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doughnutholio t1_j5xb2dk wrote


Where was this hateful energy towards opposing the 2003 Iraq war? Which was based on a total lie. Hehehe. Oh wait, I forgot, they were brown people.



adamthinks t1_j5xo3m1 wrote

....there were rallys, marches, and protests all over the country against the Iraq war. And in large numbers. How old were you in 2003?


CommentWhileShitting t1_j5xpzjr wrote

Whataboutism here. Also, there are many domestic and international conflicts occurring as we speak. You don't need to go back to the Iraq war to apply a poorly constructed argument.


doughnutholio t1_j5xs4at wrote

ahh... "whataboutism", when the word "hypocrisy" is too grating for everyone's fine sensibilities


APEHASKILLEDAPE t1_j5ydn7a wrote

I know right, America’s invaded so many countries and killed so many innocent people but we get a free pass. Murder is still murder no matter the flag.


doughnutholio t1_j5yf34c wrote

Naw you got it all wrong.

Might makes right, and if you are the mightiest, you are the rightiest!

Also, most of those so-called "innocents" were really just terrorists, or brainwashed plebs who didn't know freedom if it bit them in the ass. So their ass had to bitten off. For their own good of course ;)


APEHASKILLEDAPE t1_j5yf6g4 wrote

That and we bully countries into siding with us,


doughnutholio t1_j5yfcus wrote

>That and we bully countries into siding with us,

Our allies are standing shoulder to shoulder in a shining coalition of the willing to face evil.



Dertroks t1_j5xfiix wrote

Another victim of echo chamber