Submitted by shahitee t3_10um5o8 in springfieldMO

It’s an app. Shows local dispos, shows deals, reviews, full menus updated in real time. Even shows the license that the shop has!

Also, can anyone vouch for quality? Hows the lower tier stuff looking for the price? Some things on the app provide pictures, but of course you aren’t getting the exact buds shown in the picture.



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Ganrokh t1_j7dpmyo wrote

My wife has a medical card and had regularly hit up most dispensaries in town in the past. Her favorite by far is The Farmer's Wife on East Chestnut.

Weedmaps needs to update, though. All of the dispensaries still say medical only.


MsTrssMirri t1_j7dgby8 wrote

Even the stuff at $20 per 8th has been really good regardless of the people who are complaining about dispensaries. Don't rely on THC percentage and educate on terpines. I'm a very satisfied Dispensary customer for 3 years


ErisEpicene t1_j7djm1r wrote

There are actually only a few terps that are independently bioactive. Most are just for smell and flavor. It's coming out that a lot of strain variance comes from minor cannabinoids. Delta 8/CBN/THCP heavy flowers will tend to be more chill and relaxing, maybe sleepy. THCV/CBG heavy flowers will tend to be more energizing and alert. Etc. The first person to manage HHC heavy flowers is going to be very, very wealthy.


Renn_1996 t1_j7d02jb wrote

Panda edibles from hippos dispensary are soooo yummy kismet chocolates are also very good but they were sold out yesterday


Past_Win6798 t1_j7d56hl wrote

Do you have to get a license to buy still?


SweetSewerRat t1_j7d8n9m wrote

Cannabis is now legal to purchase and possess for all adults 21+. Has similar consumption laws to alcohol, no public use (probably not enforced, it barely was before), driving under the influence is obviously illegal.

You'll have to provide ID to buy it though. Driver's license, passport, state ID, etc.


Leth1k t1_j7efexh wrote

You do not need a med card anymore?


SweetSewerRat t1_j7egbn1 wrote

From what I understand (I have yet to make a recreational purchase) rec licenses for dispensaries are being distributed right now. Not every store that will have a license has one yet, but I know Bloom is offering recreational sales.

You no longer need a med card if you are over 21. Over 18 but under 21 can buy with a med card.


hikingjoey123 t1_j7fcpy0 wrote

Personally, I use "Leafly". But both of them work for the most part :) Leafly has already updated to show the rec centers here in Springfield though :)


RayMan89477 t1_j7dn16j wrote

There is a place that I really like to go that has good deals and good quality. Good Day Farms on Campbell next to Harbor Freight Tools is a good place. The pre rolls are just ok though. They have a tendency to burn less even. The strains are good and have a lot of indica strains if that is what you like. Staff is helpful and the wait is not long but expect maybe 10-20 mins. William there is really good at educating people who are new to the experience. They also have a great reward program there.