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Bro, I am thriving making what I made back home. Back home I couldn't even afford a studio apartment. Here I live in a nice apartment and save $1000 a month towards a home.


Aside from the north end of town, the local area has a ton going for it. From events, attractions, entertainment,food, and scenery.


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I mean we have 3 universities, 2 airports, a minor league baseball stadium, the best lake in town, now with Mt bike trails and a sailing club added to the kayaking, numerous conservation areas, the restaurants and bars here are awesome and the people have been really nice for the 45 years ive been here. The south side has traffic, the mall, mega churches and Mexican villas. I can never understand why anyone would prefer the latter.


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I have to ask, what's with the hatred for an entire half of town? Seems like every comment I've seen you make has some dig at north Springfield. Where does that come from?


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Personally I've only lived here for 16 months and I have had numerous experiences on the north side of Springfield, specifically the north west side of town between division and Kearney. As well as the area between Mt. Vernon and College.

  1. A shirtless man walking down the street with a shotgun. Gjqxtehsy

  2. A man who chased me because I literally ran over his donuts that were in the middle of the street.

  3. A hit and run accident on Kansas and Kearney.

  4. Numerous tweakers who are obviously high walking up and down the street and sometimes running into traffic.

Now south of Sunset street, where I spent the majority of my free time,.I haven't witnessed anything like that.


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So because you had bad experiences in one of the sketchiest neighborhoods in town you've decided this whole half of town is bad? There's a whole 90 percent of town that isn't mt vernon to college. Oh well, our loss I'm sure. Enjoy the south side and best of luck to you. I'll continue to enjoy where I live on this end.


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Nobody's trying to pin anything on you and i realize it isnt just you saying that stuff here. I just see people, including yourself, saying this stuff in this reddit group and it makes me curious because it just doesn't reflect the experiences myself, my family or my friends have had. I'm sorry those aren't the experiences you guys have. I'm always curious how that happens though. I've seen someone describe my parents block full of retirees in well kept older houses as full of meth heads and daily drive bys. My dad joked it must be happening at 3 when everybody naps. I'm truly sorry you've had bad experiences and people from your end of town are always welcome to enjoy the things we have here.

As far as real estate prices go, I bought my house for quality of life, not to resell it. If I did it over again I'd go for more land but I'd certainly stay in the same part of town.