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quinnbeast t1_j6ki5ca wrote

Inches? He was down by contact at the four yard line, rolled, then stuck the ball out.


amccune t1_j6lh3aj wrote

I mean. It was inches. If he wasn’t down and got that all stretched out, it crosses the plane, it’s a tuddy.


quinnbeast t1_j6mklm3 wrote

Your use of the word “tuddy” is proof you’re out of your element here. He had zero chance. Zero.


amccune t1_j6mpdb8 wrote

Lol. What? I watched it live. Brah.


jubbu t1_j6lcoaj wrote

He catches the ball at the 4, down at the 2 with the ball on the 1


quinnbeast t1_j6mkhn0 wrote

It was never remotely close to a touchdown, as this photo falsely implies.


jubbu t1_j6omwg6 wrote

I wasn't responding to the photo I was responding to your statement that is also not even close to accurate.

How can you complain about OPs accuracy while also making up stuff?


quinnbeast t1_j6oqc3c wrote

Not making anything up. This photo is a lie. Dyson rolled to get there then stuck the ball out.


jubbu t1_j6osod5 wrote

Yes the photo is a lie. And your claim he was down by contact at the 4 yard lie was a lie.

Why is it ok for you and not the picture/op?