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Eat__Moneyz t1_j74gizn wrote

I mean, weed and chipotle, it’s everything a man could need


OozeNAahz t1_j75fh0k wrote

Saw a place in Denver that had a weed shop, a strip club, and a Chic-fil-a all next to each other. That grouping makes me chuckle.


ThumYorky t1_j759drs wrote

Just wait for whataburger. It will be pure fucking insanity


formiscontent t1_j74hnee wrote

Stopped at Easy Mountain in Republic this afternoon, in and out in under 30 minutes. If anyone is looking for alternatives. Super nice professional folks there. edit to add: for perspective, there were probably 20 people ahead of me when I got there waiting in the lobby. They only allow a few people to shop at one time, but still it went pretty quick.


Ok_Manager_2425 t1_j74met4 wrote

That’s where I go and everything you said is true love that place


brinkbandicoot t1_j756fen wrote

That's the worst parking lot. It's way too small. One time I parked across the street at Walgreens.


lcdabest t1_j759yos wrote

i don’t think they were planning on it becoming rec so soon. horrible location


notnotpegbundy t1_j74hxtc wrote

Green light is probably the worst dispenso in town imo so this is pretty insane, but to each their own.

Glad I stocked up last night.


SharksForArms t1_j74q5ai wrote

tbf most of the new rec users don't know one from the other. Greenlight is visible.


notnotpegbundy t1_j74qr2n wrote

You’re totally right. They’ll learn. Once the hype calms down and they start shopping around.


GrilledAbortionMeat t1_j756adn wrote

Really? I've gotten pretty darn near street price for some decent dab pens there.


notnotpegbundy t1_j758b4a wrote

I have never got quality anything from there, but I wasn’t going for price so maybe that’s the disconnect. Which, hey, you do you boo!


Turdburgular69 t1_j75f6uq wrote

Whats the best in your opinion?


Revleck-Deleted t1_j76pvjc wrote

Out of all the dispos I’ve been to, and this is someone who’s wife has a med card and I don’t, Old Route 66 is probably the best. The bud tenders can be hit or miss but, the products are cheap, good quality and they always have great sales on wax.


-Valued_Customer- t1_j76u37m wrote

Terrabis has the best prices IME, and is tied with Flora Farms for friendliest staff.

OzaRX has the best setup and selection.


iced-macchiato t1_j74oq2z wrote

I was about to post a similar photo. They were blocking traffic at 3:30 this afternoon when I got off work too. Wild.


formiscontent t1_j74yqew wrote

  1. Get edibles at Greenlight and eat one right away (not the driver)
  2. Get in line at Chik Fil A. By the time you get your food, the munchies will be kicking in

mslack t1_j757ls2 wrote

Yum, just in time for the homophobia too.


helloporator t1_j75kr7i wrote

I went to flora farms and was in and out in about 15 mins


Ganrokh t1_j7512gb wrote

Does anyone know if The farmer's Wife is also approved for recreational selling?


dwimber t1_j76j4s1 wrote

Hippos dispensary was selling recreational as of Friday.


GrilledAbortionMeat t1_j756cfw wrote

Route 66 was also lined up.


goldencrisp t1_j75c939 wrote

Went there to get a few things today and turned right around and went home. Lot was packed and I had milk in the car. Not risking it.


Mizzoutiger79 t1_j76ozwc wrote

A line for weed is much more understandable.


Gen_Chaos t1_j752rtf wrote

Lol. I ordered ahead from my favorite dispensary and was out in a few minutes. I also got to go in the kindle of the day...


CheffRick t1_j77tqc7 wrote

The traffic will chill out as soon as they get the secondary sites up and running. Most all of the vape places have applied for sale. Vapor world is waiting for that very thing they've already got the building next to them bought. That used to be A CBD dispensary. This is just the growing pains of the industry. When this happens green light will be a ghost town because there setup.


GutterGrooves t1_j78x2fm wrote

Lol literally in line there while looking at this 😂


nobile t1_j74g835 wrote

Those people better not smoke and drive.


notnotpegbundy t1_j74hzcm wrote



nobile t1_j78i0lj wrote

Treat it like you would alcohol, don't ruin the one good thing happening in this stupidly conservative state, just so you can drive while high.


youngpunk420 t1_j761tqo wrote

I feel bad for people paying for weed. Like, you know you can grow it for a fraction of the cost. I spent about 300$ on a tent and light and fan and filter and shit. You could spend about 50$ on seeds that'll last you 2 or 3 years, or forever if you want to do something to get seeds from those seeds. Then like 40$ on nutrients and coco coir. So 400$ and you could have unlimited weed. I bought some wax a few times, but other than that I haven't spent money on weed in like 3 or 4 years. However long it's been legal to grow it.

Like one plant would give me enough to last a year or more. I throw away my weed because I have too much, like it's nothing.

I'm actually taking a break/quit right now though. It kind of sucks having like 7 jars just sitting in my cabinet. It smells so good and looks so good.

Oh and then delta 8 and hhc. If you're going to do carts that's the way to go. It's like less than 5$ if you make you're own. Compared to like 70$ for a cartridge from the dispensary.


rocks66ss t1_j76eolf wrote

Just what we need, more stoners on the road driving cars on their phone


throwawayyyycuk t1_j758b4b wrote

These people should not be getting weed, they are too stupid to be tokin it up