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My first live concert was 1992 shrine mosque 15 years old so excited to see Megadeth. Opening band never heard of them some crazy looking dude walked out with a bullhorn and sings...I AM SMELLIN' LIKE A ROSE THAT SOMEBODY GAVE ME ON MY DEATHBED...And suddenly stone temple pilots was my favorite band...What was your first Springfield concert and where?



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gigermuse t1_j6x8pwm wrote

311/shrine mosque/age 15


Robodie t1_j8wvjsw wrote

With *Phunk Junkeez and Tiny Red Spiders?

  • Edit for spelling correction because OH FUCK I GOT OLD!

gigermuse t1_j94cv1m wrote

OMG Tiny Red friends sister dated then married one of them lol


Robodie t1_j98jfrs wrote

Oh no shit? Ha, you have no idea how awesome that is to hear. Because usually no one even knows who I'm even talking about anymore, and I swear the 90s were NOT that long ago. They couldn't be, right? Hmm...

... anyolewho, check out this beauty that I just ran across on Discogs:

The Springfield Sound Vol. I


gigermuse t1_j9xdw7p wrote

That's fukn awesome!! Just like 1997 all over again ... And yes, she married Heath, no clue if that worked out or not.


GeorgeBird0457 t1_j6wkjsq wrote

GWAR at the Rockwell in 2005 and then again at Remington’s Downtown in 2007.

Maybe not as old as some others but I miss both those venues.


growth-or-happiness t1_j6yfvjf wrote

Saw GWAR in SPR. Amazing show. That was back when Bush Jr. was president. So much fake blood. And I think my nose got broken. Maybe not completely broke.


GeorgeBird0457 t1_j6yh2m9 wrote

I’ve seen them 3 times here in Springfield. The last being at the Shrine in like 2009 or 2010…? I don’t remember specifically.

I still have at least two of my ticket stubs and a “bloodied” five dollar bill I found on the floor of the pit from the first show. I won’t claim to be a fan of GWAR’s music but JFC do they put on a good show. 12 out of 10 would recommend to anyone.


Existing_Front4748 t1_j70d48q wrote

I remember seeing GWAR for the first time at the Juke Joint way the hell back. RIP Dave Brockie.


formiscontent t1_j6vlwgy wrote

haha I didn't go to that concert but I do remember STP playing at the Mosque. My first real concert was KC and the Sunshine Band at Hammons Student Center. My folks saw Elvis play there. Some really good bands played there when it opened, Heart, Doobie Brothers


johnnysnooch OP t1_j6vm9j6 wrote

Oh bro I thought I was showing my age! KC and the sunshine band? Although I totally would have been excited to see them. Elvis was like 1977ish?


formiscontent t1_j6votvr wrote

Yeah, that sounds about right. We moved to Arkansas around '79, so before that

edit: well, Elvis died before we moved, so yeah :D


4myolive t1_j6vrrgs wrote

He played at Hammonds Student Center on June 18, 1977.


johnnysnooch OP t1_j6w1fdi wrote

We probably could have just asked Rail Haven he stayed there I know this because that sign has been flashing it for like the last 15 years while I'm on my way to work pissed off because why is this light at St. Louis so long...


synystar t1_j6vyjzm wrote

I think it might have been Bush at the Regency. I swear only Springfield will mosh to a solo version of Glycerine. Just Gavin and a guitar.


johnnysnooch OP t1_j6vzf74 wrote

I didn't see that one but I definitely do remember a ridiculous amount of teen angst and testosterone flying around clubs during that time period so honestly the mosh pit doesn't surprise me.

The Regency was such a cool Club with the balcony and a really eclectic group of people you never knew what the crowd was going to look like in a given night.

They also had a cup night one night a week I think like $5 all you can drink maybe it was just for girls but you just took a girl and she would fill up the cup over and over I seem to remember those nights getting out of hand a couple times but it was entertaining


Dbol504 t1_j6wwngt wrote

My first show in Springfield was a 90s one hit wonder Deep Blue Something at the Juke Joint in like 98/99. They played their one hit about half way through and everyone left. I was a fixture at the Juke Joint almost every weekend in 99-00 seeing so many bands I can’t even remember most of them. Their carding for alcohol policy to be very lax to nonexistent which was just fine for a 18-19 year old.


Mechanicallvlan t1_j6vup2c wrote

I'm not really sure what my first live show was, but I was at that one, and it might have been my first concert without my parents present. Mustaine had some kind of problem with someone in the crowd and said something like, "Stop or I'll kick your ass. And if I can't kick your ass, then all of these people will kick your ass!" I had never heard of STP at the time either. IIRC, I was wearing a jean jacket with an "...And Justice for All" patch on the back. I was so young at the time, I don't think that I had even started smoking yet. I know that I was chainsmoking in there when Nine Inch Nails played at the Shrine a couple years later.


johnnysnooch OP t1_j6vvbfh wrote

I missed NIN but definitely remember my friends letting me know I missed out...was there like a "freak show" for the opening act? (I know freak show probably not PC now) like sword swallowing or some shit


gigermuse t1_j6x92ca wrote

Missed it as well and my friends did the same.


JonnyG24 t1_j6xsh3v wrote

The OG Dare to Care


Wolverkeen t1_j6zr7e2 wrote

This was my first show, too. The only bands I can remember were Galactic Cowboy, Fleming and John, and Phunk Junkeez.


tdawg-1551 t1_j6wg7pa wrote

Black Crows at the Shrine, somewhere during 95 or 96. Just know it was my 3rd year in college at the time.


Csr1632 t1_j70ktyw wrote

I was 14 when the black crowes came to Springfield. My parents said my 17 yo sister could go but not me. Finally saw them this past summer. They did not disappoint.


Chitwood74 t1_j6wkcbp wrote

Doug E Fresh & the Get Fresh Crew, at McDonald Arena. 😂


Cold417 t1_j6vp1vh wrote

Before I moved to Missouri, I came to visit and saw a small indie show at the Outland Ballroom. It was Dead Sexy and a bunch of other local weirdos.

In case anyone is curious:


johnnysnooch OP t1_j6vqvz1 wrote

The Outland was my spot in my early twenties I think I liked being there more than they liked me being there but they had some good live shows here and even if they were just local weirdos the Regency was kind of the same way


Dbol504 t1_j6ww39v wrote

Dead Sexy brings back some fun memories. A fiend at the time introduced me to the lead singer and I used to run in their circle for a year or 2 until the band fell apart. Their first band name was Struct and they just did a bunch of NIN covers.


joe2352 t1_j6vzps8 wrote

First Springfield concert was Randy Houser and Jamey Johnson at I believe the shrine. It’s been about 13 years ago so I’m not 100% of the location. They each did about a 30 minute set and then spent about an hour and a half playing together just having a good time. Really fun time. Went with my brother, parents, and my/my brothers bosses (we worked at a radio station). My boss got really hammered and rushed the stage and got kicked out then ran away and hid in someone’s semi for some reason. Took them forever to find him.


chimesplayer t1_j6xrmy9 wrote

Relient K touring with MxPx, Rufio, Over It at the Shrine Mosque - 10/13/2005


growth-or-happiness t1_j6wvpjt wrote

My first concert as far back as I can remember was in Joplin. I think the coffee joint was the Java Bean? Crave and I think The Rowskabouts. My younger brother and I were latch key kids. So we wondered around a lot at night. I would sit downtown and hang out with the hat lady at the library. My favorite band was Initial Detonation.


elaborate_hoxha t1_j6yex53 wrote

Magic Bean. Jeff is a scumbag but I saw some great local shows there. Big Bad Chubba, Odd Things Happen…, Squelch, Barbie Holocaust, maybe U$MC? and so many more bands. River Front Times did an article about this era of the DIY punk scene in Springfield.


growth-or-happiness t1_j6yfm60 wrote

U$MC. I missed their final show because I was out hitchhiking. Remember General Zod? I remember throwing chat rock at his member one show. That was part of the show.


elaborate_hoxha t1_j6yg7j3 wrote

I remember them. Wasn’t that a Gabe Harper band? Did you ever go to shows at Harpers Bizarre or The Looney Bin?


Educational-Soup5335 t1_j70jgz2 wrote

Yeah Gabe was the singer. I used to go watch General Zod practice in the basement at a house by MSU. I remember seeing them and some other local bands play in a field somewhere and the stage was made of pallets around 1998 or so.


growth-or-happiness t1_j6ygi4r wrote

It was a Gabe band. And no, I didn’t have the pleasure of the other shows. I ended up spending more time at Gene’s. I feel like I lived there for a while. Dementia Praecox was always fun.


elaborate_hoxha t1_j6ygyx1 wrote

Think I was out of shows by then. Got too violent. Was a raver, briefly, after that period. This was 96-97 right?


growth-or-happiness t1_j6yh8gr wrote

Yeah around there. I was lil Brian, or Brian, or Bri, or rarely punk rock Brian. 13” liberty spike Mohawk and such.


elaborate_hoxha t1_j6yhp3b wrote

Cool. I’ve got too much self inflicted brain damage to remember too much from that period. Honestly just surprised how many unsupervised teens were roaming around then. Total chaos.


growth-or-happiness t1_j6yieet wrote

Lol I used to listen to Total Chaos as well. And yeah, things were crazy. But it was fun. The movie Suburbia was a documentary at times. But even seeing a Vaginal Discharge show would brighten me up.


growth-or-happiness t1_j6ww9g9 wrote

I got to see Nile and Cannibal Corpse. Amazing to see live because the bass players were just great. Everyone was. Adeem and Mac Lethal were great. Got to see Brother Ali in Lincoln one year. That was super great.


malevolentk t1_j710hsc wrote

In Joplin it was the Java Hut if I remember correctly - there were a lot of concerts there in the 90s and it was a fun place


growth-or-happiness t1_j6wxa1y wrote

My favorite band to see live was Assuck. They played in Joplin. And there were so many angry cops there. They are or were a grindcore band from NY. They openly told the cops to fuck off. Then proceeded to light a joint and pass it through the crowd. Power in numbers sort of deal. I left. I don’t mind any of that, but uh I am an easy mark. So I left. But the music was beautiful. I don’t get too much in to 80s metal as you can tell. The style anyway.


garcia_later t1_j6xf256 wrote

lol easy mark! At least you’re self aware about it.


growth-or-happiness t1_j6y8hxy wrote

Hell yeah. Couldn’t go to work on my bicycle without getting gummed up. So I left, and they all had a good time. It was a great show.


Zigihogan t1_j6x10xv wrote

Plaid Retina in an empty house on South New St. I’ve spend almost 40 years in music and that is still the best show I’ve been to, nothing like it.


GroovyHeretic t1_j6x12cz wrote

1st Ozzfest in Lampe.

Ozzy, Biohazard and Sepultura. Danzig was supposed to be there but didn’t make it for some reason.


Wolverkeen t1_j6zqtl4 wrote

I was there! Sepultura killed it. My friend's mom who drove us there got hit on a bunch and it really boosted her confidence- she divorced her asshole husband less than a year later. Good times.


GoogleZombie t1_j6xalnj wrote

Omg!! I was at that concert. It wasn't my first, that was RUSH in 1989 ( I was 15 for that one). Anyway I mainly went to see STP, Megadeth was just an added bonus.


TomCollinsEsq t1_j6xl9g1 wrote

Hoodie and the Blowfish at the Juanita K was my first one.

Spent a LOT of time in the Aughts running around downtown with scene kids at the Outland and Randy Bacon's place.


AtomicTacoSauce t1_j6xsan1 wrote

I don’t remember if this was my first, but Alice In Chains, Shrine, 1993. It’s when Layne was too high and couldn’t finish the show. Circus of Power opened for them. Wild night, especially when people started throwing rocks at AIC’s bus…


ManlyVanLee t1_j6y4r3g wrote

STP and Megadeth... that concert would be fucking awesome


drsideburns t1_j6ya67f wrote

The Offspring with a unknown Sum41 and Fenix tx at Remington’s


CourtneySweeden t1_j6zr8dm wrote

Ha! This (I think) was my first concert as well! Didn’t Offspring have sound issues with the speakers for a bit? I also remember some guy drunk off his ass, half passed out with puke all over himself and on the concrete right outside the door. He was leaning against a pillar and I almost walked right through his puke. Lmao!


drsideburns t1_j6zth8d wrote

I think the sound issue was a setup to do an acoustic part of their set, and jeez I can remember that guy just sick all over himself! That memory is just never going to fade!


CourtneySweeden t1_j6zzuqc wrote

Ahh! The acoustic thing makes sense. Hahaha, I’m glad you remember the sick guy! That memory is definitely burned into my brain lol.


sbafuck t1_j7dz7mz wrote

I didn't move here til 2007 but my first concert shortly thereafter was Chevelle in the outland ballroom (which was not quite as grand as I was expecting from the name lol)


AtomicTacoSauce t1_j6xruft wrote

Damn. I had tickets to that same concert, but couldn’t go because I didn’t have a license or a ride. STP will always be one of my favorite 90’s bands, however!


LittleSok t1_j6yaciz wrote

My first concert was Greta at the Regency showcase went on to see the Dead Milkmen, 311, urge Overkill, the urge, Pantera, Stone Temple Pilots, Marilyn Manson the list goes on and on but I understand it's nostalgic! tickets don't cost 15 bucks anymore and all these new bands are shit..


Murky_Wolf3895 t1_j6ybusg wrote

The Offspring at the Shrine with the Vandals and Lunachicks I think in '96?


scoop_booty t1_j701ton wrote

Wasn't my first concert, but I fondly recall Blue Oyster Cult at the Shrine in 1975.


Educational-Soup5335 t1_j70k1ra wrote

No where near my first show but seeing Slipknot go from playing at the Juke Joint to Price Cutter Field and then seeing them again last year at JQH was really cool. There were so many great shows at the Juke Joint.


Citizenchimp t1_j722n6e wrote

I think my first concert was Reverend Horton Heat at the Juke Joint. Shortly after was Live at The Shrine.

Favorite show from that era was Beck, The Roots, and Atari Teenage Riot at The Shrine. So wild. Assholes kept throwing ice cups at The Roots and they left stage early. Made me feel so ashamed of our town, and profoundly sad we didn’t get to see more of their set.


AmosBridges t1_j7dyl3z wrote


I was at that one. Beck's band took a break while he did a solo set with a bunch of pre-Mellow Gold stuff.


AmosBridges t1_j7dyxme wrote

Smashing Pumpkins, 1994 at the University Plaza Convention Center. Not my first show, but one of the early ones.


djdbwbwjjrjdjnd t1_j6yepag wrote

Mine was Papa Roach at the Oasis in...2005?


einherjar73 t1_j6yqx3q wrote

Judas Priest at Hammons Student Center in 1982 or 83?

1st punk show was local band The Rising Sun around 1987.


Geronimojo_12 t1_j6ziajv wrote

Buckcherry at The Juke Joint in 1999 I believe.


princessarielle6 t1_j750azo wrote

I went to several concerts with my mom at the Ozark Empire fair. But the first one I went to with friends was Corey Hart in 1983/84 at the Shrine Mosque