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sonofgildorluthien t1_j67ojrs wrote

Billy Packer's worst offense was ever being allowed to call UNC games. That's where his true hatred showed through.

But he was great on Sunday afternoons calling matches for the PPGA. It's the only time I ever found myself enjoying watching other people play miniature golf.


RestrictedAccount t1_j685otr wrote

He shat on ALL Big 10 schools.

We would turn off the sound when “Fudge” was calling the game.


pargofan t1_j687shu wrote

what did he have against UNC?


sonofgildorluthien t1_j68qohw wrote

He was a Wake Forest alumni. It was an ACC thing, most likely maybe even more a NC thing. It was always a joke that if he was calling a UNC game we would just mute the TV and turn the Woody Durham radio broadcast on. He always just seemed more brutal towards them than anyone else in his analysis.


M635_Guy t1_j696afq wrote

I did exactly that many, many times - hated listening to Packer. Often had a lot of BS commentary about officiating too - often entirely off-base.

Sympathy for his family, but...


spinblackcircles t1_j69clvj wrote

Lol he hated Kentucky even more and we hated him back

He didn’t like other ACC teams that owned his demon deacons but he REALLY didn’t like non ACC power teams