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windmillninja t1_j6ixxej wrote

Titans fan here. This still hurts.


August_XXVIII t1_j6knqyt wrote

St Louis everything fan here...we were terrified on that Titan drive....


mygoditsfullofstars2 t1_j6lpbjs wrote

Forever immortalized in the movie Cast Away as well


nuclearbuttstuff t1_j6m9gnf wrote

That’s a powerful scene. When Tom Hanks just looks at her and tells her how sorry he is…sadness.

Also this movie is the first thing I think of whenever I see the photo of him reaching for the goal line with the ball. My mind goes right to that line by Helen Hunt about how exciting the game was.


EmmaTheHedgehog t1_j6ktiy5 wrote

Former oilers fan. Loved this moment. Sorry for you though. A loss in the big one always sucks.


Cichlidsaremyjam t1_j6ms22k wrote

As a Seahawk fan I can commiserate about goal line losses in the Super Bowl.


uReallyShouldTrustMe t1_j6mbspo wrote

Man, I was a huge McNair fan too and this was brutal. I really wish he got a chip before retiring... RIP


Strokeslahoma t1_j6lyf1r wrote

You owed God after the Music City Miracle, and this was the payment


Bmc00 t1_j6j2nuj wrote

I sat with Mike Jones and his family once at one of those hibachi grill type places. He was super cool and happy to tell me and my son all about The Tackle. He signed my son's hat and everything. Great dude.


LVorenus2020 t1_j6j2w4c wrote

Al Michaels on that play-by-play, talking about "The Longest Yard."

What an ending.


Pathorix t1_j6k6huf wrote

Watched that play happen on TV. Not a huge football fan but I loved the superbowl games back then.

That was an incredible game.


joecarter93 t1_j6lr75g wrote

Our high school football team got together to watch the game and have a Madden tournament. I’ll never forget it. We were all on the edge of our seats on that final drive, jumping up and yelling on that last play.


Salesman89 t1_j6l2j9m wrote

There are not enough bad things that can happen to Stan Kroenke.


MaroonMustang t1_j6mjsas wrote

It’s absolutely f’d up that St. Louis doesn’t have a team anymore. That city deserves another one.


Rac3318 t1_j6jpdi2 wrote

For anyone that wants to see the video. Final play is at the 2:35 mark.

Looks like his knee went down at the two yard line.


OlderwomenRbeautiful t1_j6laxqh wrote

Knee was at the 2 but he was stretching the ball out to the 1. I say the spot would have been the 1 yard line.


ohlookahipster t1_j6n91ke wrote

Maybe it’s just me but that coverage looks dangerous for a redzone situation.

Was 52 playing man? Or was this some zone formation?

87 had a clear shot if 52 was just a foot off.


Bearfan001 t1_j6k3xl2 wrote

I was working fast food when that Super Bowl took place. Everyone who started to talk about the game we shushed them as I was taping it and a bunch of us were going to my place to watch it after shift. The last costumer of the day in drive thru yells out the Rams tackled him at the goal line to win the game woo hoo. We all just kind of looked at each other and said forget about it, better to just go home and go to sleep then.


quinnbeast t1_j6ki5ca wrote

Inches? He was down by contact at the four yard line, rolled, then stuck the ball out.


amccune t1_j6lh3aj wrote

I mean. It was inches. If he wasn’t down and got that all stretched out, it crosses the plane, it’s a tuddy.


quinnbeast t1_j6mklm3 wrote

Your use of the word “tuddy” is proof you’re out of your element here. He had zero chance. Zero.


amccune t1_j6mpdb8 wrote

Lol. What? I watched it live. Brah.


jubbu t1_j6lcoaj wrote

He catches the ball at the 4, down at the 2 with the ball on the 1


quinnbeast t1_j6mkhn0 wrote

It was never remotely close to a touchdown, as this photo falsely implies.


jubbu t1_j6omwg6 wrote

I wasn't responding to the photo I was responding to your statement that is also not even close to accurate.

How can you complain about OPs accuracy while also making up stuff?


quinnbeast t1_j6oqc3c wrote

Not making anything up. This photo is a lie. Dyson rolled to get there then stuck the ball out.


jubbu t1_j6osod5 wrote

Yes the photo is a lie. And your claim he was down by contact at the 4 yard lie was a lie.

Why is it ok for you and not the picture/op?


Stealthychicken85 t1_j6j9zff wrote

It was not inches, it was clearly a full yard. As he was tackled and rolled on the ground you can see the point of contact his knee touches the ground he was a full yard away. People only show the picture of him fully stretched out after he was already downed.

Edit: Downvote all you want, the term inches is usually referred to extremely short. While it was a full yard away, the picture is always deceptive to make it look closer is all I was trying to point out


TheTrocadero t1_j6l2220 wrote

Not just one of the best Super Bowls ever, but one of the best games in sports history.


Scadilla t1_j6k6vjw wrote

I had this news paper front page clipping on my wall for years.


slopmarket t1_j6kfkhn wrote

This game that I watched on TV as a child is what made me, at the time a boy in Ottawa, Canada, & now a man in Vancouver has made me remain a fan. They are still my team. I have 2 Titans jerseys & even though they have never gone back to the SuperBowl I have remained loyal.

I don’t even need to watch the video to tell you I still vividly remember him reaching.


ArchangelTFO t1_j6l9au3 wrote

Me reading this:

“Wait, that’s not possible, the Titans have only been around since I was… Motherfucker!”


Beagleoverlord33 t1_j6kqzgo wrote

This makes me feel old I clearly remember this one.


SwoopzB t1_j6oyduv wrote

This is probably the first NFL game I can remember watching. My dad wasn’t a big follower but would watch the Super Bowl. I seem to remember him rooting for the Rams in this one because at that time, they “used to be” a California team (I live in CA). Fast forward 23 years and I’m a loyal 9ers fan and a stout Rams hater lol


Quadstriker t1_j6l3u4c wrote

Best super bowl ever.

They still would have had to either kick the XP and take it to OT, or go for 2 to win.

But that doesn’t fit the story of “OMG almost won” so that gets left out.


atl19901 t1_j6lb32f wrote

I just came….sorry, stay there…I’ll grab a towel.


atl19901 t1_j6lb3vt wrote

I just came….sorry, stay there…I’ll grab a towel.


PCPaiN t1_j6llgrd wrote

I was at this game and it was great. I’ll also probably never get a chance to goto another one.


J_are26 t1_j6mtc3m wrote

Wow 23 years ago I remember it like it was yesterday


meyersjl30 t1_j6mv6vi wrote

This is my first sports memory, I was 6 years old. Looking back at it now, I couldn’t imagine the stress if my favorite team was involved in an ending like that.


Klin24 t1_j6nmolw wrote

I had my 19" TV setup on a table at the pizza place I worked at that sunday evening. About 6 of us working that night saw that play happen.


evanwilliams212 t1_j6oqp3l wrote

I am a Titans fans and was at the game, watching from the other end of the field.

I saw Dyson make the catch but could not tell if he made it in or not.

The millisecond took an eternity but then I saw the player reactions and I knew.