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Jokobib t1_j5olyni wrote

Fastest in both the 1st and 2nd run, and casually pulling .3 seconds in the last sector to win by this margin. With seven technical events left, I think she has a decent chance to beat Stenmark's record this season (She needs four more wins).


patsboston t1_j5ontvs wrote

It’s either going to be this year or at her “home” race in Killington.


SkiThe802 t1_j5pp48y wrote

That's her MO. She wins so many races on the bottom third of the course.


mapoftasmania t1_j5q42a5 wrote

Whether she does it this year or not, she is destined to be the GOAT. She is still relatively young and has more seasons of competition in her.

The only thing that could stop her is injury - which is exactly what stopped Lindsey from beating Stenmark.


WedgeTurn t1_j5qrq2t wrote

> she is destined to be the GOAT

Honestly, she already is. Stenmark was absolutely phenomenal, but he also had less competition that Shiffrin, the sport was less refined and not every talented skier received the amount of support they needed to succeed. Today, there is much more competition and more pressure on the athletes and with that in mind, Mikaela's feat is absolutely insane.


_baddad t1_j5rqaxd wrote

Saw a “stat” that Stenmark won his final race at 32, Vonn at 33. Mikaela’s only 27. The consistency she’s started to show in speed events (6 top 10s in 6 starts this season, including a win) makes her a bigger threat in those events than ever! Super excited to continue to watch her!