? It doesn’t make sense to me.


_Apatosaurus_ t1_j5f7i2l wrote

>I’m just reading between the lines.

*just ignoring what she said so you can substitute in your own version.

>It doesn’t make sense to me.

Yeah, I can see that. Lol. This is exactly what I expected everyone in the comments to say. Yall are too predictable.


SteffeEric t1_j5f9po6 wrote

She provides zero information that shows us anything other than she’s mad at being traded.

These “allegations” came out hours after being traded. But I can’t make sense of what the allegations actually are. Could you elaborate perhaps?

She was promised things to entice her to sign her contract? What kind of things? Cuz you know that’s kinda the reason for a contract in the first place.

She was accused of signing the contract pregnant? That makes sense to hide when they are going pay you 2 years worth of pay for one year of work. Maybe she was unaware at the time either way it’s inconsequential because she signed the contract that Vegas had to honor.

“I was asked if I planned my pregnancy. When I responded, 'no,' I was then told that I 'was not taking precautions to not get pregnant.' I was being traded because 'I wouldn't be ready and we need bodies.'"

This is factual but somehow seems like her main gripe. She thinks she is ready. They don’t think she is. If she actually was ready they would have no reason to trade her in the first place.

Seems like she thinks she is better than she is in reality. Then she got reality checked by getting traded. Then she started throwing out vague ass accusations as payback.


InTheMorning_Nightss t1_j5fgz7l wrote

Pretty much this. Assuming she didn’t know she was pregnant, the Aces still signed her with the intention of her competing as the player they thought they were getting for two seasons.

After their signing, they came to the conclusion that she wasn’t this player and didn’t take the precautions they would have liked her to to ensure this. To me the most crude thing is them telling her she didn’t do anything to prevent getting pregnant, but that’s not exactly illegal.

End of the day, you have an athlete who thinks they’re more ready than the team thinks they are, and then they traded her for a different player. She’s unhappy because her pregnancy played a role in this, but that’s business.


SteffeEric t1_j5fk4az wrote

Right telling her she didn’t do enough to prevent this is not necessary. It’s not that big of a deal either. It seems rather obvious. It is her choice to do what she pleases and she chose to have a child.

In this job you know that you won’t be able to help your team for a year. You know that could have consequences for your career just like missing a season with an injury would.

You don’t choose to get injured but you can choose to have a kid. It’s cold but as a woman in this setting you have to be prepared to have your commitment questioned.

Your family should be more important than your job. However in this competitive of a career you have to realize there are other people willing to make sacrifices that you are not.

There isn’t anything wrong with either choice but it is a choice she made. It seems she just didn’t expect these consequences and now she’s lashing out.


_Apatosaurus_ t1_j5fe7h6 wrote

They questioned and/or criticized her honesty, commitment, and work ethic. Do you really not comprehend how that would bother a long-term employee?

>Seems like she thinks she is better than she is in reality.

You literally didn't know who she was before seeing this headline. Lol. How would you know?


SteffeEric t1_j5fg330 wrote

It makes sense to question these things. If you don’t want to get criticized or questioned professional sports is not the job for you. People question these things in their employees all the time. Sometimes it’s warranted sometimes it’s not.

She is a role player. She averaged 1 point and rebound per game in the WNBA finals. Of course I had no idea who she was until now but it took me all of 10 seconds to realize she is not a star.

As a role player you aren’t going to get treated like a star player. If you can’t play it makes sense to trade you to a team that is on a different timeline of being competitive, for a player that can help you now.

Do you think we ever would have heard these complaints had she not been traded?


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WorshipNickOfferman t1_j5e8ohu wrote

Regular season runs May to September. That’s 5 months. Add in pre-season and post season and you’re going to get 2+ more months for a total of 7+. Clearly not a 3 month season and clearly not structured so the players can get pregnant and have a baby in the off-season.


SteffeEric t1_j5eogrz wrote

I’m pretty sure having a baby is more than just a 9 month process in terms of training for basketball. You don’t just pop the baby out and go back to balling like nothing happened.

It’s pretty much a lost season for the player. They have to get back in game shape. You can understand why Vegas (who is the defending champion) wouldn’t be thrilled about this.

You can also understand why the player isn’t happy they traded her for getting pregnant.


electricgotswitched t1_j5ezmd7 wrote

That's not how pregnancy works. You could have unprotected sex every day of the month and it's not a guarantee you get pregnant.