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wildweasel29 t1_j76pxxj wrote

Hey look. A cop that is a fucking moron. Other news winter is cold and hell is warm.


mbw3133 t1_j7793m9 wrote



Bootdaddy247 t1_j76np68 wrote

I love how, immediately, they're like "medically, this doesn't really happen". 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️


OmniFella t1_j76yfzy wrote

Tell me you had a sheltered life without telling me you had a sheltered life. Poor guy probably didn’t ever see the blue sky until his teens. The closest thing to an OD on pot is choking to death on a Snickers.


CetiCeltic t1_j77lshn wrote

Or eating too many pork rinds when the cottonmouth suddenly sets in and you feel 98% of the moisture leave your mouth and you almost choke trying to chug enough water to fix it...

Hypothetically... 😂


indiefab t1_j7877jn wrote

He knows exactly what he's saying. Its called fear mongering.


wkuace t1_j79bjqq wrote

Judging by my brother's experience, when od'ing on pot brownies you wake your mom up at midnight and ask to crawl in bed with her and sleep all weekend. Then the story is told at every family gathering until the end of time.


Motor_Composer5999 t1_j79slvb wrote

It’s a good one!!! 🤣The brownies!! That was back in the day, we all have some brownie stories!! Thankfully less heavy options now, I think I became comatose😂


Highplowp t1_j791oq8 wrote

I OD’d once, fell asleep and woke up refreshed. It was mildly terrifying. Never again, until next time.


Training_Highlight69 t1_j78mn09 wrote

I actually have a friend who had to go to the ER a couple months back because he took too much delta-8 thinking it wouldn't fuck him up as much as weed would. He lives in a state where he can't get a card unless it's a critical medical condition, so he got this vape from a regular vape shop that he frequents.

Truth be told, that's probably the closest thing to an OD on pot that I can think of.


Motor_Composer5999 t1_j795d7d wrote

Whole Plant products only so all the compounds balance each other. That new stripping away complimentary compounds method doesn’t agree w many. Don’t give up if called to discover that flower 🤩🌳🏵️🐝🐝🐝✨


Wyldfire2112 t1_j79rkgi wrote

Haven't tried the stuff yet, but probably will now that it's legal.

From what you describe, I imagine it's like gulping everclear vs enjoying a good whisky. Both will get you drunk, but one is actually enjoyable.


Motor_Composer5999 t1_j79s7rw wrote

Wow, yes. And beyond. Like a gentle supportive Cosmic bath, pain gone, mental squirrel mind dissolved.

Clearing of this life’s personal trauma, scars, then communing w highest self and hearing the comic messages and tools to thrive from your ancestors and beyond.

Then once cleared, we keep learning and growing w dna study and implementation of new and informed methods. It’s evolution during your week style. I’m so happy it’s here. 🐉🐝

Slowly building - web never updated at speed of expansion but you’ll know how to find me 🏵️🐝🐝🐝


travelbuteatvegan t1_j7edvfi wrote

Truly I worry so much about choking on my Uncrustables late into the night after getting insanely high.


veryorangely t1_j76v2k4 wrote

Perhaps the most hilarious (or freighting) part of this: Before becoming sheriff, Brad Cole was the Christian County Coroner.


throwawayABDE45 t1_j772u9p wrote

No special qualifications to be coroner. They send you to an eight hour training when you’re elected and you’re good to go.

And oh, you can arrest the sheriff.


Kosherporkchops t1_j76r9qm wrote

There won’t be a bag of Doritos on store shelves for miles! It’ll be pandemonium!


suchawildflower t1_j79nxqh wrote

Cheddar cheese Goldfish with melted cheddar cheese on them. You know, goldfish nachos. If you're adventurous, throw some pepper jack on there too.


Illustrious-Leave406 t1_j76t38g wrote

Brad Cole is not a smart man.


Motor_Composer5999 t1_j795nsy wrote

They are probably going to evolve very slowly here, have you noticed the pace of evolution w people here?! Will take 20 years for them to feel safe w something new🤣🤣. Oh well 🌳😶‍🌫️🐲


EngryEngineer t1_j76ygs3 wrote

A dumb person saying a dumb thing is one thing, but KY3 choosing to put that out as the primary message and the counterclaim tucked in at the end where many have stopped reading by is an entirely different thing.


JaredUmm t1_j77rktk wrote

Rhetorically, it’s a little weird to fact check someone’s statement before quoting them. They did it in literally the very next sentence.


EngryEngineer t1_j78ajli wrote

Not really. They give 2 paragraphs emphasizing the danger. Then without any rhetorical device connecting it like a transitional expression, they present a new paragraph with a citation from the CDC decreasing the strength slightly while still emphasizing danger then at the end of that paragraph say the DEA says you aren't going to die from it. It absolutely isn't in the next sentence it is in a different paragraph from his statement.


_ism_ t1_j76uc0m wrote

Wait'll he sees the % on the concentrates i got


_ism_ t1_j76ud4d wrote

I'll have died a few times by then


Ipuncholdpeople t1_j787e2t wrote

Lol seriously. By this cops logic my friends dab rig is basically a weapon of mass destruction


GundleFly t1_j76xhc9 wrote

I cannot confirm or deny anything other than that I definitely ate Rice Krispies with chocolate milk and booted up Maplestory for the first time in a decade and a half last night…. Menace to society right here.


ErisEpicene t1_j77j88m wrote

Indicating to Nexon that Maplestory was and might still be a good thing is a degree of moral corruption I can't accept in this town. Disgusting display. You're trying to turn our children into kmmo addicts!


zippertpaints t1_j79qz08 wrote

B>60%bow atk scrolls & blue dream carts @@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@


Restelly-Quist t1_j76xdiv wrote

I hope recreational being legal makes an impact by reducing overdose deaths from other drugs.


Regular_Sample_5197 t1_j77yv17 wrote

If it’s anything like other places, it will. Especially opioid abusers due to chronic pain.


Mechanicallvlan t1_j786r0q wrote

FACT: You are more likely to be killed by a sheriff than by a marijuana overdose.


Tr0z3rSnak3 t1_j79cd9f wrote

marijuana overdoses are what they are now calling homicide by cop


OG_Illusion t1_j76plhf wrote

Honestly how can you be mad, it’s quite hilarious that he publicly said something so wrong 🤣 Just goes to show you he can’t tell his head from his ass. 🥹


Cold417 t1_j7730bb wrote

> he publicly said something so wrong

With such confidence, too. I know who he votes with. XD


mutantxproud t1_j774uib wrote

I really hope this goes viral. I've never heard of this man before, but he's now going to live in my head rent-free as the village idiot for a good long time.


dannyjbixby t1_j76ukxl wrote

Small town Sheriff in the middle of the ozarks is ignorant? Who could have guessed?


Federal_Pea_8944 t1_j77fu1k wrote

So then why aren’t we seeing a lot of overdose deaths now? Does he think no one is smoking it because it’s not legal?


Andromeda-3 t1_j77heto wrote

No, he’s right. I’ve overdosed on weed and it’s fucking awful. You wouldn’t believe how much I spent at Taco Bell


oleshorty t1_j77jzro wrote

This is going to wreak havoc on the sewer system.


Wheres_Wally t1_j77csx9 wrote

This guy is an actual idiot (met him multiple times in person) and is only sheriff because he succeeded a guy who was literally using county funds to build an armory.


braindead_fred t1_j77mend wrote

I've attempted to "overdose" on a almost weekly basis for decades. I must be doing something wrong because I either grub down or pass out & awaken the next day like nothing happened... Holy shit maybe I'm immortal


Lotsdragon t1_j7bwtzy wrote

Actually I have known for a long time I was immortal.At least we wont have to worry about being buried!


yeah_yeah_therabbit t1_j77mk86 wrote

You would have to smoke 1500lbs of ganja in 30 minutes for THC to be lethal, at that point you would likely die from smoke inhalation rather than THC.

GTFOH with this “Reefer Madness” propaganda.


Evanpik64 t1_j77exx0 wrote

He has to believe this, otherwise he'd have to admit he's been brutalizing and imprisoning people for something completely harmless for years


4DrivingWhileBlack t1_j77uzqv wrote

I worked on a competing election campaign for an individual who ran against against Brad Cole and I’m here to say, I’ve rarely seen more general incompetence than Brad’s. The term “fucking moron” comes to mind. And I’m a DOD employee, so if you want to talk about incompetence…


Past_Win6798 t1_j76ram3 wrote

That's the funniest shit I heard all week! 🤣

Gotta love Springfield 😂


Nerdenator t1_j76w73o wrote

Small children may have receptors in parts of their brain where THC could act as a depressant for things like heart rate and breathing. More study is necessary. Keep it away from your kids, which you should be doing anyways.

For adults? Nah.


Wahjahbvious t1_j76yflo wrote

Every study I've seen regarding THC concentrations has suggested that as they get higher, people just smoke LESS and achieve the same level of intoxication as before.


CetiCeltic t1_j77lycx wrote

Not to mention THC percentage doesn't always mean a better high. Terpenes are huge in determining the type of high and how high you get. So you can have a low THC with a high terpene profile and get fucked off your ass.


Longwell2020 t1_j76ww33 wrote

Granted, falling off a bridge while stoned is not studied by the cdc (I assume). He is absolutely incorrect to say it is a health risk from a medical standpoint as he is not qualified. I do see his point if he is talking in a more abstract way. I don't think that argument holds a lot of water compared to the much more significant risk of alcohol poisoning.


ate2ate t1_j77i4db wrote

Overdose deaths has a very specific, non abstract meaning. It means drying from ingesting the drugs.


Longwell2020 t1_j77ru0r wrote

And the authority on that the CDC ( not a small city sherif) says it's not a large risk from thc. So I am to believe the statement is misleading or manipulative.


BiggestBaddestWolve t1_j76yh2k wrote

Somebody signed off on it being OK to give this man with this level intelligence a firearm


[deleted] t1_j76xek3 wrote



Ipuncholdpeople t1_j787yox wrote

Yeah these days its so strong I prefer high cbd strains. Still plenty of thc and a mellower high


Blackking534 t1_j76rl8w wrote

I have definitely been so high that I thought I was gonna die😂 seeing colors, barely stand up, mouth felt like a leather belt


sikki_nixx t1_j77fojm wrote

Ah, the idiots that make up the Christian county legal system...


Koyoteelaughter t1_j796nzj wrote

Um, drinking too much can also be deadly. This is a stupid argument. The number of people harmed by arresting cannabis users far outstrips the health concerns cannabis use may cause. It is a BS argument, and that BS doesn't stand for Bachelor of Science.

Smoking too much tobacco can harm you. Drinking too much can harm you. Eating too much can harm you.

This is a stupid argument.


Tiny_Fly_7397 t1_j777g8o wrote

I can’t believe that you can just be either this stupid or this dishonest and keep your job wtf


ICareAboutNihilism t1_j78hmhl wrote

If only this had been recreationally legal for 13 years prior to this and medically legal for 2 decades. For people who aren't retarded, the complete and total absence of marijuana overdose deaths is enough evidence for us, but Sheriff Bunch Huggins over here apparently knows better than all of science or just the very nature of reality itself.

I guess that's why he's the Sheriff and I'm punching a clock at a job that actually helps and serves people.


[deleted] t1_j77ga4s wrote



Ipuncholdpeople t1_j788jb5 wrote

Goddamn that would send me to the shadow realm


Lotsdragon t1_j7bxf91 wrote

Sometimes we need a walk through the Shadow realm. I know its what keeps me going. Been going there since I was hanging out at the Foremans basement};) !


CheffRick t1_j77v30i wrote

You dumb s*** medical professors have already did the calculations. Officer do you think you could smoke or eat a 10 pound block of pure THC. I tell you what world record speed eaters couldn't put that much away in the time it would take to kill them. Even as concentrate. This is a case of uneducated d****** trying to scare the public.


Datrooster1 t1_j77wx1i wrote

Why can't public SERVANTS just stup up and do the job. We didn't need to see how utterly stupid he is.


Green_man619 t1_j78aify wrote

I like how by his logic weed is getting worse for you than it used to be, however policing for weed is becoming far less punishing than it used to be. So, he thinks that people in the 90s deserved to get beaten nearly to die and go to jail over something that wasn't harmful, but now that it is harmful (according to him) he worries about all the overdoses it will cause. Fucking hypocrite


susandeschain9 t1_j78f0tu wrote

How many marijuana overdose deaths have happened in Springfield since yesterday? It’s gotta be hundreds by now. What a dumb fuck


ALBUNDY59 t1_j78jw4p wrote

Just some redneck without a clue.


Chicago_Saluki t1_j78nevs wrote

The religious and right wing nutjobs are buying the old wives tales hook line and sinker.


Pale-Highlight-1616 t1_j78tmt6 wrote

This dude is from Missouri...he's right...and you couldn't change his mind with a stack of studies a mile high saying otherwise...he wouldn't change his mind if you got a dude on life support to smoke 36 pounds right in front of him and nothing happen...he is from Missouri!!!!!


Always_0421 t1_j790wwn wrote

How can you work in law enforcement and genuinely believe this???

The fucks wrong with this idiot??

Hey can stop woth the scare tactics, it's already in the MO telling bullshit lies only less people know how dumb you are


Motor_Composer5999 t1_j7943u8 wrote

We also have dna testing available to assess endoCannabinoid receptor compatibility . Dna Dynamics. We will be fine and can adapt, obviously if something gives you paranoia, not agreeing with you, panic feelings, psychosis symptoms on rare occasions, and temporary If not suitable for you and not everyone will agree w Herb. Agrees with my system though, Indica Flower all day for stress management .

Thinking about Private Cannabis Enthusiast group- we can teach strains, rolling techniques, edible skills. And overall Celebrate Herbs. Let me know if anyone is interested in S’field. 🤩🌳🏵️🐝🐝🐝



Lotsdragon t1_j7bygaq wrote

Wish I was there, old legacy grower here . We need more like you willing to step up and teach the youngsters right. I would join you in a heart beat.


toomanyusernamezz t1_j7a4g3p wrote

I am really getting tired of this is this man gonna give me back 14 years that I lost with one of my parents because of the war on drugs? Do we know his email so we can send him 1000 videos of veterans with PTSD and how this helps them?


PappaJohnathans t1_j76sy4t wrote

I get that some strains have higher percentages but it’s like people forgot that humans have been smoking hash for centuries


MaskOff5 t1_j76yce1 wrote

I’ll take my chances then


itsme_rafah t1_j76ym0u wrote

Sounds like the idiot in Douglas County.


Soonermagic1953 t1_j77an14 wrote

I got some the other day that tested at 41% with 4.6 terp. 30% - that for amateurs. And last night I accidentally took two gummies (they stuck together) and they’re 250mg each so don’t tell me you can OD on cannabis


himynameisntben t1_j77zzzd wrote

How long til cops around here start to fake ODing on marijuana like they did with fentanyl?


Saltpork545 t1_j788jku wrote

This is the same level of thinking as pocket fentanyl.

No, officer, no one is going to blow lethal fairy dust on you and people don't overdose on marijuana. If anything they just get paranoid and try to sleep it off or think they're having a heart attack.


Real-Ad4878 t1_j78953b wrote

He's either reeeeeally dumb, or reeeeeeally funny. I'm betting on the former.....


SaltNo3123 t1_j78bmro wrote

The LD50 of thc is so high you can't possibility take a lethal dose. Ld50 thc somewhere around 2oz of 100% pure thc in 3 seconds.


Tricky_Taste2828 t1_j79d064 wrote

How old is Brad Cole? Also sweet irony that he resides in “Christian County”… Reads like The Onion…


Shakes2011 t1_j79h951 wrote

The cdc is not correct here either. The only accurate statements are marijuana is much stronger then it was traditionally and it isn’t harmless. You cannot overdose on wed period unless you count a panic attack as ODing


ComprehensiveMartian t1_j79hz9i wrote

Nobody has ever died from marijuana. Not one person. The worst thing that happens when you take too many is edibles is that can you start seeing shadow people and hearing footsteps that aren’t there, but there is nothing placing you in danger.


longerlive t1_j770wv7 wrote

This man needs a joint...


existentialkush t1_j771i6f wrote

trust me bro I've tried to overdose many times. not possible


mbw3133 t1_j778z4b wrote

Let's get Willy, Snoop, and Joe Rogan on this debate.


RoyalAu t1_j77ez72 wrote

Wait till he sees me down a whole gram of rso to start my day lol


Travd42 t1_j77gl8b wrote

I'm sorry but in all of the history of time that weed has been around there has never been an overdose due to just THC it was always due to other drugs mixed in with it


AminoMorpheous t1_j789inx wrote

Heavy wrong energy coming from this, but it is something this dumbnuts would say


Kendota_Tanassian t1_j78ewch wrote

"The signs of using too much marijuana are just like those of using marijuana, but more severe", or whatever the actual quote is (long quote, can't see the picture while I'm typing), is just such a "well, duh" statement.

I think that works for most things, the more you take in, the more they effect you.

I get that they're trying to both say "marijuana won't kill you", and "more marijuana does have an effect", but it sounds so stupid.

But not as stupid as Sheriff Billy-Bob, there, though, that thinks that marijuana is deadly.

Driving under the influence can be, so maybe in that way stronger marijuana might be more dangerous because your decision making might be impaired enough to get you behind the wheel, but even that's a real stretch.

I will say, as someone that's only smoked about once a decade, it has indeed gotten stronger each time I smoked.

But that's just personal anecdote with no real info behind it, because I have no idea of the strains I smoked or the strength of them.


Murky_Revolution_726 t1_j791yz1 wrote

You can OD on it but it takes a LOT of pure THC. So I don’t expect to see any overdosing on this. It’s more likely with shit like edibles in high concentration but even then y’all are too broke for that level of shit but I get crackheads go hard when it means drugs


Motor_Composer5999 t1_j794yw9 wrote

Also: Ketamine Guided groups, Ego Death x 100 for rapid evolution.

Still Working out Dr and Pharmacy package to reduce costs and make available to groups of like minded humans who believe in Collective evolution. Coming soon in S’field. gifgifgifgifgifgifgif


Not-famous-anymore t1_j795eri wrote

My teenage years were spent partying. There were 8 of us that hung out together. I was the only one that didn’t smoke weed. The other 7 did and some heavily. Out of my 7 friends 5 died young. None of them overdosed on weed. 4 died of suicide and one lost at Russian roulette. They were all high at the time. I hope your experience is better.


SpicyMangoKush t1_j79bdbf wrote

Oh yeah I'm totally typing from my ouija as we speak


sZYphYn t1_j79bst5 wrote

I’ve tried to get as stoned as possible many times, eating edibles until I thought I was gonna throw up, ripping dab after dab.. you just fall asleep and stay stoned for a couple days

It’s pretty awesome


flexpercep t1_j79hqhk wrote

It’s funny the news article he’s quoted in immediately debunks his nonsense


daleearn t1_j79kg4h wrote

weed can contribute to a bad experience


Malverde32 t1_j79uc02 wrote

So with zero overdoses on history. Missouri weeds gonna start killing people. Lol I’d say check the pesticides not the potency haha tf


Mountain-Advisor2702 t1_j7a08jv wrote

The idea was to instill fear. He doesn't care if it's true or not.


BleuHeronne t1_j7a6cno wrote

Well it helps prevent me from the more severe results of panic and depression and trauma. Not sure how many times it’s helped keep me grounded. Pretty sure it’s saving more lives than it’s costing by far


postman50158 t1_j7aynjb wrote

No one had ever died of a thc overdose. What a complete moron.


C-ute-Thulu t1_j7e6noa wrote

Omg, I've been hearing Marijuana has x2/x5/x10/x100 more THC in it than it did 5 or 10 yrs ago for 35 yrs. At this point, it has to the nth degree more than it did when I was in DARE.


MrPKitty t1_j7f7h2j wrote

I've been dead for decades then and yet still have to get up and go to work.


QueenTeal t1_j76x3h7 wrote

So why was it passed for recreational? Other states decriminalize meth and heroine and thats absolutely fucking stupid. Marijuana really is not the problem.


the_honeyman t1_j77aj3z wrote realize overdosing on weed is impossible, right?


SweetSewerRat t1_j784o0i wrote

It was passed for recreational through a ballot initiative. Enough people signed a petition for it to be on the ballot for a vote this past election. People voted, and it passed. Therefore, weed is now recreationally legal.

U ain't gonna die from weed though, may smoke yourself to the 8th layer of hell, but it won't kill you and it'll pass.


Green_man619 t1_j78a0lx wrote

Places in canada decriminalizated those hard drugs to see if it helped the risisng hard drug epidemic there, which in all liklihood it will. However, no where in america has decriminalizated any of the drugs you're taking about.


[deleted] t1_j79fflz wrote



Green_man619 t1_j79g514 wrote

Not wrong, but wrong to what I said. Oregan made small amounts of possession not a crime. However, only psychedelics are available for sale and distribution and completely decrimed them. What Canada is doing is much different and will make hard drugs available and not only not illegal to possess. So what I said remains true


[deleted] t1_j79gk06 wrote



Green_man619 t1_j79imsr wrote

Okay well, I misspelled the first one and decrime is shorthand, but I guess you never use shorthand on a day-to-day basis. On the main point, instead of pretentious grammar corrections, by that logic missouri would have legalized weed because they allow sale of it. However, they didn't because they couldn't, but they could completely decriminalize it which is what I'm talking about. Oregan didn't completely decrime hard drugs, obviously, just small amounts. In reference to canada tho, yea they are legalizing it, not decriminalizing it, because they are changing federal law. I suppose since you care about words so much, I could've bypassed both of your worthless comments by simply saying nowhere in america has legalized hard drugs like canada is planning to. Which is true