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JesusPotto t1_j6eited wrote

What an interesting photo they used for the German team haha


Albatross1614 t1_j6fpea1 wrote

Field Hockey***


CleverBunnyThief t1_j6jezno wrote

My brain was in shock! Germany won the Hockey World Cup?? I read that Belgium were defending champs and I fell off of my chair. Then I died of laughter when I saw the picture and realized how dumb I am.


Ultimate260 t1_j6fw5lh wrote

Field hockey was invented first and has more players globally


terry_bradshaw t1_j6g0n4y wrote

So? Why can’t titles specify ice hockey or field hockey no matter what?


chf_gang t1_j6gfpwe wrote

Because ice hockey doesnt do it either


bigdaddi_renjit t1_j6fu70z wrote

Germany have been the Comeback Kings this whole tournament


malaka789 t1_j6gox9h wrote

Very interesting and cool. I grew up in the US and no Highschool I knew of offered men’s field hockey. It was always associated with the girls for some reason. I always wondered why. Seems really cool. Maybe it’s because of the prevalence of lacrosse in high schools and colleges


Random_Name_Whoa t1_j6g0f4u wrote

Hmm I thought field hockey was only for women


malaka789 t1_j6gp3ft wrote

Dunno why you’re getting downvoted. No American schools offer male field hockey programs. It’s not your fault for not knowing men play it professionally and nationally abroad


terry_bradshaw t1_j6g0pwu wrote

As an American I thought this for longer than I’d like to admit.