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miserablerolex t1_j6dpvl3 wrote

I really hope this isn't another Johnny Manziel story happening before us.


redd5ive t1_j6drakl wrote

With all due respect to Bennett it would never have been. Manziel was a FRP, this guy is probably going to be picked at the end of day 2.


HelloNarcissist t1_j6esazc wrote

Manziel should never have been a frp. Everyone I know who knew him at A&M knew exactly who he was and how his attitude, work ethic, etc. would translate to the NFL. It wouldn’t.


kryppla t1_j6f3ctc wrote

When he came out, I just prayed that my team wouldn't draft him. He was about as guaranteed to be a bust as I've ever seen.


snaeper t1_j6gs6qa wrote

"When he came out" made me think I'd missed a headline about Manziel's off-field relationships.


sumlikeitScott t1_j6fl67p wrote

He also got carried by his WRs. Mike Evan’s could catch anything thrown his way and is a hall of famer.


Chicksan t1_j6fnsm9 wrote

This is something I rarely saw and never understood, the WRs were absolutely amazing and never got the credit they deserved


SoDakZak t1_j6gopxx wrote

Rich white QB from a wealthy family all in on Texas A&M


HortonHearsTheWho t1_j6iblci wrote

Also the receivers didn’t have a nifty little “money” sign they did as a signature

So cringe


AFatz t1_j6gl9kl wrote

Johnny wasn't even particularly talented as a QB. Average arm, average accuracy, bad at reading defenses. But he was really good at maneuvering the pocket to buy time. All to just toss 10 jump balls to Mike Evans all game.


txvacil t1_j6gay3v wrote

Spot on. I was at the auburn game at ATM and had to ask the guys next to me who Evans was. Everyone around acknowledged that he made Manziel look good.


miserablerolex t1_j6dsdss wrote

I mean kind of what I meant, really more of I hope this doesn't become a college athlete obviously gifted with this talent and is going to publicly and disastrously throw it away just as it's starting to reach the NFL level. If there are better examples then sorry, Manziel is just the closest that comes to mind.


tripp_hs123 t1_j6e7dxz wrote

Ok confused though. The whole point of Bennett is that he maybe has a high floor but low ceiling because he isn't that talented and gifted compared to other pro prospects.


broad_street_bully t1_j6f0nt7 wrote

My thought is that even Bennett knows he's never making much money in the NFL.

But he's got 2 titles and God status in a college football town where his money will never be any good. He will take a few years to "go off on his own" and do "very important business things" that are all propped up by UGA boosters.

Flash forward 5-10 years and he will have a few lines of passive income from not-very-specific sources and will roll back into Athens to assume a mostly no-show $250k/yr job that mainly consists of showing up at booster events to help ring out even more money from boosters.


kryppla t1_j6f3gls wrote

I'd be ok with that if it were me


broad_street_bully t1_j6fhhqj wrote

Yeah. I hear ya.

While I have personal thoughts and opinions on the situation, I also have nearly two decades of experience around college football and I can guarantee that the thing I described is Bennett's worst-case scenario.

If he's lucky, he'll rack up $1M+ as a late-round pick that hangs out as a 3rd-stringer for a few years. He'll then walk straight into a previously setup hard-to-fail "president" role in some boondoggle heavily influenced by a big UGA booster.

Come 2030 or so, he'll come back to Athens and really set up shop for three more decades of living in the 1% of Clarke county so long as he makes weekly appearances on top local shows and travels to fundraising events.


tripp_hs123 t1_j6f224i wrote

you're probably right, and that's a pretty nice life.


jfb715 t1_j6gmy4i wrote

Or he plays backup qb in the nfl and makes millions for years of sitting on the bench


broad_street_bully t1_j6gu8au wrote

Chase Daniel has had the world's best job for the better part of two decades.


minneapple79 t1_j6huzmd wrote

He’ll make millions in the NFL, carrying one of those Surface Pro tablets that Brady loves to throw around.


Falco19 t1_j6fqctq wrote

He will be lucky to be a day 3 pick even before this


HHS2019 t1_j6dtqyo wrote

Yep. Just like Brock Purdy who, by the way, is warming up right now.


jimboshrimp97 t1_j6dztjl wrote

Not sure what the point is here since Brock Purdy is an exception, not the norm


HHS2019 t1_j6e88cn wrote

No doubt. Not looking to get into an internet catfight.

But I think things like draft order, Ivy League degrees, size of conventional military (I'm looking at you, Russia), salary history, and other quantitative metrics are not indicative of future performance. Humans are complex.


HHS2019 t1_j6efefh wrote

Curious to know whether it is first-round picks, Ivies, Russian conscripts, or the 1% who are downvoting me.

Or, is it bots? I'm gonna go with bots.


jimboshrimp97 t1_j6elt2j wrote

"not looking to get into an internet catfight, but the people who downvote me are bots"

Like, sure, there's gonna be anomolies, but you gotta remember for every one of these feel-good undrafted/late round picks, there's hundreds of guys who are lucky to float around the NFL for a few years. Stetson could very well be the next Tom Brady/Brock Purdy but he's more likely to be a back-up at his age and his size which isn't necessarily a bad thing either. Plenty of successful college QBs don't pan out in the NFL.


HHS2019 t1_j6emg96 wrote

Bro, I'm a bot. You're quoting a bot.


_fuzzbot_ t1_j6eg9pg wrote

You can watch videos of Texas cops arresting people for public intoxication at hotel bars for no reason. It might be nothing!


iKnoJopro t1_j6f61bn wrote

It was at 6:00 am and he was knocking on people’s doors.


_fuzzbot_ t1_j6nm0vm wrote

Damn, he's lucky a patriot didn't shoot him!


Dogstarman1974 t1_j6glbwx wrote

Manziel was an anomaly. He was good at the scramble and made shit up on the fly. It’s like a backyard quarterback who just runs around and tells his receivers to get open.


Z1342 t1_j6f2cwq wrote

So disrespectful comparing the two