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youngpunk420 t1_j761tqo wrote

I feel bad for people paying for weed. Like, you know you can grow it for a fraction of the cost. I spent about 300$ on a tent and light and fan and filter and shit. You could spend about 50$ on seeds that'll last you 2 or 3 years, or forever if you want to do something to get seeds from those seeds. Then like 40$ on nutrients and coco coir. So 400$ and you could have unlimited weed. I bought some wax a few times, but other than that I haven't spent money on weed in like 3 or 4 years. However long it's been legal to grow it.

Like one plant would give me enough to last a year or more. I throw away my weed because I have too much, like it's nothing.

I'm actually taking a break/quit right now though. It kind of sucks having like 7 jars just sitting in my cabinet. It smells so good and looks so good.

Oh and then delta 8 and hhc. If you're going to do carts that's the way to go. It's like less than 5$ if you make you're own. Compared to like 70$ for a cartridge from the dispensary.