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windmillninja t1_j6ixxej wrote

Titans fan here. This still hurts.


August_XXVIII t1_j6knqyt wrote

St Louis everything fan here...we were terrified on that Titan drive....


mygoditsfullofstars2 t1_j6lpbjs wrote

Forever immortalized in the movie Cast Away as well


nuclearbuttstuff t1_j6m9gnf wrote

That’s a powerful scene. When Tom Hanks just looks at her and tells her how sorry he is…sadness.

Also this movie is the first thing I think of whenever I see the photo of him reaching for the goal line with the ball. My mind goes right to that line by Helen Hunt about how exciting the game was.


EmmaTheHedgehog t1_j6ktiy5 wrote

Former oilers fan. Loved this moment. Sorry for you though. A loss in the big one always sucks.


Cichlidsaremyjam t1_j6ms22k wrote

As a Seahawk fan I can commiserate about goal line losses in the Super Bowl.


uReallyShouldTrustMe t1_j6mbspo wrote

Man, I was a huge McNair fan too and this was brutal. I really wish he got a chip before retiring... RIP


Strokeslahoma t1_j6lyf1r wrote

You owed God after the Music City Miracle, and this was the payment