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paulc899 t1_j6f2ssf wrote

There hasn’t been anyone this dominant at Handball since Diego Maradona in 1986


jamughal1987 t1_j6fpoid wrote

I see Diego I upvote Rest In Peace Diego, Pele, Johan, Shankly, Paisley, & Moran.


paquitobass87 t1_j6f9qkn wrote

Very very underrated comment!!! Please have my upvote distinguished gentleman


randomlygeneratedman t1_j6fhq6f wrote

I literally arrived in Copenhagen for the first time over the weekend, and as a Canadian had no idea about handball. Randomly walked into a local bar while this was going on and it was intense. Tillykke Danish bros!


PhillyFansAre2Ply t1_j6fnmed wrote

you guys never played hand ball in gym? was my PE teacher's go to sport when we were between units in Vancouver. that being said we used volleyballs and hockey nets so it definitely wasn't regulation haha


Cosmos1985 t1_j6ftagn wrote

> we used volleyballs and hockey nets

As a Dane I'll have to pretend I didn't read this, for the sake of my sanity.


PhillyFansAre2Ply t1_j6fvw25 wrote

like I said, definitely not regulation, but you gotta realize public schools in Canada have a shoestring budget and you gotta make do with what you have.


MItrwaway t1_j6htctq wrote

We played Handball for a couple weeks in PE in Michigan. Hockey nets and i believe our teacher had a couple of legit handballs. It was a lot of fun


bee_tee_ess t1_j6fzkx2 wrote

Just left Denmark today. Entire country was hyped for this tournament.


Acrobatic_Machine t1_j6jwdnd wrote

We invented Handball and its pretty much the National Sport together with football


jert3 t1_j6hl0g3 wrote

Canadian context: dodgeball is way more known and commonly played than handball is here. Most Canadians have no idea handball is even a thing in Europe.


bmwhd t1_j6hppbh wrote

TIL there’s something called handball and it has a championship.


bdzz t1_j6fxl17 wrote

I’m actually surprised that handball is not more popular in the US. Easy to follow, very similar gameplay pattern to basketball (the passive play rule is the only big difference). And it’s also very physical in a good way. Hopefully the LA Olympics will give a big boost to the game in the US!


IAmTheNick t1_j6g4n0i wrote

I don't even think most Americans are even aware of handball. If you say handball to the average american, I'm pretty sure they would think you were talking about the game where you hit the ball against the wall.


lyssah_ t1_j6h784a wrote

Tennis ball throw it against the wall helps me forget about my cancer.


Darth_JarJar300 t1_j6hygll wrote

In hs gym class it was called European Handball, because yes 100% Handball is a park game played with a wall.


Moug-10 t1_j6h8rqj wrote

I remember in 2009, France decided to play the final four of the League Cup in Miami Heat's arena. Unfortunately, despite good games, only 1000 people showed up.


InvincibleJellyfish t1_j6h6za5 wrote

It's like basketball with football contact rules and constant defensive/offensive subs.

And these guys are all 6 ft 5 and +210 lbs.


no_apricots t1_j6hanjg wrote

Yeah, Americans would actually love it. It's basically violent basketball mixed with hockey rules(actual goal, two-minute suspensions).


thorpie88 t1_j6hjeo8 wrote

All that just screams Aussie rules and is partially why the game got a boost during covid


Longhag t1_j6ir3y2 wrote

I’m 6’5” and 220 lbs…do I have to start running in a garbage bag so I can join a team? Does look like a fun change from soccer!


InvincibleJellyfish t1_j6isdnh wrote

Why the garbage bag?

Interval training, squat and benchpress (general strength training), is what most handball players do besides the actual training for the sport.

If you're not used to throwing a ball with one hand, you'll have a very hard time transitioning from soccer, and your forearms especially and hands will be underdeveloped strength wise.


no_apricots t1_j6halem wrote

Yeah, I've told this to my American friends. It simply isn't popular because it's not a college sport, plus every athletic person is gonna do a school sport(scholarships and whatnot). As you say, if you're 6'4 and athletic, you're either playing basketball or american football already for sure.

Average international handball player is built like an NFL linebacker or tight end lol


Allergictomars t1_j6hy8wk wrote

I live in NYC and it's actually very popular in the Bronx and Queens (maybe Brooklyn too, but I don't go to Brooklyn). They even have leagues and in the summer hold tournaments.

I've never seen any violence (like shoving or whatnot) and it's always such a chill and happy atmosphere. They set up scoring tables and sometimes record on cameras. They also play music.

The players range in size though; some are skinny and some are clearly dedicated to caring for their bodies. I think they also play co-ed but most times it's just men.


KongRahbek t1_j6i0gzr wrote

Is this what you're talking about:

Because that's not handball, this is:


Allergictomars t1_j6i2dxz wrote

Oh! That's a big difference. It's like soccer (football) meets basketball! So cool. Thanks for the correction!


kidmaciek t1_j6hglpm wrote

Americans are clueless about handball. I remember when some NFL player said they could put together a team that would beat olympic champions (France at the time).


MoozeRiver t1_j6h5fmp wrote

Also, the US did surprisingly well in this world cup, winning 2 out of 6. They were basically expected to lose all games except maybe against Uruguay in game of 31-32 place. 20th place is amazing, and I don't care if it's all dual citizens!


HiderDK t1_j6hnsor wrote

Also worth noting that the spread in the match against Denmark was 22.5 goals and US only lost by 9 goals.


Rhydsdh t1_j6hg60n wrote

I think Basketball's popularity is the reason handball is a thing in the US. They occupy the same niche so why play/watch handball when Basketbal is right there.


Augen76 t1_j6iyg1g wrote

Given American Football is by far the most watched I've always been baffled how Rugby isn't even on the radar. To a lesser degree baseball and cricket. Handball feels similar as say to basketball.

In certain respects it feels like the US forged its own sports for the most parts and by the 1990s it became crowded. The only team sport breaking in has been soccer/football and that has the advantage of being the biggest sport in the world. Even that has been a tough long road over the decades. Years ago I thought Lacrosse might, but it continues to reside in the periphery of US sport culture.

I'd be surprised for any team sport to break into the collective psyche beyond an Olympic curiosity.


abcdef-G t1_j6hghva wrote

The passive play rule isn't that different to the shot clock tbh, it serves the same purpose


JJiggy13 t1_j6gtp3q wrote

That's not what I think of when I hear handball


grendel9191 t1_j6gu7x0 wrote

Why would it be popular when you already have basketball. That’s like saying it’s surprising cricket is not popular because of baseball or that it’s surprising rugby is not popular because of football. What actually happens is the opposite. When two sports are similar one dominates and the other “lesser” sport gets no attention.


veebs7 t1_j6gzbkk wrote

I can tell you’re a handball expert


Effet_Pygmalion t1_j6eywpe wrote

Great game, we got outclassed. Congratulations !


B-Boy04 t1_j6eyyr0 wrote

Sådan! 🇩🇰❤️


RANDY_MAR5H t1_j6gt97m wrote






Dantaroen t1_j6f2k4t wrote

Well played to both teams, really exciting match!


jibbzzz t1_j6f5ksj wrote

Despite not being as important for the danes now in 2023, Mikkel Hansen has to be the GOAT?


Ullezanhimself t1_j6f9yx0 wrote

I’d argue he still plays an essential role, sure he is not playing the left back and hammering in goals as much, but he is amazing at distributing the ball and playing the line player, while still having the threat of his eminent shooting technique.


Bringthegato t1_j6fi0oi wrote

Before my time, but Magnus Wislander got the award for player of the century, if you're counting stuff like that


chrisrasm t1_j6fp3k1 wrote

Didn't Balic win some award for being the best ever as well?


laemvan t1_j6h4abv wrote

Balic was the MVP at Championships 5 consecutive times which is quite spectacular. And Handball player of the World a couple of times.

But Wislander received a specific award for player of the century from the IHF. That was last century though, so Balic was not really part of it playing wise.

Both spectacular players. But we have a lot of century left, so high obstacle for Balic to get that award. Specially with competition like Karabatic, Hansen. Who knows what Gidsel will end up like. Or Knorr.


chrisrasm t1_j6h4kzl wrote

Yeah i couldn't remember what Balic won. But as far as I can tell, he won a fan poll as the best handball player ever. I dont know how legit that Was though.


Kanstrup- OP t1_j6f79h3 wrote

I believe that is the general consensus yes


Donicle t1_j6fania wrote

I only really tune into Handball for the WC and occasionally watch the German league and Champions League, but isn't Nikola Karabatić also in that conversation?

Also is Thierry Omeyer in that conversation or are goalies generally not cosidered in those debates?


miningmonkey t1_j6flnko wrote

Dane who is very into handball. Karabatic is def the GOAT for me.

Hansen may be the best offensive player (Balic another candidate)


ThrillHo3340 t1_j6gg2c6 wrote

my first introduction into Handball was 2009. He was stellar


nellerkiller t1_j6f0o6y wrote

Sådan for pokker! 🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰


Moug-10 t1_j6h98z9 wrote

Obviously, disappointed as a French. But since 2017, the Experts are dead but we stay relevant. I guess it is now the time for Denmark to dominate and do what no one else has done: do the three-peat.

They dominated us from the start and didn't break while bending for some parts of the game.


Sirtubb t1_j6hrzcp wrote

The difference is no more Omeyer anymore that dude was scary 💀


Moug-10 t1_j6hu5yh wrote

Of course. Omeyer was our best player until he retired. His successors are good but not at the level of Omeyer.

Denmark has Niklas Jacobsen and we saw the difference.


Pungkin t1_j6f8t40 wrote

Three in a row, baby!!


isnisse t1_j6i52nd wrote

Maybe 4 in a row?

!remindme 2 years


SEVARA96 t1_j6ha3pv wrote

Congratulations for all the Danish here! It was a tough, close game in semis against you, you always make us bring the A game.


GenTelGuy t1_j6gwf5u wrote

Handball seems cool, reminds me of those "throw the ball in the goal" games we'd come up with as kids


EmoBran t1_j6fuh0i wrote

Denmark, amazing.

"Three-peat", embarrassing.


EdwardBigby t1_j6hbzat wrote

There's also an Irish sport called handball that is basically racketless squash


H2OPsy t1_j6f8tkz wrote

Lålålålå frankrig spis en frø


spazm1985 t1_j6hrx79 wrote

The what now?


bobshmurdt t1_j6iuzr5 wrote

Does anyone even play handball lmao


KongRahbek t1_j6jv2e0 wrote

Outside of countries like France, Germany and Spain, nah no one.


bdog619sd t1_j6fu1en wrote

I want to see them against the best handball players in prison


[deleted] t1_j6fe4vc wrote



Elune_ t1_j6ga7m5 wrote

The sport is bigger in several countries. France and Germany come to mind first and foremost.


tnonto t1_j6gm9n7 wrote

Pretty big in Tunisia and North Africa too


Revenge_served_hot t1_j6hpvuo wrote

Also Switzerland, it is quite popular here but of course not in the same category as Hockey and Football


Eaglejelly t1_j6fww3y wrote

That's because there's nothing else to do in Denmark


Lynixai t1_j6gw6ki wrote

There's plenty of things to do in Denmark besides playing Handball. Like watching Handball for example.


Warm_Beginning_8561 t1_j6h8l2d wrote

Time for them to start playing a sport someone else plays


EdwardBigby t1_j6hc12n wrote

Former European championship winners in the most popular sport in the world and came 4th in the most recent tournament. Not bad for a relatively small nation


KongRahbek t1_j6hcjqz wrote

Do you mean something countries like Spain, Germany and France plays maybe?


Pek-Man t1_j6hgtrb wrote

You mean like generally overperforming vastly in the most popular sport on the planet along with the likes of Croatia, despite Denmark and Croatia being incredibly small countries?


Drahy t1_j6hiuh9 wrote

Isn't handball the second largest sport after football?

Football has world cups every four years like the Olympics. Handball has it every second year, but most most sports have it every year.


disneyvacafacts t1_j6ghgb7 wrote

Does any other countries have teams or do they just win by default.


flyboy_1285 t1_j6gx872 wrote

Could Lebron James quit the NBA today and absolutely dominate at this or am I missing something about this sport?


PepeSilvia007 t1_j6h7zv8 wrote

Of course. And any one of Danish players could just walk into any NBA starting 5 and would just dominate by hitting 3 pointers from half court with one arm. That's what your logic sounds like.


Kreth t1_j6h0ntk wrote

The shooting motion is more like throwing an American football


InvincibleJellyfish t1_j6h7geq wrote

He would get dominated physically as it is a contact sport. Also the shooting technique is very different. The ball is covered in resin and you roll it out of your hand, flicking the ball with your wrist. He probably would be a poor shot.

Handball players are tall - average is 6 foot 5 and 210 lbs. They would have no problem tackling him, and he would get fatigued fast from it.


Pek-Man t1_j6hh38v wrote

> Handball players are tall - average is 6 foot 5 and 210 lbs. They would have no problem tackling him, and he would get fatigued fast from it.

Exactly. Not only are handball players generally quite tall, but they're also heavy as hell and unbelievably strong. Simon Pytlick looks like a genuinely small guy on a handball court, but he's both taller and heavier than someone like Russell Westbrook.


InvincibleJellyfish t1_j6hhqki wrote

Yeah, and then you have someone like Lukas Jørgensen who is 247 lbs, same height. Also being very tall, is not necessarily an advantage in a contact sport, as your center of mass is higher.


Pek-Man t1_j6hlv6p wrote

And Lukas is not even particularly big for a pivot!

> Also being very tall, is not necessarily an advantage in a contact sport, as your center of mass is higher.

Absolutely, yes. If being tall was the be-all and end-all in handball, Dainis Kristopans would be the best. He isn't.


MoozeRiver t1_j6h625u wrote

Think more a baseball infielder if you're looking at converting an Am sports position, but this is also a high contact sport so stamina is much more important than you'd ever find among baseball players.


Tiffana t1_j6h7qgn wrote

Nope, the resin alone would take him time getting used to.. that and the sheer physicality of the sport. It’s not like basketball in that regard. He definitely has the build and athleticism for it, though


InvincibleJellyfish t1_j6i7s90 wrote

For his height, he's a bit skinny. He would struggle playing defence, and in the offense he would get shut down and have to rely on his height to score from a distance.


Tiffana t1_j6idk1n wrote

No, he’s not. He’s 110-113kg based on a cursory Google search, but that puts him on the level of larger pivots. That’s not skinny at all


InvincibleJellyfish t1_j6igatg wrote

This guy is pretty big. Probably the heaviest pivot to reach the quarter finals. However size isn't everything. Magnus Saugstrup is one of the best pivots, and probably one of the best defensive players, and he's "only" 197 cm 101 kg.


Tiffana t1_j6jgl8g wrote

Yeah, you can also look at the French pivots, Fabregas (198 cm, 101 kg) and Tournat (200cm, 115 kg). And that’s pivots, no way Lebron would be playing that position


InvincibleJellyfish t1_j6jh6c1 wrote

You're right. He'd be on the bench, lol. Or maybe a winger.


Tiffana t1_j6ji5nf wrote

I’m just talking about build here


InvincibleJellyfish t1_j6jvpar wrote

Considering that (arguably) the best backs currently are the relatively small and nimble Gidsel and Pytlick, I'd say there is no clear advantage to being Lebrons height considering how Handball at the highest level is played at the moment.

Maybe he could use his speed as a winger. Probably the only position he could play.